Monday, September 24, 2018

Type With Your Thoughts- Facebook

See here for more about classified technology. See here for more about DARPA guinea pigs and here and here for more about nanotechnology.

This is the exact same technology that is being used right now by intelligence agencies. They are using synthetic telepathy. This is how intelligence agents communicate with each other and monitor their targets. This is also how they put thoughts into the brains of others without them knowing.

This sort of communication can be done between a group of people connected to a targeted individual and a computer, and also, from a computer to a human alone. For example, this could be done by a supercomputer that is monitoring the thoughts and the vital signs of individuals and can put thoughts into their head against their own will.

Yes, this is extremely creepy and all 100% real. It is worthwhile technology when it is done with someone's consent and it is a removable device or a headset, but, when it is connected to nanotechnology or a brain computer interface in someone's brain  and they don't know about it... it is an incredible violation of human rights. It not only violates privacy, but also, brain computer interfaces have the ability to control, influence and alter the behavior of people without them knowing it. (See herehere, here and here.) A target can also be infected with a virus without them knowing it.

This technology is not as new as they would have you think. These people have had an unbelievable level of control over the population for decades. Just like they have been microwaving people from over 500 miles away as far back as the 70's, Jose Delgado was using brain-computer interfaces as far back as the 60's to control bulls and people.  See here and here for two quick examples of brain computer interfaces.

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