Monday, December 30, 2013

Israel's Secret Nuclear Weapons Program and Mordechai Vanunu...

First off, here is a great article regarding Israel's secret nuclear weapons program.

Now, meet Mordechai Vanunu. Maybe there should have been a swap in the past ....

Mordechai Vanunu for Jonathan Pollard. (Just for the record, I think they should consider releasing Jonathan Pollard.) But, I don't think Mr. Vanunu is supposed to exist because what he was involved with doesn't exist either. (Wink, wink.)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Canada --- Pathetic like the United States

Note: Before reading the article below, please see here and here for more information about the technology.

We have all heard the talk about the NSA in the United States... but, it's interesting that Canadians don't know much about their own NSA. The Communications Security Establishment Canada.

Imagine paying tax dollars to a country that likes to say that it's defending or fighting for freedom in other countries and is looking into the brains of its own citizens. Imagine paying your tax dollars to a group of people that use super computers and artificial intelligence to spy on you 24 hours a day. When you go to the washroom, when you have sex, when you sleep, when you eat, when you work. All the time.

No. It is not just emails or the internet that they are tracking. It's not just your cell phone calls. They can look into your brain and influence your behavior. They can put thoughts in your head and evoke emotions. They can beam you with electromagnetic weapons.

I have been on the receiving end of this technology. I am pretty sure it is being directed by either the NSA, (which would be why some in the United States have access to my brain,) or the CSEC in Canada. Hell, maybe both.

As for the organized stalking, this is done by citizens with various backgrounds. Some are neighborhood watch, some might be CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service,) but it's also done by people I recognize and have a background with drugs. Some are probably told and shown things about me, others are probably paid or bribed, and others are probably blackmailed. Also participating in the stalking are RCMP officers,  the Fire Department, ambulances drivers, military or former military, and cab drivers.

 It might sound funny to mention cab drivers, and they know this. But, this sort of activity has always happened in countries that are run by organized crime.That's why they do it, because it sounds so crazy it's hard for anyone to believe. Cab drivers can make some extra money by being the eyes and ears of the powerful.

Here is What They Would Do to Me...

They seemed to have calmed down, but, they would frequently drive past my brothers house, (where I am staying now,) park in front of his house, leave when I came out the door, follow or drive past me at work. (I work outside landscaping.) They literally followed me everywhere.

But Wait... It Gets Even Crazier.  
Do You Think This is Strange?

One of the people that was working at my mother and step-father's former shop was a fireman. He rented out a part of their shop to do metal work. Strangely, he had the same last name as someone who worked with me at a financial website I used to run. Coincidence?

What About This?

When I got on the plane to fly to Las Vegas I was sitting beside a young lady who had the same last name as someone I was previously working with .... at that same site!

Neither of these last names are common.

But that's not all, she frequently mention information that made me realize she knew me. She would mention something I was talking about on the phone or a conversation I had in the house. It was also important for her to mention that she hated racism, and that she was a gypsy.... and of course, that the Nazis persecuted the gypsies.

Now, ask yourself who has the power to get someone sitting beside another person on a plane like that?

I would say it's either intelligence or organized crime. Or both, because the intelligence community has always been hooked up with organized crime, at least in the United States.

 Welcome to Canada. Canada is a Stasi police state that is ruled by the elite who run many of the corporations, most of the drugs and of course... the banks. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thank God We Still Have Courageous People Like Ned Flanders

Below is a little parody that I wrote about a man who was harassing me. He and and his crazed friends post at this site.


It was something I had encountered my whole life.

Though I could never find the proper words to express the depths of my dismay.  Everything would be going great until someone found out my big secret.

From then on... it was down hill.

Yes..I fully admit, it wasn't very hard for others to figure out my secret.

In truth, I loved to show it off.

I liked to act cool by showing off my beloved "special" body part. I was even known to wear a sock over it --- this was my way of "acting" like I was covering it.

When I think about it now, I was just a cane prancing fool --- a racquet swinging tool.

It was really just a covert way to invade my opponents mind... a subversive way to rule.

Though some would say that's not the worst of my behavior.

On another occasion, I tried to join a writing club where 85-90% of the people didn't possess my "special" attribute. I then went about flashing my unique, (in the past it was called sinister or evil,) body part at them. I would then crumple up their meager papers and throw them into the garbage.

"You people do not even belong in the same room as my ........ " I would yell.

I would then journey home. When I would arrive and retire to my quarters, I would then go about smothering "it" with the finest sweet smelling non-sticky ointments, wrap "it" in silk garments --- and proceed to call on "ladies of the night" to pleasure and satisfy "it."

Now, some would say... "With that sort of behavior... the freak shall get what he deserves."

I say, shall I?

Why Ned Flanders Changed My Life

My behavior went on like this for month and months.

Flashing and showing off my "special" body part. Crumpling up the papers of the lowly and the meager. Yelling at the sub-humans. Smothering my "special" body part with sweet smelling no-stick ointments. Covering "it" with silk garments. Having "its" respects paid by ladies of the night. (Men too.)

I lived a life of nothing but pleasure seeking and instant gratification.

I wanted nothing but beautiful words spoken to me about my "unique" body part. I wanted nothing more than the constant surrounding of mirrors that would reflect my OWN image back at me. I detested the thought of  an image of something higher than me. I couldn't bare the thought of going one day without the comforting warm breath and hands of the hired pressing up against my "it" --- my "special" body part.

I had no goals.... I didn't believe in anything anymore.

And Then it Happened

I saw this video. And I realized I was NOT the problem... everyone else was.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with me. I was being discriminated against. I was dealing with anti-leftetic attitudes. I was going through what my fellow comrades-in-hands had begun to label "typical right-handed bias." I had to fight this typical anti-left-handed prejudiced monster to the death.

I had found my goal in life. The time had come.

I would begin to push for more left-handed scissors equality in the schools.  I would set up think tanks to fight against the discrimination of the "left-handed path."

I would chisel my words on sacred tablets and carry them to the ends of the earth.

The sacred tablets would say:

Thy right handed brother and sisters --- know this, thou shall not hurt nor discriminate against thy fellow left handed ones! They are just like thee! They are made of thy same flesh and bleed thy same blood as ye when cut.

Come forth and hither, and rather pray for thy left handed brothers. 

As thy sacred social science shows... these poor left-handed people are more likely to be schizophrenic, alcoholic, delinquent, dyslexic, and have Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, as well as mental disabilities. They're also more likely to die young and get into accidents.

Pray for thy left handed ... my right handed brothers and sisters! Let us all live as one!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Everything Is Funny All the Time = Nihilism

When I say nihilism, I think I can sum it up in a few sentences without any academic jargon.

It's a culture that no longer takes ideas seriously, or ... one that is slowly devolving into an environment where such might become more of the norm.

It might be one of increased comedy --- for a lack of not wanting to look at the dark. It might be one of  increased sex, increased drugs and alcohol consumption, or increased focus on games to keep the populace busy. It might also be one where ....

 Both Nietzsche and Ayn Rand knew the power of laughter.

Nietzsche thought it could help us. Laughter can push away the spirit of gravity that forces everything to the ground. He thought laughter keeps us light of weight... like soup bubbles or dancing fairies. It has the power to act as a buoyant, or a force field, which helps chase away the demons that drag us into the ditches of life.

Nietzsche was also depressed quite often. Strangely, this may have lead to his insights regarding the nature of laughter.

Ayn Rand thought a little differently about laughter. She thought it was beneficial, but, it also had the potential to kill the serious, or that which one holds dear. It has the potential to transform preferable and unpreferable states into something they aren't. In other words, it can be a powerful weapon for the powers-that-be during a culture in relativistic decline. This can be done by making the weaker look the stronger. It can also be used as a covert force to hide anger, jealousy and rage.

It's especially important to think about this right now. Why? Because the current cultural climate is very unique --- and yet, quite similar to past times.

"Everything is Funny All of the Time," might have been something you would've heard before the rise of the Nazi's in Germany.

The reality is, the atmosphere of Wiemar was stained deeply with relativism and decadence. (See here for a very interesting book about Wiemar before the rise of the Nazi's.) That being said, I don't think decadence and cultural decline are wholly bad; in fact, both can produce tremendous creativity.

In such times, all the the new information that's thrown at a "self," has the potential to create a misfit or an innovator. During such times, the chaos the spirit faces creates a gyration of intuitive hunches that challenge tradition. This in turn, grows a garden of new values that kick around the good and bad of tradition. One just has to remember that such times breed an "air" of walking fine lines.

This leads me to speculate about personalities that stretch what is deemed as normal. Their behavior is the result of different forms of organization when thinking. With this being so, these same individuals may be able to critique our own time in a way that we never previously thought about. In this way, they may act as sign posts for our future.

As I have said throughout this blog, the fascism that you'll see in the future will not be like that which was witnessed in Germany. It will be much more stealth and covert... much more hidden.

But that doesn't mean it will be humane by any stretch of the imagination.   Ask yourself what humans will act like with technology that makes them into gods on earth and no one does anything about it.

It could be a nightmare of epic proportions.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Brian Hutchinson: The RCMP and Pickton

Interesting article regarding the RCMP.

It makes one wonder.

When you combine what is written in this article and this article, with the information that I have written about, you begin to wonder something.

Namely,  are there some RCMP officers that knew what Pickton was doing?

Greater still, did they let him do it?

Well, from my personal experience, there are some RCMP officers who know of the technology I'm talking about. This means they could have easily captured Pickton.

Does this mean the RCMP allowed a serial killer to continue killing people?

Click the link below to read the articles:

Brian Hutchinson: Mountie fetishist sparks new Code of Conduct review

RCMP officer investigated over bondage photos

Sunday, June 30, 2013

You Know What I Reach For When I Go Fishing?

The write-up below is about the psychopath named Joe Rogan. He is a phony loser from hell who runs a podcast. He thinks it is funny to threaten people and their families with electromagnetic weapons. See here for the technology--- see here for another post about this.

Well, maybe not --- because I don't drink anymore. Though I've been told they're absolutely excellent... (someone even mentioned the word "bulletproof" when describing it.) Dave Asprey the phony coffee loser will be discussed another day, he is another piece of trash lying scumbag involved with drugs and knows about classified technology.

Incidentally, he has also appeared on Joe Rogan's stupid podcast show. These losers all know each other because they are all scum. Same with the weasel named James Altucher. I have often found what most of these people have in common is Israel and "Jewishness." It is literally a part of Homeland Security to gang up on critics of Israel and Jews! Poor little Jews, so persecuted! Sorry shitheads, you aren't chosen. One wonders why all these Jews remain so quiet about their "so-called Jewish identity." One reason why is because they don't want to you to know what they really are.

Incidentally, "bulletproof" is something I may need to be one day.

Apparently, the beer in the video below goes well with a lambs shoulder ... with the fuck SLOWLY COOKED out of it. The kind of lambs shoulder that is connected to someone in your family that is getting shot with microwaves.

Lamb Shoulder - Fuck Slowly Cooked Out of It

The beer is called Rogan... and no it isn't from California, Boston or New Jersey. It's from the Ukraine. Crazy, I know. I also know how much Canadians like their beer, so, it wouldn't surprise me if Rogan had to literally wrestle or fight this into the country! 

That would be kind of cool to watch. A couple beers fighting it out in an octagon...

Kind of Like the UFC.

That's why I always liked the UFC ... there's nowhere for bullies to hide. Unlike those who electronically harass, or engage in gang-stalking and gaslighting of others.

Anyways... enjoy the video below.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Anti-State, Anti-War, Pro Market --- Pro Mind Reading --- Pro Space Based Weapons --- Pro Bullshit

I saw a banker do the politician point today. I must say... I wasn't really surprised.

"Don't point at the clients --  they will think you're rude. Or worse yet, they might find out that you're full of shit about what you're selling them."

 Like I said, it doesn't really surprise me.

What does surprise me, is seeing a site that is "Anti-State, Anti-War and Pro Market" interview someone who at the absolute least... lacks credibility because of what I've seen him doing. (For instance, how he's continuously made reference to my thoughts, actions or life in the stories on his blog.)

The truth is... it doesn't surprise me. I wrote previously about stalking and how my thoughts were being read. One of the sites I was referring to was a "libertarian" site.

I have to ask again.... is this Anarcho-Capitalism at work? Looking into people brains with satellites? Defending the undefendable with threats, blackmail, gang stalking, and slander?

I find it highly amusing that a site that talks about the problems of the creeping state, and our "liberties being lost," cannot seem to talk about some of the information on this site.

It's time people begin to ask themselves what some of the alternative media is really about.

Is this just another sham in a world that is completely ridden with shams?

Just like most people in this world, I like truth and I'm utterly sick of bullshit. And just in case someone says or shows you something about me... watch this and read this. Remember, it's not the messenger, it's the truth that will stare you right in the face. Also, technology exists that can alter human behavior and many of these people know this.

Maybe we should turn up our B.S. monitors, and listen a bit more carefully to those who write a bunch of B.S. --- maybe they're just spying on you.

Even with the video below from Democracy Now, ask yourself... why this NSA whistleblower is not talking about some of the technology on this blog?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I Have Always Been Struck Dumb Why an Atheist...

Doesn't point to the existence of the fly as a good example for the non-existence of God.

Now before I completely attack the character and the purpose of the fly, I must note that I did formerly have one as a pet --- (I wrote favorably about him on this blog,  under the comments section with the name of Willisnillis. )

He was a decent and upright creature, with good mannerisms and table etiquette. This is the possible argument against the atheist. For the existence of one counter example is enough to ruin a sound experimental hypothesis.

So, What is Wrong With the Existence of the Fly?

Well, not only do they land on shit, but... they then go about landing on you with their dirty little shit feet. But that's not all... they then puke on you while doing a victory dance with all their little legs.

I now ask you this...what kind of twisted supreme and enlightened being, or God.... would make such a creature?

Probably the same sort that hides from you and laughs at all of your troubles and pains. Maybe God is a trickster or a joker that, throughout your life... likes to reveal little hints to you. But you have to be awake to see them. Maybe God is a programmer or a spinner of a giant electromagnetic simulation that looks real. Maybe you are in Gods simulated program.

From Flies to Thinking About God...

Let's take the biblical God.  I have often wondered to myself, if we were created in God's image, maybe God is one of us ... just a slob like one of us. If this is so, what makes you think that you can't be more enlightened than your creator? Did you ever think that your creator might be an evil genius asshole and you are an experiment? Maybe God and his divine council are all watching us right now.

Back to Flies (ADHD  Style...)

Just look at the picture below. If you look really closely, the fly has a shit eating grin on his face. If you become a fly farmer or an owner, this is something that has to be wiped off of their face. You have to put them through a sentiments boot-camp, all the while slowly training them to earn an honest living... (rather than puking on people and landing in shit.) I advise the slow introduction of a simple business model --- like a paper route or a lemonade stand.

Side note:  This might also work for some in the PR industry. Unfortunately, some of them are looked at  similar to the fly. One possible reason for this image problem? A shoe deep-in-shit environment that's symptom is finally displayed with puking on people.)

 In closing... just remember, the fly is a dirty little creature --- and maybe God has a dirty mind.

The Hipster, Hippies, Politics and Solutions...

Is there such thing as a hipster? Or is it just a fable?

I have come to the conclusion that the word "hipster" stands for nothing.  It is an empty word with a shirt and glasses.  A picture with some music. If they write, they may write well --- but --- it will be about nothing in particular.

This is a Symptom of Our Time

Unlike the hippies who:

1. Protested wars...
2. Had sex in the streets...
3. Dropped acid ...
4. Smoked pot in front of cops ...
5. Made and listened to great music...
6. Lit flags on fire... AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST...
7. Slept in their own urine on the steps of businesses

I mean... let's face it. The hippies were a royal pain in the ass to their government.

What Happened to these people? 

Many of them went on to become the teachers and university professors of your children.

Now, you would think that people like this would spawn something better than semi-homeless people who slept in their own urine and were high most of the time. Wouldn't you?

Okay. Maybe not.

In any event... while I don't agree with everything the hippies did --- many of them believed it was worth their time to fight for what they believed in.

And most importantly... many of them believed that politics matter.

The ideas they were fighting for were more important than the latest update of a techno-gadget. They were the ideas that made all of the techno-gadgets even matter in the first place. These ideas, were about what the United States was supposed to stand for.

This Gets Me to My Second Point

If anyone ever says to you: "I'm not political..."

It's time for you to snap into action. Your "former" fellow human is rapidly devolving into a zombie. They are talking and using words that don't mean anything to them anymore. They are playing Wordexcube. Help your "former" fellow human remember the glory of their property rights. Shit or piss yourself, then get high... and pass out on their damn doorstep.

Why? Because either they are lying to you, or, they are deluded --- and because of this, deluding you. In other words... they are "pissing up your leg" or "shitting you."

You see, your feces and piss ridden body will be impossible to ignore. It will blanket their doorstep, literally reminding them of the smell of their own property rights.

Another idea, though a little more daring.... you might move into their house and tell them you live there now. Hell, take their car while you're at it. If you're in any luck,  it will be one of those New York gun control nuts that think only the military and the police should have weapons. Property protecting citizens need guns? "Naaa," you'll say --- as you're driving a tank through their house, waving and showing off your guns through the top latch. Of course, this will be after you've dropped white phosphorus on their family and put up giant dividing walls to separate any of the living from you. Also, tell your "former" fellow human they can live in the doghouse... (if they have one,) and the dog is coming inside with you --- because it's your dog now.

Or you can go hi-tech. Just spy on them with super-secret spy satellites and shoot them or their family with electromagnetic weapons. But, be sure to remember this. It is really important to constantly remind them that they are under surveillance and that you are not invading their space, (even though you are invading their brain,) and possibly cooking them or their loved ones.
 The Truth of the Matter is...

Even without going to these extremes ... humans are political. As soon as a human-being opens their mouth and says something ... they become political.  Unless of course, they are stranded on a desert island alone.

Words are political. Actions are political. Science is political. Technology is political. Gender is political. Sex is political. Money is political. Education is political. Economics is political. History is political. Literature is political. Art is political.

This Gets Me to My Third Point

Human beings cannot help but be political. It's as simple as that.

Think about it ... if you don't become politically aware, you will soon become the tool of those who are. If there is one idea to take from Aristotle and ancient Greek philosophy, it is this... man is a political animal.

To boil this down to basics, it means this... you have the possibility for thought, symbol manipulation and speech. This leads to your logic and rhetoric, the nature of what you are, what you should do... (your action and ethics.) This leads to politics.

In the end this is what the trial of Socrates was really about. It's about us. It's about our thought, our speech, and because of this... doubting the old cultural convention of the what the Gods are. Which lead to thinking about ethics and politics.

 This Gets Me to My Fourth Point

I have grown tired of reading endless articles that do nothing but complain and whine about how bad our countries are getting.... WITHOUT ever offering any solution.

In fact, the only solution is um,um,

The um's just get further and further apart.

It's utterly hopeless. All that can be done is "wake more people up."

To what? I don't really know. Liberty I guess. It's kind of become a new industry. It's the "liberty, whine, bitch and wake people up" industry.

That's pretty much what's put forward. Do nothing. Just whine. Bitch. Write articles. Do a march once in a while ... (maybe a march with a gun or a joint. Whatever that's supposed to do.)

It Just Makes Me Think

Are these really the only solutions? Should every American just let the whole United States constitution and bill of rights fall into the dust bin of history.... and hope for the best?

Possibly. But...

Why not use social media like Facebook and Google+ for something useful? Why not start a social media campaign that brings massive amounts of Americans together for an actual purpose? No... not a "money bomb." People don't need to be handing out anymore of their money.

I was thinking along the lines of something else.

It doesn't strike me as completely unreasonable to do everything possible to stop funding the government. If you cannot get the people that you want in and out of congress .... (which I don't think you can,) stop funding the government. Why continue to pay for something that's no longer working? Make it begin to work for you, or at least try before it's gone.

Why Not Try to Take Back Control?

 I think this, at the absolute least ... is some sort of solution. It's completely non-violent, and it could be potentially effective.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Masters of The Universe + Brighton Beach Brawler = Really?

Seeing that I'm a lone soldier that doesn't need to get a haircut from an able-bodied seaman's wife in San Diego, nor do I need to write articles about the illusion of liberty in the United States.

(Though I was thinking about South California, and I did watch this movie last night. Go here to learn more about technology to read and manipulate the human mind. Most people already know about viruses, trojans, cookie and IP tracking... but it's much worse than this. )

I decided to brush up on a much-needed skill. My math. I started with my headline.

What does it mean? notes how one would  be able to spy on an ample amount of gambling systems if one could become Master of the Universe.

How would one go about doing this? Simple as pie. Certainly (one, with a small o...) could soon become One with a capital O. Or a He-Man... a Master of the Universe.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Edward Snowden... I Tell You This --- Go Here Man!

Edward Snowden... now that you are in Russia, it's time for you to go here.

After leaping from the pages of Catch 22 --- and the TV world of Network, (he was literally in these --- in other words, they are laughing in your face while they are lying to you!) your next mission, if you choose to accept it...  is to go back to meet the avatar of your maker.

You must go deep into the forest of Siberia.. where you will find the chosen ones that will take care of you.

There you will find the spotters of the triangles in the sky with pulsing colored lights that appear at each corner of the triangle--- there you will find the awakened ones who await the inevitable chaos of man.

There you will find a cult like the ones I have seen, except the one in Siberia also teaches the masculine professions of handling kettle balls ---- using power tools, and of course... gas operated equipment.

Go now my son. Quickly shuffle thy feet across mother Russia.

Thoughts on Being a Human-Being, the Self and a Person

Here I Make the Distinction Between a Person and a Human-Being. 

The person is lost and falling. The person is looking for something to break its fall --- but --- there is nothing there. There is no pavement in the seat of the soul.

You see, the person has become utterly full of what we today call the "SELF." The self is a never ending maze and an intoxication that's indulgence has its roots in the fear of death and the need to desperately cling to life.

At its root, it's a deep seated fear of the very Be-ing that makes us human, and that sprung forth our very existence. All of this clinging to life leads to a fear of death. This fear of death leads to a path of least resistance in mind and body which yearns to throw off pain, struggle and suffering. Inevitably, this leads to pragmatism and the abandonment of integrity.

This fear takes hold and displays symptoms that make a "person" paranoid and needful. Inevitably, they try to control those around them or gain others acceptance. Their heaviness of "self" is like a weighted ball on the backdrop of space and time that begins to bend light and suck it in. The person's "self" becomes like a black-hole that sucks in the light. 

The heaviness of the self makes a person forgetful. It creates a state of forgetting that a person can no longer see as forgetting. The search inside the self is bottomless and endless. But so is the search outside the self.

This leads the person to a state of mind similar to the walking dead. They become a commodity that doesn't even UNDER-stand nor accept their "human" rights that flow from Being. They don't UNDER-stand that, their very birth was the actualization of Being blessing them from the cradle.

It has the fear of death as its driving force. Fear of death is the highest driving principle of the security state, because the PURSUIT of happiness no longer matters. Freedom isn't as important as security. It's too messy and unpredictable. It has the ring of too much uncertainty. This fear turns us into persons that sink with "self esteeming" weight --- and in turn... we begin to crave absolute security.

If the fear of death is the driving principle behind a culture, it may lead to a society that embraces nothing but pleasure and security.  (Oh, my god... but what about the terrorists! We'll all die if we don't spend all this money on the military, industrial, security, complex.) This in turn, leads to the inevitable growth of a technological Leviathan that enslaves human-beings and basically turns them into a bunch of quantified and categorized animals.

This evolves from a form of "this-worldly" thinking that wants to "cure" the world... or to master or "cure" nature. This is gnosticism run wild in the world. A form of gnosis that no longer wants to turn towards Being and remain human.

This false tent of hope, this need for absolute security --- is what forms the modern day security complex.

This Leads Me to the Following Question: 

How do we know that our attempt to create heaven on earth --- will not lead to hell?

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Hidden Dangers of Political Correctness

I have to quote what Marc Faber wrote because it's very well said:

 The Hidden Dangers of Political Correctness

"First, I shall discuss Political Correctness. In 1948, Norman M. Thomas, Leader of the US Socialist Party opined that “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism, but under the name of 'liberalism', they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program until one day America will be a socialist nation without knowing it happened.”

Political Correctness (PC) is the outcome of a distinctive 'turn' in Leftist politics, which became obvious in the mid-1960s. PC is a subjective list put together by the few to rule the many - a list of things one must think, say, or do. It affronts the right of the individual to establish his or her own beliefs. In the 20th century, the contemporary use of the phrase “Politically Correctness” dates from the dogmatic application of Stalinist doctrine, debated between formal Communists and Socialists, during the middle of the 20th century. Peter Drucker noted that, until recently, only Nazis and Stalinists spoke of “political correctness.” It is indeed a purely totalitarian concept. It asserts the fight of those in power to suppress all but the party line's official lies."

Trying to control what another human-being is saying or thinking is the world of this book.

That Is a World That I Refuse to Live In

That book is the one we read in high school, and are taught... (for good reason,) is the epitome of evil. It tells of a world that we should despise... and if being implemented, one we should fight against.

I Completely Agree With That

Any person who seeks to regulate what another human-being is thinking or saying, or how that human-being is acting...  especially if the human-being is on their property, in their house, and they are not physically harming anyone else --- is a person that is described quite well in this book.

They are seeking to deprive a human-being of an environment that is conducive to the pursuit of happiness and flourishing. To suppress it. To hamper it. To destroy it.

If this is your idea of freedom --- and you are trying to impose it on other human-beings, I don't want to be a part of it.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Torture and Trauma Bonding

A couple of interesting videos to watch about Trauma Bonding.... after you watch the videos, be sure to read what I've written below them.

Of course, after I watched the videos ... an article went up on this site. (If they take it down, I copied it.)

I'm sure it's just a coincidence... even though I know the people at that site have access to the technology I've been talking about on this blog. It's not the first time they have done that. It's been going on for two and half years ---- and that's just when I noticed it.

In the posts on their site --- they mention my thoughts, a topic that I've been talking about with someone else, or something me and my family are talking about or doing.

Monday, June 17, 2013

"Thinking" About What Some Call Principles

For some strange reason when I woke up this morning I was "thinking" deep thoughts about principles. Maybe it was after what I wrote last night.

Then I got on my computer and proceeded to go over to this website. (I really don't know why... though I do like this article that was recently posted.)

Then I began to realize, there are those who talk about principles --- and there are those who actually stand up for their principles that they "talk" about having.

I also remembered that even those who don't have any principles at least have one principle; they will say and do anything to make people believe them.

Personally, I don't think Americans need anymore people like that running for congress ... there is already enough of them.

A Bigger American Hero Than Most...

When someone takes a bullet and ends up in a wheel chair for what they believe... especially when that person is standing up for freedom and the American Constitution, I would say that qualifies as an American hero.

It's too bad there isn't more Americans or Canadians like this today --- especially when their constitutional rights are under assault more than ever.

What is it about freedom that some people hate?

It's the messiness. It's the fear of uncertainty.

They want to control your thoughts. They want to control your speech. They want you to be like them. They want you to conform to them. They want you to bow down to them. They don't want you to question them.

They want to mold you in the image they think you should be in.

It's important to remember that the borders of the great majority are set by the ones they want to control. And those borders will grow ever more narrow, bland and boring --- until everyone is almost virtually the same... except in the most superficial ways.

If you let "them."

Don't let  it become a mowed field of formerly lively and sprouting spirits. Don't let them trample the heads of those who stand out.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Top Secret America --- Massive Outsourced US Intelligence

Spies For Hire

More on the problems of outsourced intelligence.......

The Choose Yourself Era - Is Outsourcing Intelligence a Big Problem?

I think so.

Is this an example of anarcho-capitalism at work? That's a question I cannot answer. What I would say is this looks eerily similar to the dissolution of the state after the end of the Soviet Union.

The video and the articles below help to make this less CONFIDENTIAL. In other words... it allows you to see it with a pair of "choose yourself" glasses.

So this will have to do.

Imagine if people in the private sector have access to all or some of the stuff I've been talking about on this blog. How are they held accountable?

Can they use what is described here on whoever they want?

Below you'll find two videos about a company called Stratfor. (Also see here.) I'm sure a few people know about them in the financial industry.

And here is another:

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Drowning Ideologies - Israel - The NSA and 911

There are some people who think the state of Israel cannot do anything wrong.

You will notice such people by their absolute silence when it comes to talking about many of the issues I have mentioned on this blog.

If someone brings up such issues, they will either attack a person's character --- or --- completely ignore what has been said.

How to Spot Such a Person:

1. If such a person was a squash player trying to join a squash club, he might act like an arrogant and belligerent ass to the club and then complain that the reason the club didn't let him in was because they were Anti-Semitic.

2. Such a person, if in a position of power and privilege --- might abuse this by using high-tech surveillance (see here,) with his "friends" to look into another human being's brain, and then constantly and covertly berate and admonish that person about their thoughts on his blog.

If the latter mentioned in number two happened to anyone... (it happened to me --- not just by one person, blog, website or media source... but numerous,) that by itself, should be enough to make anyone re-evaluate the truth and state of the world.

As I have mentioned in another post, the state of Israel is extremely important to Christians and Jews. So much so, that they are willing to do almost anything to protect its reputation no matter what it does. This alone makes it the most important country in the world next to the United States.

It is rather funny that Christians support the state of Israel --- a place that denies their supposed Messiah and that's based on racial laws similar to the Nuremberg Laws. We would not tolerate this anywhere in the western world. So why do we allow Israel to do this? At the absolute least, why do we allow our countries to support it?

Why else would the Christian prime minister of Canada say this: "Canada will always stand by Israel" and "As long as I'm Prime Minister, this government will remain very supportive’ of Israel."
(Update: nothing has changed for Canada, Trudeau is just as pathetic, see here and here.)

Now, don't misunderstand me.

I don't think that it is wrong to stand up for a country. But, should one stand by a country no matter what it is doing or what it has done? Or... without questioning what it even stands for?

Off of the topic of Israel and onto the United States and 9/11.

There has been much talk about the 9/11 attacks and conspiracies. Unfortunately, I believe much of what has been talked about is a red herring. For example, one of the popular topics to focus on is the collapse of the buildings.

While there may be very interesting reasons to question if the damage caused from the planes was the ONLY reason that the towers collapsed, I think it's also important to remember that the planes that crashed into the towers and the Pentagon were enough to bring about an atmosphere of fear and paranoia to fuel a country to go to war.

So it must be asked... was there a reason to collapse the towers? They would and could have gone to war from the terrorist attack itself --- even without the collapse of the towers. The collapse of the towers certainly did create more chaos and damage, but I don't think it really mattered. This is why endlessly studying the collapse of the towers isn't as important to me.

What I Think is More Important is This...

Once you understand the level of technological sophistication the NSA and CIA have, you cannot help but realize that they know a LOT more than what they have said they know.

In fact, I'm sure they know everything that happened on that day. Not just a little --- but absolutely everything. Sadly, this is being completely under-emphasized.

All we have to do is look at the way the media releases information about the NSA and the CIA.

They purposely under-emphasize the level of technological sophistication these Intelligence Agencies possess. In fact, I've yet to see any information that talks about the the level of technology that I'm talking about in the mainstream media. The alternative media isn't much better --- they still won't tell the whole story.


Because then you would see through the REAL big lie of the military industrial complex... and... they don't want you to know that you literally live in Orwell's 1984.

This has lead me to believe that at the absolute least... the terrorist attack on 9/11 was allowed to happen. As horrible as that sounds.

There is just no way that they didn't see it coming.

Yet, it's always written off as incompetence in the media. I find it impossible to believe that they were not following the hijackers the whole time on that day.

I also think the location of Osama Bin Laden was known long before the capture of 2012. Once again, with the level of technological sophistication the Intelligence Agencies possess, I do not see how it could be otherwise.

Why there aren't more people concerned about this when so many died on that day, and so many have died after .... is absolutely inconceivable to me.

When we see the cost of the increased build-up in security and surveillance, with the loss of rights from the Patriot Act and the results of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan .... what else could it be?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Rattling the Sheriffs' Cages About the Constitution

From the beginning of the video below:

"Over 100 county sheriffs and peace officers united to uphold their oaths of office, protect citizen liberty, and stop state and federal tyranny..."

Below you can watch a video featuring the constitutional scholar Michael Badnarik giving a lecture to over 100 county sheriffs.

There was no mention anywhere in the talk about high-tech surveillance, manipulation of human behavior with high-technology, or using electromagnetic weapons on people or their animals.


I think that would be an interesting question for a police officer to bring up. Maybe the question was never brought up because the answer was already quite apparent.

This is excellent. Too bad he couldn't do this with the FBI or we couldn't have the same activity in Canada with the RCMP. Though I'm certain that none of what I listed above is allowed in Canada either.

By the way, for all of you that are using the technology that I listed above.... watch Michael Badnarik's constitutional class here.

Sunday, June 9, 2013