Wednesday, January 11, 2017

DARPA Brain Initiative Projects

See here for more about Obama's brain initiative. Just so you know, DARPA was actually involved in the beginning of the creation of the internet. The ARPANET was the progenitor to the internet. Interesting enough, the other company that was involved right from the beginning was Raytheon

Besides being an excellent tool for sharing information and accumulating vast amounts of knowledge, the internet is a perfect vehicle for acquiring massive amounts of data for surveillance. This is called data-mining. (See herehere and here for more about data-mining and artificial intelligence.) See this excellent documentary that also talks about the problems of technology and the Unabomber. 

See here to learn about the DARPA artificial intelligence control grid. See here for DARPA brain implants and human guinea pigs. See here for an article about military secret brain chipping of soldiers program exposed. See here for more about DARPA smart dust.  

Go Here To See The List Of DARPA
 Brain Initiative Projects 

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