Friday, July 10, 2015

The Inevitable Problems of Technology: World Surveillance and the Totalitarian Technocracy

Example of Synthetic Telepathy

In the following video that is located below, Michael Persinger demonstrates for the whole world to see what is known as synthetic telepathy. This is now completely proven. By the way, it is worth mentioning that Michael Persinger has worked with the CIA. Controlling the human mind has always been the goal of those who seek to influence others.

What this demonstrates is how one brain can influence another at a distance. Or, how you could influence the EEG of another person's brain. What can you do when you change the EEG of another person? You can change who that person is. Effectively, two brains become one. There have been scientific studies conducted that show how a BCI (Brain-Computer Interface,) can change the neuroplasticity of a human brain. This is one of the reasons why ethical considerations plague anything that alters the human mind. Especially when it is done without a person's knowledge or consent!

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

19/5/15 Richmond Counsel Meeting Resolution of Space Preservation Act of Space

Domestic Terrorism Silent Rape And Murder - Brain Chips, Nanotechnology, Resonance Based Weaponry, Direct Energy Weapons and Electronic Warfare

In the following video, you will see examples of scanning for radio frequency emissions. People must understand that nanotechnology is so small that even if it is located with a radio frequency scanner that doesn't mean you will pick it up on an MRI or an X-Ray.  That is one problem, the other problem is that you would not pick up a radio frequency emission to begin with.

It wouldn't be so bad if they just had a tracker on your car, your clothes, or even in your arm. But no, these people are so insanely terrible. They have them in your brain and throughout your body. Once it is in you, it replicates and they can hack into you just like a pacemaker. They hook you up to artificial intelligence and supercomputers. They can also push thoughts into your brain using synthetic telepathy and CONTROL YOUR MIND. (See under ethical considerations.) Especially when you don't know that it is inside of you, you cannot tell the difference between the synthetic thoughts and your own. They can read your mind, look out of your eyes and hear out of your ears, send messages to you using synthetic telepathy that can affect your judgment. Light can be measured, (photons,) minds can be read, thoughts can be sent. If you can think a thought, you can send it. Just like writing an email with your mind. Zuckerberg is saying it here, he's just not telling you the whole story. Also see here for another article with Mark Zuckerberg referring to synthetic telepathy. See here for a Cisco ad that talks about this technology. See this old clip of a scientist looking out of a cat's eyes.

1.) Nanotechnology- can be introduced into the body with an airborne virus or a bacteria (a cold or flu for instance,) or it could be done by a simple injection. (Also see here.) Once the nanotechnology is inside you, the miniature nanorobots or nanowires replicate and go up into your brain and throughout your body. Imagine your brain being hooked up to a supercomputer and your life being broadcast to a bunch of psychopathic intelligence spies.  Imagine if they could read your mind, look through your eyes and hear through your ears. Imagine being "hooked up" to another brain. Imagine your life being broadcasted "live" and recorded like a movie. Imagine them doing this just for entertainment. You're a girl on Facebook that they like and want to "get to know" on an intimate level? You're a political dissident with political views the "powers that be" don't like? Watch out. The people in power are absolutely terrible and they do this. THEY CAN DO ALL OF THIS NOW! 

2.) Resonance Based Weaponry, Direct Energy Weapons, and Electronic Warfare - Some of the other information that I have put up is about electromagnetic weapons. It also goes by the name of resonance based weaponry. To use this against you, they do not need anything in your body. You are an antenna. You are a resonance being. In this case, people may not emit any radio frequencies from implants or nanotechnology but they could still be influenced, manipulated, injured. maimed or killed. (See old CNN footage from the 80's.)

These weapons are made to covertly harass and torture any human they want. They are integrated into the United States distributed satellites and military radar systems (the radars are distributed receiving and transmitting array's placed in space, on land, and sea surrounding the world.) Some of them use the sky as a reflective surface to access over horizons, mountains, and long distances bouncing signals up into the ionosphere and then down into their targets. As these remote radar sensors and transmitters are aimed at living creatures, electronics, and homes, we can be invaded on a multitude of ways, with the transmitters and satellites locking onto people with the purpose to harass, harm and torture by directing 'radio frequencies,' energies.  (Resonance frequencies of the body.)

With all these inventions, targeted individuals are focused at with directed energy frequencies which broadcast from military radar, satellites or microwave towers far from the person and sometimes even far from the person's present city. See here and here for more. See here for evidence of past use of this technology in the 70's.

Evidence exists that the United States military knew of harmful world scale effects of radar very early on, that radar could be used as a weapon against humans. Hints of this include the story of how the original microwave oven was invented based on military radar technology, as a man named Percy Spencer identified in the 1940s that radar would warm soldier's bodies and melt candy bars in their pockets (proof of world scale effects identified early on). While he was not the first to notice it, this inspired him to investigate further ultimately creating the first microwave oven for the purpose of food heating by attaching a high-density electromagnetic field generator to an enclosed metal box (basically radar parts).