Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Exposing The Real Bullies

For more about this sort of behavior, see here. Also see "Is This Crazy Enough For You?" Part 1 and Part 2. One of the people that is featured in the top video is Miko Peled. It is very hard for Jews to call him "antisemitic," look at his background and who he is. Here is an excellent must watch video that I put up a few years ago, here is another video with him too. Both videos are must see.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Oh My God! The Jews Are Going To Be Pushed Into the Sea By Iran! Watch the Videos Below!

Once again, the lies that come out of the leadership of the United States government and the state of Israel are absolutely astonishing. Some of these nut-jobs want to attack Iran. Use a little critical thinking.... don't you think Iran would start with attacking the Jews in Iran first? Did you know that many Iranian Jews are happy in Iran and do not want to move to Israel?

Although it is not often highlighted, Iran has the largest and the only growing Jewish population in the Middle East – outside of Israel. Jews, as well as Christians, and other minority religious groups live peacefully in Iran, serving in the country's government and even voicing criticism of the Zionist Israeli state. Around 60 synagogues, including six in Tehran, serve as places of community and worship for the Iranian-Jewish community.

It is time that you stop listening to the trash people that are running Canada, the United States and Israel. They are psychopaths. All three of these countries have the least critics of Zionism and they all have the largest population of Jews in them. (Israel actually has more critics than Canada and the United States!) No this does not mean I side with Iran, this is not some stupid either/or false dichotomy between the corrupt leadership of governments, this is just about acknowledging the truth and realizing to change anything you need the truth.

This is also important when considering what you have heard about Iran and the supposed "Iran Deal" which under Obama was made at least reasonable. To put sanctions on the Iranian people is a crime against humanity because it is based on nothing but lies. Most people do not know anything about this at all. Did you know that Iran has always allowed the IAEA, (The International Atomic Energy Agency,) to inspect its nuclear facilities? This is before anything the Obama administration changed. Yet, the United States still put crippling sanctions on the Iranian people just like they did to the poor Iraqi people. At least Obama stopped these sanctions. But Trump is starting them again. It gets even worse. Israel has never once signed any nuclear agreement, (while Iran has,) nor ever publicly acknowledged that it has nuclear weapons! They have also NEVER allowed the IAEA to inspect their nuclear facilities! To learn more about Zionist lies, go here. To learn more about the so-called Jews, go here.