Thursday, March 28, 2019

My Old Account Was Closed Down by Twitter --- But The New One Is Already Up!

See my last post on this topic here. My old account was closed down. They cut off all of my followers. See the new account here! The new name is exposezion. Just to remind you, I have also had three Facebook accounts closed down. Do you understand how insane this is? They are targeting political dissidents with classified technology in their homes! They have the brains and bodies of these people hooked up to computers and are monitoring them and experimenting on them. These people are evil sick psychopaths.

Classified Technology: Learn Intelligence Tactics:  Discredit Someone with Hi-Technology: 

Monday, March 25, 2019

Absolute Must Read: Microwave Weapons, Torture and Evil Stalking Snake Psychopaths

Update: I originally posted this in April of 2017. My situation has now become worse. I was sent to the hospital on the Jewish Passover March 22, 2018, (I'm sure the day was just a coincidence,) with severe pains in my stomach and a heart rate of 29. The Mission Hospital can validate this, I am telling the truth. Since then my health has just become worse. (By the way, did you know that the terrorist attack happened in England on the Jewish Passover (March 22,) in 2017? Did you know the terrorist attack happened in Belgium on the Jewish Passover (March 22) in 2016? Did you know the 322 of Skull and Bones symbol is also connected to the Passover? All coincidences right?  

Besides the people listed below, there are many organized stalking losers in the town of Mission, Maple Ridge and Abbotsford that are involved in this. The police (RCMP and Abbotsford police,) are completely complicit in covering this up. See here and here for proof of this. Canada has officially become a Banana Republic.

You Must Read All 37 Of The Tweets Below!
All of The People Listed Below Know
This is Happening

See here for more about classified technology, see here for more about intelligence tactics. See here for more about slandering and discrediting people with hi-technology video and picture editing. What do the people listed below all have in common?  They are being motivated by a Zionist agenda to do what they are doing... whether they know it or not.  So, either they are working with intelligence, they are working with organized crime somewhere, or they are involved with drugs, (see here for the CIA history and involvement with drugs,) or they are Zionists. 

This is how sad countries like the United States and Canada have become, it is absolutely sickening and pathetic. It is important to know that the intelligence agencies, from their very inception, have always been attached to Wall Street and the banks. They are the real ones who control the drug trade. (For more articles about intelligence agencies and their connections to drugs, see all the articles here, scroll down to read and view them all.) 

Intelligence agencies have always worked with organized crime. There have also been strong connections between Silicon Valley and intelligence agencies right from the beginning. These nutjobs rule our countries. Did you know that the FBI and the RCMP literally receive their intelligence from them? Some of the people below know each other. This is a good example. See here for more about vigilante groups that work with the Police and Neighbourhood Watch. There are many people who are involved in Wall Street who know others in intelligence, military intelligence, counterintelligence in law enforcement, Silicon Valley, organized crime, Hollywood, and academia. They all work together. See here for more about FBI InfraGard

This is the modern-day Stasi Octopus, at the top, it's run by the banks, organized crime, intelligence agencies and Silicon Valley, it then filters down into the community level. It involves everyone from informants for the police, drug dealers, drug addicts, neighborhood watch, businessmen and women, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, government employees, teachers, nurses, ambulance drivers, firemen, trades personnel, (for example; like pest control and anti-graffiti cleaning companies or property management,) cross-fit centers, Jiu-Jitsu and martial arts places, gyms, vitamin and supplement stores, law enforcement, private security and security guards, writers, doctors, lawyers, journalists, actors, sports figures, priests and religious leaders, addiction recovery groups, university professors, waiters and hotel personnel. This is exactly what it was like in East Germany. There isn't one group they didn't infiltrate. Now your society has become just as sad, our countries have turned into Stasi nightmares. 

1. James Altucher: a Zionist psychopath who poses as a "self-help author"


3. This behavior comes from the Talmud: … …

4. See here: We Must Not Forget That Some Of The Greatest Murderers Of Modern Times Were Jewish

5. See here: Talmudic Terror and Torture:

6. MUST READ- Mark & Steve Amery stalkers & spies who know of classified technology, torture & human experimentation: … …

7. Go to my Facebook page and scroll down to read more about Mark Amery, read the enumerated posts, number 1-12. … …

8. Nurse Who Thinks He's "Cute" By Putting Up A Goat Pic After I Put Up An Article About Human Sacrifice:

9. Counter Intelligence Phonies Who Know About Stasi Organized Stalking & Classified Technology And Keep Quiet About It:

10. Right now, you have a war going on, literally, it will potentially become a full-blown civil war....Zionists and their collaborators

11. against the population, I swear on my life this is true.  I am risking my life to tell people this

12. They are openly torturing people, and openly using bio-warfare on the population, the RCMP is a complete disgrace and does nothing. They are also using neuro-weapons and they know this

13. They are openly shooting people with microwaves and classified technology, I feel this all the time

14. I had pain down my arm and radiate to my chest and back like a stroke... for a couple weeks, they watch like snuff.
(See here for more about satellite terrorism.  See this old clip of a scientist looking out of a cat's eyes. What they have now is even more advanced. They are using brain-chips and nanotechnology.)

15. Chest pain, neck pain.... they are psychopaths. Why is the Zionist influenced media and our government covering up technology like this?

16. Microwave Warfare & Directed Energy Weapons - a List of Must See Links and a Video: … … … … … …

17. Also, look under my name Shane Hurren on my Twitter here: see classified technology, learn intelligence tactics, discredit someone with hi-technology

18. I am using my real name and I am the only one who is telling the truth about this, maybe in the whole world. This is the truth

19. This all connects to Israel--

20. Counter Intelligence 101 - The Sabotage Of Legitimate Dissent: … …

21. Look what Donald Trump had to say about Senator John Glenn & yet they won't talk about classified technology: … also former U.S. representative from Ohio and candidate for the president of the United States Dennis Kucinich's attempted ban of space-based weapons: THEY ARE REAL!

22. RCMP, CSIS, The CSE, And FBI- RCMP knows about microwave technology and they are allowing biowarfare in Canada:

23. FBI knows of and admits biowarfare, but, RCMP supposedly doesn't know...sure:… … #RCMPARELIARS

24. Counter Intelligence Against Political Dissidents:

25. Must read, this is how they deal with counter-intelligence targets: … …

26. A collection of MUST READ posts about brain chips - electromagnetic weapons and mind control: … … … … … … …

27. A list Of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs that need to be seen for what they really are --- liars:

28. Another Stalking Piece of Human Waste - Meet Jessica Brookman:

29. Two Stalking Phony Psychopathic Lowlifes From Hell- James Altucher & Joe Rogan:

30. Pathetic psycho newspaper nutjob and how she blocks me from commenting on their newspaper's Facebook:

31. Zoltan Istvan - another psychopathic Jewish transhumanist Loser:

32. Victor Niederhoffer and Fellow Zionists on His Website- Psychopathic Zionist Stalking Lunatics:

33. SMB Capital - Front for Jewish Organized Crime and Intelligence:

34. A Stalking Demon That Needs To Be Fed To a Lion In a Colosseum- Meet Tucker Max:

35. Dave Asprey- Another Piece of Crap Scumbag That is Aware of Classified Technology and Stalks People:

36. Occupy Wall Street: Lose Your Political Correctness: Zionists Who All Know About Classified Technology and Stalk People:

37. MUST SEE: More people who like to gang up on truth-tellers, SEE THE PICTURES of psychopaths in the town of Mission, British Columbia. These people need to be exposed for the scum they really are: Henry Tusi you know who you really are and what you are involved in, right? Henry is soon going to McGill university in Ontario, so watch out for him there.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Brain Implants Vulnerable To Hackers

Ethical Considerations of Brain Computer Interfaces - Nanotechnology: see here: … and here: … For more about classified and hi-technology see here and here.

New York Times- Microwave Weapons Are Prime Suspect in Ills of U.S. Embassy Workers

Whatever these people suffered, everyone has to know these weapons are 100% real and extremely deadly and evil. I have posted previously about classified and high technology here and here. See here and here for more about targeting political dissidents. See here for evidence of electronic warfare in military manuals, see here for more about it at Wikipedia.

It is rather interesting that the New York Times also talked about mind control and Dr. Delgado in an article way back in the 70's, see here for that.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Another Israeli Psychopath Who Blocks Me Because I'm Intolerant Of Their Intolerance (See Picture)

See her Wikipedia here. For some of her interesting comments see here. Here is a small sample: “May you be raped in your grave,” says the new darling of Israel’s ruling Likud party. Sounds like this charmer here who said Palestinian mothers give birth to “little snakes.”  I am used to being blocked, it is no different than the Canadian Military Intelligence Agency that blocks me. (See picture below.) For more of this classic Israeli and Jewish intolerance, see this soccer game in Israel

Imagine if we had people in the Canadian government saying this? Thankfully we don't --- they just kiss the asses of the people who believe such insanity. See here for more about Judaism.