Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Example of Using Synthetic Aperture Radar

The video below offers a good demonstration on using resonance frequencies to find and image objects. Most people only think of radios or TV's when they think about radio waves, but, it's important to remember that natural things give out radio waves as well. Most space-based radars use synthetic aperture radar. This is also similar to what they use here, (when you click through, scroll down to Radio Frequency Phased Array Technology) See also here and here for satellite terrorism

In May 25, 2007, the U.S. Director of National Intelligence Michael McConnell authorized the National Applications Office (NAO) of the Department of Homeland Security to allow local, state, and domestic Federal agencies to access imagery from military intelligence Reconnaissance satellites and Reconnaissance aircraft sensors which can now be used to observe the activities of U.S. citizens. The satellites and aircraft sensors will be able to detect chemical traces, and identify objects in buildings and "underground bunkers", and will provide real-time video at much higher resolutions than the still images produced by programs such as Google Earth. See here and here for more.

But that's not all, these people have access to technology that can find oil and mineral deposits underground with up to 99% accuracy. (See this ad from Shell as an example.) That includes diamonds, gold and silver! They can rape the planet and hoard all its resources. Who do you really think is behind most of this? The same people that are behind the banks. The financiers and the companies that sell the resources that are being pulled out of the ground. This is the real reason that Africa is being held down. This is what AFRICOM is truly about. 

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