Thursday, July 2, 2020

New Facebook and Twitter Accounts Are Up!

Go here for my new Facebook! Go here for my new Twitter account!

Important: if you visit this blog on your smart phone, go to the bottom of the blog (on your smart phone) and change the view to web version. You will see a whole bunch of my posts on the side of the blog that you could not see before.

I have now had four Twitter accounts taken down. We will see how long this one lasts. They are trying to tie every account in Facebook and Twitter to a phone number and they have blocked many free online phone numbers, this really sucks. This way they can connect you to a real phone number. If you get kicked off with your phone number you can't register with the same phone. This is how they keep a lid on free speech plus know who you are and where you are. It is all a part of their plan.

Go here for my new Facebook! We will see how long the Facebook account lasts, as I have said before, I have had three Facebook accounts taken down. Facebook doesn't seem to care too much about the information that I put up on my Facebook wall, but, if I start driving a lot of traffic to it, then they take it down! Every time the Facebook accounts were taken down it was after I started posting in the community groups in the area I live. This started to bring people back to my Facebook wall and my blog. They don't want the community knowing the truth! They are using community watch for organized stalking. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Lisa Podesta the Head of the Maple Ridge News- Look What She Has The Nerve To Put On The Top Of Her Facebook Account!

See Picture Below!

This was originally put up around July 1 2019. Disgraceful. See picture below. Free to Speak Without Fear? Free to Stand For What I Think is Right? You are pathetic. You hate these ideas and you know exactly what is going on in Canada. Of course, she knows Mark Amery and she has an article in her newspaper when Mark got on the Dragon's Den. See what I was saying here (scroll to the very bottom of the page to see the picture,) way before he was on the Dragon's Den. Complete lying scum of the earth. Could you people get any lower?

See past articles about this psychopath here. This is how insane these people really are. Talk about hubris and entitlement. This piece of trash runs a newspaper and knows exactly what is happening in Canada with people like me. She also knows what Bill C-51 is. Bill C-51 effectively allows the intelligence agencies and the police to do anything they want to the Canadian population. How can anyone believe that this will not be abused? This means radiating selected people with microwaves, spying on them in their homes and hooking their brains up to computers. I am not lying, this is the truth. Soon everyone will see how screwed up these people really are. They are entitled lying psychopaths. See here for how the RCMP is turning its resources towards "terrorists" and away from organized crime. See here for how the RCMP targets Muslim extremists, but gives Zionist terrorists free pass. See here for how Canada is clamping down on freedom of speech about Israel.

Whatever you think, one point is perfectly clear, these people are lying. This one article from academics shows this technology exists. See here for a full list of classified technology. See here for former U.S. Representative from Ohio and candidate for the President of the United States Dennis Kucinich's attempted ban of space-based weapons. See here for Dr. John Hall speaking about the problems of this technology. See here for microwave weaponry explained. See here for a list of microwave weaponry links. See here for documented proof of radio frequency testing, torture and experimentation on some of the population of Eugene, Oregon from 500 miles away. This was back in the 1970's! See here for how United States Intelligence used sound-waves to produce concussions in people, this was as far back as the 1950's!

Now, is Lisa Podesta insane, or she a liar? That is for you to judge. All I know is she has the power to print the truth in a newspaper, so why doesn't she? See here for what Thomas Jefferson says about freedom of the press and its importance to the health of your country.

Masta.... What Should I Do Now Boss?

Look at the symbols below! See here for more about the scumbag RCMP. They know exactly what is going on in this country. They are covering it up with our politicians. They are killing people will electromagnetic weapons and classified technology. This is an absolute disgrace to everyone who pays their taxes, who the HELL do these pieces of crap think they are? THEY WORK FOR US! 

Correctional Officers in Canada
Canada's prison ombudsman calls COVID isolation 'extremely ...

Image result for flag of israel

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Gorilla Properties Doing "Property Maintenance" Outside of My Place On Same Day I'm In a Massive Car Accident

Owner of Gorilla Properties (Lying Evil Scum)
See Pictures Below With Evidence!
His Company is Associated With
Public Safety Canada. This is the
Homeland Security of Canada

See here for more about Gorilla Properties. This is how insane these psychopaths are. They have people all around where I live, from the psycho living next door to me WHO CONSTANTLY BANGS ON MY WALL, to the property manager that had this Gorilla dirtbag come to my townhouse complex and do "work" right where I live.

Literally on top of my roof and across the street. See the pictures below.  I was in a car accident and the car was totaled.  The accident happened January 10, 2019, the picture below was taken January 11 of 2019. You can see the front of my car that was in the accident the day before this picture was taken. (Top picture below.) Also, see the the towing truck receipt below where it says the date of the accident, the kind of car it was, (Honda) and the colour of the car, (Silver.)

What a coincidence, the same day I get in an accident  the Gorilla truck shows up to do work. I have been living here for over a year and this is the only time I have ever seen his truck. It gets even better. The morning I had the accident an ambulance shows up at my house and knocks on the door (wakes me up,) and asked me if I called for an ambulance. This has never happened in my whole life, but, it happens the same morning BEFORE the accident happened! But wait there is more... when I got into the accident a fire truck and a ambulance drove by TWICE AND NEVER STOPPED. I WAS BLEEDING ALL OVER THE ROAD AND NO ONE STOPPED. The car was completely totaled.  Believe me, they planned this accident --- this is how sick these people are. They are psychopaths.

These people watch every thing I think, say and do. Plus, they shoot me with microwaves. I now know they literally set this place up for me when I moved here, just like when I lived in Vancouver. The psychopath Mark Amery has been following me around for over a decade easily. The RCMP has community watch all around my place and in the neighborhood I live. (Mission B.C.) When I tried to go into the Facebook community groups for Mission and Maple Ridge, Facebook banned me. (See here, here and here for more about Facebook. See here for Facebook blocking me, I did open another account but they blocked that too.) Why? Because they do not want people to know the truth. This is exactly why I was banned from Facebook. The RCMP community watch works with the US intelligence agencies and Silicon Valley. Just look at the censorship with the RCMP here and here.

Look Under the RCMP Link On My Blog- The Vancouver Police Are Literally the Scum of the Earth. They Are Corrupt Pieces of Shit. They Are on All Our Necks, Believe ME.

See here for the RCMP. See here for more about classified technology, see here for more about intelligence tactics. See here for more about slandering and discrediting people with hi-technology video and picture editing. They know classified technology exists that is being covered up from the people who pay their salary. See here for more about Zersetzung. 

People are really waking up to police corruption, and it is about time. But it is not nearly enough. It is the time of Revelation. They do nothing but collect our money and lie their asses off. They are complicit criminals in a massive cover-up of targeting their fellow Canadian citizens with classified electromagnetic weapons. THEY KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME AND OF COURSE THEY ARE A PART OF THE PROBLEM. What they are covering up is pure evil. But, they are cowards that grovel at the feet of criminals. They are all a part of a brotherhood who cover up the truth from you. They are absolute slime, if you knew the truth about these losers you would want them hung tomorrow. They are on all our necks. This is not a racial thing, the police are absolute trash that work for organized crime. They protect and work for the slave masters, soon you will all see this. 

Sunday, June 14, 2020

More People Who Like To Gang Up On Truth-Tellers

Must See Pictures Below, Remember 
These People. They Are Traitors To Canada! They Are Evil Organized Stalking Psychopaths, They All Know This is Happening To Me

The scumbags below are all working with psychos like thisthisthis and this. They are working with community watch and the RCMP. See here and here for RCMP censorship, see hereherehereherehere and here for more about targeting political dissidents. See here for more about the Anti-Defamation League that works with the RCMP, (be sure to scroll down and go through all of the articles.)

See here for a neighborhood watch Stasi book. See here for slavery by satellite and here for satellite and microwave torture with Dr. John Hall. See here for a Canadian intelligence agency "recruiting" video featuring stalking and surveillance. 

This stalking, surveillance and torture comes down from intelligence agencies in the United States and Canada. See here and here for the connections between Zionism and Homeland Security, see here for a lecture from a former employee from Homeland Security talking about some of the tactics used by the Stasi, See here for vigilante justice "Zionist" style.

See here for more about classified technology, see here for a list of links about microwave weapons, learn more about intelligence tactics here, see here for discrediting people with hi-technology.

All of the people below live in Mission, British Columbia. They are all stupid enough to be involved in organized stalking and to have Facebook accounts.

1. Henry Tusi - this piece of crap is going to McGill or York University so look for him there. 

2. Cameron Snow - 

3. Cole Matt - 

4. Giovanni Novak and Facebook 2 and Twitter account and ASKFM account- Address- 7943 Grand st, Mission, B.C.  

5.  Colby Noa- Address- #20- 32705 Fraser Crescent, Mission B.C.  

6. Liam Noa and here and hereAddress- #20- 32705 Fraser Crescent, Mission B.C.