Thursday, August 3, 2017

Organization Funded By Jewish Organized Crime & How They Train Law Enforcement

Watch the Videos Below!

See here and here for how the police train in Israel. See here for the Canada-Israel “Public Security” agreement ---- Ottawa & Tel Aviv collaborate in counter-terrorism & Homeland security. See here for the connections between Zionism and Homeland Security.  See here and here for more about the history of the ADL and how they were literally funded by Jewish organized crime.

Also, keep in mind how much Jews have historically been involved with terrorism. See here and here for the Zionist links to the September 11th, 2001 attacks. See here for more about which group of people are more likely to be terrorists. See here for how the RCMP targets Muslim extremists but gives Zionist terrorists a free pass. See here for Zionist terrorists and Jewish psychopaths that have to be dealt with.

But that's not all --- see here, herehere, here and here to learn what some Zionists do to their domestic host population that know too much or that protest against them or criticize them.  See here to learn more about the phony vigilante justice movement of the Guardian Angels which is linked to Zionism. See here for the absolute insane remarks from one of the former terrorist Prime Ministers of Israel.

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