Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Larry David On Harvey Weinstein, Jews & Hollywood Rape Culture

By the way... Larry David is Jewish. If you don't know who Larry David is, see here.  For more about rape and its potential connection to parts of Judaism, see herehere, herehere and here.  Also, see here, here and here for more about pedophilia and the Talmud. It is up to you to decide if these are related, my guess is they probably are. The other obvious problem you have here is just people in positions of power, influence, and authority abusing others, this is exactly what I am saying here and here.

Must See: Jews And The Other

The video below is interesting and must be watched. See here for the little-known connections between the Talmud, Judaism, and racism against Blacks. Also, be sure to watch this short excellent video from an honest Israeli talking about Judaism and Israel.  

See here for Jews selling Blacks. The historical fact is less than 4% of non-Jewish whites in the South of the United States owned slaves. Less than 2% of the whites in all of pre-civil war America, while 40% of Jewish households owned slaves.  Notice how guilt is only ascribed to "white people" - while Jews were 2000% more likely to own slaves than Gentile whites. Why are black and white Americans not allowed to know who the primary slave traders were? 

It is also worth noting, just as the video below mentions... that Judaism has a history of slavery but also, usury--- which is essentially another way of enslaving people.
Besides this, Transhumanism is arguably a covert form of slavery and certainly has connections with eugenics. 

(Be sure to scroll down and see all the articles in the Transhumanism section of the blog.) For more about the connections between Judaism and Transhumanism, see here and here. See here also for the connections between Judaism and eugenics. (Make sure you click on all the links there.) See here for many more informative videos and articles. 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Yelp Blocking and Closing Accounts (More Censorship)


See here for more about Yelp and Silicon Valley companies. See here for the Jewish hand behind the internet. The reviews I put up on Yelp that were taken down were of  Gorilla Properties, Onsite Pest Control, Steve Nash Fitness and Marv Jones Honda. Ask yourself something... why would the company known as Yelp which is based in San Francisco, California, USA, give the slightest crap about reviews of companies in the Lower Mainland of Canada? (The surrounding area of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.) Do you know how many negative reviews are up on Yelp? So, why are they doing this? Why are they taking these reviews down within a few hours? (For past comments about Gorilla Properties and Onsite Pest Control go here. For past posts on Steve Nash Fitness go here.)

It's because these people are all working together in some way or another. They are all involved with intelligence agencies and organized crime. Almost all of the people involved with doing this are Zionists. Meaning supporters of Israel. Most of them are Jews or crypto-Jews, (see here for Sayanim,) but there are also tons of Gentile lackeys. Most people do not know that the FBI and the RCMP are also connected to Freemasonry. Do you see the checkered symbols on these U.K. police officers hats? They too are under the thumb of Freemasonry.  J. Edgar Hoover was a Freemason and ran the FBI for years, do you really think it's any different now? Of course it isn't! It's even worse!

Don't believe me? It's literally on the flag of Israel. The connections to organized stalking, Freemasonry, Jews, and the state of Israel. This is what Homeland Security is all about. In fact, it is so ridiculous they are literally cutting the funds off to folks who had their houses destroyed in the recent tragedies in the south of the United States if they are found out to be potential boycotters of Israel! Can you believe this? Speaking of boycotts, check out what a bunch of psycho Jews were saying about Stephen Hawking after he decided to boycott Israel. Also, see here for perfect examples of absolute ignorance and crazed supremacismThis is what these nutjobs are doing to critics of Israel. 

See here for the Zionist takeover of Canada. See here for the origins of Homeland Security. See here for the strong connections between Israel, Canada, and the United States. See here for the Canada-Israel “Public Security” Agreement for Counter-Terrorism & Homeland security. See these comments from an activist about the strong connections between Canada and Israel with regards to weaponization. See here for how the Canadian government is cracking down on criticism of Israel. See here for how an organization that was started by Jewish organized crime called the ADL trains the police. See here for a video of the head of Homeland Security at the ADL "Leadership" Conference, see here and here for how Jewish groups get most of the Homeland Security grants, see here for how safeguarding the Jewish community is a top priority for Homeland Security. See here for militant Zionism and organized stalking, 

See here for more about how fighting "GLOBAL anti-Semitism" is a part of American foreign policy. Yes, you heard that right, the most powerful country in the world is using the taxpayer's money to fight off those they deem "antisemitic." Even in other countries! When considering the word "anti-Semitic," you should keep this in mind, and that many people in the middle east are Semitic, including the PalestiniansSee here for truth seekers and "conspiracy theorists" seen as potential terrorists. See here for Israel campaigns against global free speech. 

Saturday, November 11, 2017

FBI Infragard and Private Outsourced Intelligence Agents

See The True Nature Of The United States
And How Deep The Corruption Really Is!
Watch The Videos Below!

Besides the article below, see here for the strong connections between the United States, Canada, and Israel for Homeland Security. See here for more about Homeland Security.

The first three videos below contain an interview with a former FBI agent. The next three videos contain information about InfraGard. Here is the InfraGard website. Here is a list of SOME of the businesses the InfraGard program works with!

Isn't it interesting that Raytheon is one of them! See here for a previous post about BBN Technologies and Raytheon. YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST GO THROUGH THAT WHOLE LIST so you can see for yourself how many military contractors, banks, financial organizations, and technology companies are involved with this program. Google, Oracle, Facebook, and Microsoft are also listed! Same with Black Rock and other major financial institutions! For instance, Bank of America which has been involved with money laundering and drugs! Speaking of psychopathic lowlifes working with the FBI, here is James Altucher interviewing a former FBI agent on his podcast. (See here about James Altucher.)

We already know that the FBI works with criminals and informants, and their involvement in counter intelligence with groups like the Black Panthers, Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcolm X. (See herehere, and here for more about Counter-Intelligence and the FBI. Also, see here for a PBS documentary on the topic. See here and here for an example of phony individuals in the alternative media who are really counter intelligence agents. See here for a list of potential "terrorist" categories they are looking for when it comes to politics.)

BUT... now we see this. Potentially corrupt corporate business leaders working with the FBI. Watch the videos below. This is somewhat similar to what I know about organized crime and private organizations obtaining contracts from the CIA.

Yes, the InfraGard system is in place and some of the whack jobs who are a part of it are on Wall Street, the most criminal corporations on earth. The reality is... if the SEC or the FBI was actually doing their job Wall Street would be closed down for a couple months just to clear out all the stealing, thieving and fraud. But don't worry everyone, some of them are helping the FBI deal with the criminals in your country!

Make sure you watch the very last video. In the last video at the bottom, they talk about outsourcing intelligence, to learn more about this, see hereherehere and here. For more about front businesses and intelligence agents, see here. See here for more about classified technology that is not covered in any of the videos below. See here for more about the stalking and slandering techniques they use. See here for more about biological warfare and synthetic biology and how even the FBI is aware of it.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Who Controls The U.S. Government?

Facebook Blocking My Account

We already no Mark Zuckerberg is one of the worlds largest weasels. But he is also an evil psychopath. For more about this, see here and here

Video I Sent To Facebook
 Hoping They Would Help Me
Part 1 of Facebook Torment
Part 2 of Facebook Torment

Part 3 of Facebook Torment