Saturday, September 1, 2018

Filing a Complaint With the Cops? Have Fun With That...

Watch The Video Below!

This sort of corruption is running rampant in Canada too. Some of the RCMP and Abbotsford police officers where I am know about nanotechnology and brain-computer interfaces and are completely complicit in covering it up from the population. (Also see here and here for more about Smart Dust. See here for the DARPA Brain Initiative Projects.) These pieces of crap know their fellow citizens have nanotechnology or brain-computer interfaces inside of them and say and do absolutely nothing about it. They also know that some of the population is being radiated with microwaves. Some of them are working with people (organized crime, military and intelligence agents,) that are using technology that allows them to look out our eyes and look into our houses. See here for the power of radio telescopes and here for more about microwave satellites. They are complete lying psychopaths.

See here for how the RCMP are blocking comments on their Facebook account. See here for why the RCMP and CSIS are a joke when it comes to politics. They are engaging in what is known as counter-intelligence which involves the use of classified technology and tactics that most people do not know about. (See the counter intelligence category of my blog here, be sure to scroll down and go through all of the articles.) See here for counter intelligence tactics.

See here, herehere and here for more about the ADL that trains the Police. The ADL was literally funded by Jewish organized crime. See here for how the ADL and CSIS, (who work together,) are "concerned" about individuals who have issues with the Canadian government. See here for how the RCMP is transferring resources away from fighting organized crime and into fighting "terrorists." See here for more about the RCMP "violent extremism awareness" guide.

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