Thursday, September 13, 2018

Want To Go Watch Soccer In Israel? Don't Forget To Become an Ethnocentric & Racist Psycho

Watch The Video Below!

Doesn't this sound like this or this? Or like this? Or like this? Or like this or this? Or this? Or this? I could put up hundreds of videos from this hypocritical "Jewish" state.

Don't forget Canada supports this crap. No other country could get a way with such behavior, only Israel. As for tolerance for Christians in Israel, most people do not know about activities like this, thisthis and this. In the video below they mention how there is no problem with the Christians, only Muslims. They are just saying this to get gullible Christians Zionists to support their insanity in the Middle East. Did you know that Israel acknowledges Sharia Law? Did you know that there has never been Jewish pogroms in Muslim countries, only Christian ones?

These gullible Christian fools are supporting the persecution of their fellow Christians. This is literally happening in Syria right now! Syria has one of the largest Christian populations in the Middle East and it was also one of the most secular countries. Now, just like Iraq,  it has become a nightmare. (See also here for more about Iraq, be sure to scroll down and read all articles.) Israel and the United States are two reasons for this.  (See here for more about this, be sure to scroll down and go through all articles.) Israel and the United States support radical Islam and use these people as "freedom fighters" to do their dirty work. That is why the United States and Israel are allies with Saudi Arabia.

Oh, just in case some of you don't know, that is the Prime Minister of Israel supporting the club in the video below! Also, the clips of Avigdor Lieberman are interesting. He is already crazy, but, he is not CRAZY enough for the Jews in the crowd!

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