Monday, February 24, 2014

For Those Who Like to Say "I'm Crazy" or "I Need Help"

This is a repost of an earlier blog.

I put that in the title of this article because I want readers of this blog to remember... the stuff you are going to read on this blog, you will not find anywhere else.

Most of the media that you get is controlled. When you see some of the stuff that I begin talking about you will soon see how it is different than most of the information you read. I would honestly say that as much as 95% of alternative media is controlled, and 100% of the mainstream. If it is popular, it is completely controlled.

Just remember that in George Orwell's 1984, Oceania had a massive amount of media. It was done to cause media overload ... and it was all controlled. This is the world you live in. It is almost all fake. They will give you a lot of truth in the alternative media, but... they will leave out the 15% that makes a huge difference. It's the part that makes you see the big picture.

Now, if you've seen or read anything about me already... think or believe whatever you want. However,  I would appreciate if you withhold your judgment until you read everything I say on this blog. Remember the ad hominem video I posted earlier.  In the end, it is the message that counts... not the messenger.

I want to point a couple things out to you...

1. There may be a reason why someone is trying to discredit or shut me up

2. Organized crime and your governments, the military, and the intelligence agencies specifically, have technology that can influence human behavior in ways most people wouldn't even imagine until someone points it out to them. They also have horribly invasive spy technology that sounds like science fiction until you realize it is just classified and hidden from the public

3. I know something about Judaism and Zionism that most people don't

As for me... I have been threatened on at least three occasions I can remember, I have had someone threaten to kill my mom's dog when I was staying at her house, (incidentally the dog ended up dying of a brain tumor.) Update: it's actually a lot worse. I have had people stalking me all over North America... even on planes. My family has also been stalked. I have had my car vandalized. My mother and stepfather's business was vandalized and sabotaged.

I am sure there has been a dossier collected on me and passed out to all the people who used to be in my life. I'm quite sure the same thing has happened to people in my immediate family. Basically, my whole families life was infiltrated. I think some people who used to be close to me have also been bribed or threatened to monitor and follow me. I am quite positive that I've been under an insane level of surveillance for at least 7 years. I am also fairly sure that my family and even my extended family have been under surveillance, but not at the same level as me.

And last but not least....I'm having MY THOUGHTS READ and I don't know how long this has been going on.

I'm fairly sure that the program was initially started out to discredit me, but then they wanted me to join some sort of intelligence organization. They basically try to blackmail, bribe or financially break someone to go into this. I have been involved in some sort of MKULTRA program, (the MKULTRA program might have changed names, but it's still going on).

I've had muscle spasms, headaches, sleep deprivation, anxiety, phobias, mood swings and crazy thoughts for at least 7 years. Along with this, I've been phobic about going outdoors or being around other people which lead to massive amounts of isolation. (Update: See here first. Then see herehere, here, and here for some interesting links between Autism, Asperger Syndrome, and electromagnetic fields.) For the last few months, I have been doing much better, though I still get muscle spasms and mood swings.

Now, you might say this is mental illness. Remember ad hominem. I KNOW the technology exists to do all of what I posted above and I will be focusing on that in future posts. But, to get you started ... please see this blog post. It features coverage from CNN that talks about electromagnetic weapons. After this, go here here and here.

As for mental illness and the business of psychiatry... it would be advisable to take it with a grain of salt when you understand its history. At one time, the head of the Canadian, American and World Psychiatric Associations, the American Psychopathological Association and the Society of Biological Psychiatry was doing mind control experiments for the CIA in Canada at McGill University. The CIA's KUBARK interrogation and torture manual refer to "studies from McGill University." It was also the American Psychiatric Association that created the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) manual. 

Now, this is really important... there is a reason behind this manual:

1. ) To benefit the pharmaceutical industries, and...

2.) To diagnose illnesses for people having experimentation done on them. Much of the technology they are using for mind control mimics these symptoms

In essence, psychiatry is essentially a pseudo-science with a bell curve of supposed social norms and any deviation outside of these norms is deemed to be abnormal and in need of medication.

Here is a video to watch on the DSM manual:

Who are intelligence agencies using mind control and testing energy weapons on?

I would say two groups specifically:

1.  Abnormal people that fall outside of the bell curve of what is deemed as supposed social norms. Incidentally, these same people might also be perfect to recruit because they are not normal in the DSM sense of the term. These may be people who society would deem as having mental illnesses or abnormal abilities of some sort.

2. Political dissidents and whistleblowers.  It's a nice feedback loop. This way they can do their testing and at the same time discredit those that are saying things they don't like. Once they discredit these people, they cannot speak out about it.  They want to get dissidents to act out or do something stupid to discredit themselves. These people are saying things about those in power... and those in power do not like it. It works out beautifully for them. They want to discredit and shut dissidents up. Once they do that, they get their icing on their cake because they can continue to torture and test weapons on them and often a dissident can't speak out because they have been compromised.

Now, one might ask.... why would they want you to join some sort of intelligence program? That's a good question. The answer is probably quite simple... to help me out and to shut me up. To make their job easier and my life easier. In other words... a bribe.

Most people think of intelligence agencies and they think of James Bond movies. But that's ridiculous. That isn't what they do.

Most of what they do now is propaganda, journalism, writing, media and very high-tech surveillance. Once you understand how high-tech the surveillance will begin to question if there is even such a thing as the war on terror--- because if is real --- they could have found Bin Laden in no time flat. They also should have been able to stop 9/11.

At the absolute least, they knew where Bin Laden was for a very long time. That means most of the media you are getting is completely false. Think about that. When I begin to show you the level of technology they have you will understand that most of your news is complete bullshit.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Torture - From Wikipedia

Motivation to torture

Research over the past 50 years, starting with the Milgram experiment, suggests that under the right circumstances and with the appropriate encouragement and setting, most people can be encouraged to actively torture others.[1]

John Conroy:
When torture takes place, people believe they are on the high moral ground, that the nation is under threat and they are the front line protecting the nation, and people will be grateful for what they are doing.[2]
Confidence in the efficacy of torture is based upon the behaviorist theory of human behavior.[3]

Stages of torture mentality include:

  • Reluctant or peripheral participation
  • Official encouragement: As the Stanford prison experiment and Milgram experiment show, many people will follow the direction of an authority figure (such as a superior officer) in an official setting (especially if presented as mandatory), even if they have personal uncertainty. The main motivations for this appear to be fear of loss of status or respect, and the desire to be seen as a "good citizen" or "good subordinate."
  • Peer encouragement: to accept torture as necessary, acceptable or deserved, or to comply from a wish to not reject peer group beliefs.
  • Dehumanization: seeing victims as objects of curiosity and experimentation, where pain becomes just another test to see how it affects the victim.
  • Disinhibition: socio-cultural and situational pressures may cause torturers to undergo a lessening of moral inhibitions and as a result act in ways not normally countenanced by law, custom and conscience.
  • Organisationally, like many other procedures, once torture becomes established as part of internally acceptable norms under certain circumstances, its use often becomes institutionalised and self-perpetuating over time, as what was once used exceptionally for perceived necessity finds more reasons claimed to justify wider use.
One of the apparent ringleaders of the Abu Ghraib prison torture incident, Charles Graner Jr., exemplified some of these when he was reported to have said, "The Christian in me says it's wrong, but the corrections officer in me says, 'I love to make a grown man piss himself.'"[4]

Psychological effects of Torture

Torture has profound and long lasting physical and psychological effects. Torture is a form of collective suffering. It does not limit to the victim. The victims’ family members and friends are also affected due to adjustment problems including outbreaks of anger and violence directed towards family members.

Based on new research psychological and physical torture have similar mental effects. Often torture victims suffer from elevated rates of Anxiety, Depression, Adjustment Disorder, PTSD, DESNOS (Disorders of Extreme Stress Not Otherwise Specified) , Somatoform Disorders and sometimes psychotic manifestations, nightmares, intrusions, insomnia, decreased libido, memory lapses, reduced capacity to learn, sexual dysfunction, social withdrawal, emotional flatness and periodical headaches. Based on new research psychological and physical torture have similar mental effects. Symptoms should always be understood in the context above.

No diagnostic terminology encapsulates the deep distrust of others which many torture survivors have developed, nor the destruction of all that gave their lives meaning. Guilt and shame about humiliation during torture, and about the survivor’s inability to withstand it, as well as guilt at surviving, are common problems which discourage disclosure. On top of this, uncertainty about the future, including the possibility of being sent back to the country in which the survivor was tortured, and the lack of any close confidant or even of any social support, compound the stress. Some current conditions are identifiable as additional risk factors: social isolation, poverty, unemployment, institutional accommodation, and pain can all predict higher levels of emotional distress in torture survivors.[5]

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dead Animals and Me --- Coincidence? All in One and a Half Years

There's a high probability that someone has been shooting my father’s dog with electromagnetic weapons, (she had a stroke a day after I made a blog on here that was quite revealing of someone,) and they (whoever it is, the military or intelligence...) still continue to shoot her.

She Has Other Weird Symptoms Too... 

She always seems to be hot, like something is cooking her. Her limbs jolt out, and she barks and growls while she is sleeping. Dreams? I don't think so. It strangely happens after I think, say or write something that pisses some people off.

My brother's dog was killed and my mom's cat and dog were killed. (My mom's dog had a large cancerous tumor and then she had a stroke.)

When my brother’s dog was killed, she had many large cancerous tumors on her. She finally just fell down and wouldn't get back up. What is suspicious is how quickly they arose, and how many there were. The next day my brother was complaining about his shoulder hurting, and then someone made a post on his Instagram about cooking a lamb's shoulder. This was after that same someone had already made continuous tweets of my thoughts.

A joke I'm sure. That's something to joke about. I think it's time someone gets some new material.

All of these animals had the same symptoms too. They all had problems with their balance, (similar to me sometimes...) what is called dizziness or vertigo. Theirs was much more extreme than mine, they would fall over. Strangely, or not so strangely... this was also happening to my mom and my stepfather. My stepfather couldn't even get up, and finally had to go to the doctor.

My father has also had many interesting ailments leading me to wonder about him. He has had vision problems and his eyes were bleeding. This is very telling because it's similar to what was happening to Americans who were being bombarded with electromagnetic weapons at the US embassy in Russia. Those Americans also got cancer. Guess what? My dad also got cancer, Multiple Myeloma.

I have fairly regular bouts of confusion and depression. I also have feelings of lightheadedness and dizziness, and I have a hard time with my memory. The most common physical symptoms are severe cold in my arms and legs, and constant muscle spasms. I'm fairly certain that these are side effects from a constant bombardment of electromagnetic weapons.

Just last night, I woke up in the middle of the night with severe pain for a couple hours to my rectum and colon area. This pain makes you want to pass out. (There is nothing wrong with me physically, I had myself checked out. I even had a colonoscopy.) This happened to me ALL THE TIME when I was living in Vancouver and in another apartment in Maple Ridge.

I haven't had this pain for a while, but I had it right after a couple comments I made on two YouTube videos last night. What is interesting is my dad's dog was having the same issues. They shoot her and she begins trying to lick herself to get it to stop.

I also used to experience severe chest pains. One time I had to go to the hospital because I couldn't breathe. I mean, for real like I was having a heart attack. When all of this was happening, I really didn't know what was wrong with me. Why would I even begin to think someone was shooting me with electromagnetic weapons? It's the last thing anyone would think about. Personally, I didn't even know these weapons existed. But now that I do, I'm sure this is what was going on and still is.

Listen, This Technology Exists

There's proof.

They are already reading my mind 24/7 and stalking me. Why wouldn't they be doing this? Thankfully, it seems to have lessened since I have been blogging about it. At first, I didn't know what to do, should I say anything? It finally got to the point that I just didn't care anymore. These people are just complete assholes.

Want to know something else interesting? If you look at the time when the Edward Snowden revelations came out, it was around the same time that I started blogging this information.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Parroting.. What Is Being Done to Me

Besides reading the following article,  see herehere and here. I have been a victim of what is referred to below:

Click on Picture Above For an Enlarged View


Directed Conversation is a term referring to a stalking tactic using stranger's conversation to both intimidate and to convey to the victim that they are under surveillance. During directed conversation, two or more stalkers will approach near to the target and engage in "normal" conversation with one another. The conversation is purposefully made at a level so that the victim can adequately hear what is being said. During directed conversation, personal information concerning the victim is inserted into the speech and emphasized by the stalkers in a fashion that most non-victims would not be able to discern as harassment.

The purpose of directed conversation is to harass a victim, as well as make the victim appear mentally unstable should they attempt to complain about such abuse.These are conversations that complete strangers will have out in public relating to the target and their personal situations. Eg. They will repeat things a target said in their home, or on the phone. They will drop very personal details into the conversation, that could only be related to the target. Eg. Member #1. It's a shame Uncle Ed won't be able to come.Member #2. Yeah since he died golfing on Saturday. The target will just have learned of a death of a favored uncle, (possibly named Ed.) while out golfing.


The following is the definition of a Parrot or parroting, Parroting is one of the most relied upon methods and tactics being utilized against targets and victims in this criminal terror program known as organized gang stalking and technological harassment.

A Parrot or Parroting, is someone who is being used and engaged in criminal harassment activity of the individual victim being targeted.  A Parrot repeats, relays or mirrors the words or actions of an individual being targeted, for the purpose of harassment and emotional distress, the Parrot does this through directed conversation around the individual being targeted, or by dropping subtle hints or using certain keywords related to the targets actions, or by mimicking their actions, or by repeating back topics themes or keywords of the victims thought process around the victim, if the victim has been placed under illegal criminal monitoring with Remote Neural Monitoring.

When Parroting is done by the media or individuals on TV,  the individual victim being targeted is illegally criminally placed under Remote Neural Monitoring satellite technology. Pieces and excerpts of the victims brainwaves or thoughts are relayed, or sent to these media organizations and fed through a computer or a teleprompter and parroted back to the person being targeted.

Almost everyone that the target and victim is believed to be in contact with will be asked, bribed, coerced, or intimidated into this relaying and repeating activity against the target, not realizing that they are involving themselves in a Criminal Conspiracy against the target and victim, and can be sued and imprisoned for it.  The Parroting can take place in public, online, on the internet, or on TV by the media or over the airwaves.

A Parrot is asked, coerced, fooled, bribed or intimidated into participating in, not only harassment of the victim , but a criminal conspiracy against the target or victim.  Somewhere along the line, someone or group has fooled or coerced these media and broadcasting organizations into engaging in Parroting, which is criminal harassment and a criminal conspiracy against other individuals. It is apparent that individuals who work in the TV broadcasting and media field  have accepted this activity as valid and a part of their job even though it is criminal harassment.  You might want to start questioning the legalities of what your doing.... if you have been given the task of parroting, you are engaged in a Criminal Conspiracy of another individual.


To the victims of this crime wondering "How do other people seem to know my thoughts and what I'm thinking about?" Why are other people repeating and Parroting back my personal thoughts in public and by the media?" Why and how does the media and radio broadcasters know some of my thoughts and what I'm thinking about? and "Why is my personal thoughts and private information being repeated and parroted back to me by individuals in the media and radio broadcasters?"
READ FURTHER BECAUSE THIS IS HOW....The criminals who illegally operate this Remote Neural Monitoring are bribing and/or funding these individuals and organizations to "go along" with the victims harassment and targeting in this criminal CONSPIRACY

Thats correct. These radio show host and news media outlets are being ILLEGALLY CRIMINALLY BRIBED with MONEY to go along with the victims harassment and targeting by paying them to "follow their HARASSMENT SCRIPT that's tailored to each victim and to read and Parrot back pieces and excerpts from the victims thought process over the airwaves and television.

Now some of you may be thinking, why would anyone go to all of that trouble to harass and terrorize other people utilizing this method? The answer to this question is MONEY. Keep in mind that all that has to be done is to have some of these individuals in media and radio broadcasting to come forward or for them to be questioned under oath.

The following information will explain to you and the public how this criminal relaying system is being used to target, harass, and terrorize victims of organized gang stalking and technological harassment.

First a satellite or what is known as Remote Neural Monitoring is illegally placed on the target and victim, next individuals around the target and victim, (including the victims family and friends,) are given unlawful criminal access to the targets and victims brainwaves and thoughts by means of a computer and cellular telephones. Then the individuals involved in the Criminal Conspiracy that have been given access to this eavesdropping and relaying system are told to repeat or parrot pieces and excerpts of the victims thought process or brainwaves back to the victim using directed conversation, parroting and keywords.  Local media organizations are also given criminal access to this illegal criminal relaying system for the purpose of harassment and emotional distress of the victim being targeted.

When this illegal criminal relaying system is given to local media organizations, pieces, excepts, and keywords  from the target and victims thought process and brainwaves are criminally relayed to the media studio, and displayed on a teleprompter, then the individuals working inside the media studio are told to read the keywords and topics from the victims though process over the air, by repeating back keyword topics or themes from the target and victims thought process, for the purpose of harassment and emotional distress. For example the target or victim maybe talking with a friend about a legal proceeding that they have been involved with recently , right after the target or victim mentions the legal proceeding, someone working at the local media organization may mention a legal proceeding or court hearing on TV.

If the target and victim has been placed under illegal criminal monitoring by Remote Neural Monitoring, the local media organization is being sent a constant automated feed of media material and segments related to the victims thought process and brainwaves to broadcast on air, that is designed to constantly Harass the target and victim.  At the same time these individuals are using the media to disseminate propaganda and disinformation related to the victims targeting situation, by disseminating  lies, excuses, propaganda and cover as to why the victim is being targeted with Organized Gang Stalking And Technological Harassment.

This illegal relaying system and parroting is a criminal tactic and method, designed to be psychological warfare against the target and victim. It's designed to make someone who complains of other individuals parroting and repeating back their personal and private information, look paranoid or mentally unstable. Parroting is common and frequently reported by targets and victims of  Organized Gang Stalking and Technological Harassment. 

Friday, February 7, 2014


Here is the link to the article regarding mind control and nonconsensual human experimentation.

"For the purposes of this essay, mind control refers to any method used nonconsensually on a victim to covertly and deniably attempt to control or modify that person's behavior.  This occurs in settings where a person has a reasonable expectation not to be violated, such as in his or her home or in his or her private mentation.  It is this sort of violation that differentiates a mind control crime from an ordinary social interaction, just as the lack of consent turns sex into rape. "

"Human guinea pigs for medical or psychological research.  Once people are under ongoing, invasive surveillance they can become guinea pigs for any sort of medical or psychological human testing that needs continued monitoring.  This is a lucrative business now.  For example, if a person were "knocked out" one day by whatever method and had a patch of skin rubbed with some chemical under development or of concern then the experimenters could watch the person's own response to the potential poisoning.  Psychological research has even larger potential for abuse.  Real "field testing."

"But using the technology on people without their consent, either in testing or in applications, is either an act of war if committed on foreign individuals or an act of treason if committed on domestic citizens.  It is almost always an act of torture. "

"At some level it is stunning that an essay such as this is necessary at all.  People have always wanted to "control men's minds" -- not to mention women's minds.  But people historically have also been manipulated again and again, by one group of people followed by another, by one big lie followed by another -- often convinced that it cannot possibly be happening now.  There is also a "moral big lie" where decent people cannot imagine that anyone could have the capacity to carry out such heinous atrocities and conspiracies over long periods of time, because they could not imagine themselves doing it.  They have minor moral lapses like everyone (like ordinary people tell small lies) but they just cannot grasp the notion of the big moral atrocity because they would never consider such abominations."

"There always have been and always will be people among us who yearn for nothing but to be tyrants over other people.  Let us be clear here on that point and never forget it.  There will always be someone who wants to be the next Stalin -- to choose one historical example from countlessly many -- and who will stop at absolutely nothing to achieve this.  This also means that there are Americans among us now who are just this sort of person -- or a lackey for such a person -- living among us in our society.  Do not let the big lie and ubiquitous American propaganda fuzzy your thinking.  The threat is more likely to come from within the government than from someone's garage.  Eternal vigilance is indeed the price of liberty. "

"Entertainment freak show.  Sadism and voyeurism are powerful motivations for some people.  Mind control victims can provide a live torture-cam of an individual 24 hours a day, and may even allow the sadist to play at the controls and inflict damage or influence the "show."  It would be like an ongoing snuff film you could participate in.  This may also be a part of "spreading the blood around" by appealing to some of the baser human instincts and then having a person on the hook for having participated (like has been alleged for some "satanic" rituals where people take a small part in a ritual crime so they are inextricably linked to the conspiracy). "

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Edward Snowden is Fake and the Media Doesn't Report Everything... BUT...

The media and him have still informed the public about some very important information. Snowden did not expose anything that was not already known—or at least suspected—since 2002. This timeline just consolidates the known.

Here is a timeline of his revelations:

And here are two excellent links from the Washington Post.

The first one is called Top Secret America:

and the next one is called the Black Budget: