Monday, May 28, 2012

The Problems of Knowledge vs. Opinion or Ideology

This video from Heidegger provides a good example of the elusiveness of being, and because of this, the problem of absolute knowing. Heidegger's "being-in-the-world" or "thrown into the world" is much the same as the "fallen" conception from Genesis.

Some questions:

1. When one is too hasty with thinking they are utterly sure of being, will they take on a form of absolute "knowing?" Is it also possible they will think they are in possession of "true" knowledge? Hence, the "Self" and "Happiness", both of which seem to be rather elusive.

2. Are anxiety, depression and alienation only symptoms of something deeper? These are attempted to be solved by an ideology of relief: i.e.- psychology, medication. But there is no relief, only illusions.

Is extremist political thought a form of "this-worldly" escapism? On the other hand, what about extreme pacifism and obedience to authority? Are these escapes from seeking being? Are we forgetting about the distinction between nature and techne? The Greeks made a distinction between nature and techne. Is man becoming more alienated as he embraces more technology and forgets that he is a part of nature? This alienation brings symptoms of depression, anxiety and mental illness.

Inevitable symptoms: over-reliance on the media for an image of the self and its goals, overeating, drug and alcohol abuse, abundant pleasure seeking, mindlessness, living vicariously through others, willingness to be led by technology and have decisions made for the self, over-reliance on authority, seeing politicians as demigods or institutions as saviors, political utopianism, "this worldly salvation," (collectivism, socialism, communism, fascism, corporate centralization or vulgar capitalism,) hyper consumerism and materialism, over-reliance on public opinion for beliefs, using technology or the media to enforce public opinion, propagandize, provoke fear or anger, over-reliance on law and security with an under reliance on ethics and rights, (legal positivism,) the rise of a scientific technocratic dictatorship, exploitation of humans or animals with technology, technocratic sadism, a world run by a technocratic elite, pervasive mistrust and fear, (surveillance society,) the rise of a "faith" in a pseudo-religious secularism which is actually just a scientific dictatorship using technology and pharmaceuticals to "purify" the world into "normalcy", extreme double think, all the ism's.

Is there any worldly "salvation" from the anxiety of "being-our-selves?"

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Listen. Followers.

"Down on your knees you'll be left behind... this is the beginning.
Watch what you THINK THEY CAN READ YOUR MIND... this is the beginning."