Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Another Lowlife Stalking Piece of Trash- Meet Jessica Brookman

Here is her website. See her Twitter accounts here and here

Here is her LinkedIn account. She has access to my brain with this classified technology. She is working with intelligence like James Altucher the scumbag. See here for a complete list of scum doing this. They all know it's true, they are pure evil sociopaths. 

Here's the techniques they engage in, also see here for more Stasi methods. See here and here for gaslighting techniques. See here and here for "parroting." These people are evil, there is just no other way to put it. 

Is This Crazy Enough For You?

How many of you truly understand what Zionism and Judaism are about? See here for more about the so-called Jews. It is similar to these quotes from Ariel Sharon. What other country has ever had a leader spew such insanity? Do you know who Ariel Sharon was? The Prime Minister of Israel. Why is there no criticism from our "Liberals" in Canada? Imagine if the Canadian Prime Minister said this! Why do we support these people?

The only reason this is happening is because WE allow it to happen. The people of Canada and the United States have no courage. We allow these psychopaths to walk all over us, and even worse, we are financing some of their insanity. Our intelligence agencies are supporting this trash, so is our state sponsored CBC media. Do none of you people care?

Now with English subtitles: At an Israeli government conference on education this week, genocide was celebrated from the podium, to great applause: “Build a house, it’s like you wiped out a hundred Arabs. Build a settlement, it’s like you wiped out tens of thousands of non-Jews. That's the truth.”

The Movie ANON an example of Technology I Am Talking About - Piece of Crap Zuckerberg Knows About This Technology

Must See Video Clips Below!

See below for a preview from the movie ANON. The movie ANON has technology in it that is 100% real and is being used right now by intelligence agencies! What they have right now is the equivalence of the movie Gamer and Surrogates. It is all being covered up from you. Just as a thought experiment, you already know that Google earth can see into your backyard or see your house, that technology is absolutely ancient and was sold to Google by the CIA. Now they are watching out your eyes, (see this old clip of a scientist looking out of a cat's eyes, what they have now is much more advanced. They can see CLEARLY OUT YOUR EYES NOW.They have access to your thoughts and your vital statistics and they are watching your family.  

Imagine being able to "dial" into a person and listen or see their thoughts read out, not so hard to believe once you realize that everyone can easily be tied to something similar to a phone number or an I.P. address.This is also what they talk about in the movie Gamer(See here for more about classified technology. See here and here for more about microwave weaponry.) 

Right now there are mini nanotechnology cameras floating around everywhere. (See here for a quick introduction.)  Who has access to this technology? Zionist spies. I'm sorry it is just the truth. There are a bunch of people acting like our friends who are actually spies and know all of this is happening. They are all over our society. They have access to our brains and our houses. They could be watching you, your family or your kids. EVEN WORSE, IT COULD BE A FAMILY MEMBER OR YOUR SPOUSE! I am totally serious about this, this is exactly what is happening right now. See here for more about organized stalking techniques. They will not tell you the truth because they are compulsive lying weasels. They are trained to lie. Do not trust anyone. Even your spouses and so-called best friendsYES, IT IS CREEPY AS HELL. It is absolutely amazing that our governments and the media are covering this up from the population and guess what? WE PAY FOR IT! This is what our tax dollars go to in the intelligence agencies.

Right now they can record your whole life. They also have the ability to manipulate you with microwaves and synthetic telepathy. This manipulation can be done by a computer to human connection, or multiple humans connected to another human when they are all connected to a computer. See hereherehere and here for more about connecting brains: merging two brains to become one --- or the ethical implications of when "I" becomes "We."  What can you do when you change the EEG of another person? Effectively, two brains become one. 
See this video with Jose Delgado controlling a bull with a brain-computer-interface in the 60's. See this video from CNN from the 80's about mind control. 

Light can be measured, (photons,) minds can be read, thoughts can be sent. If you can think a thought, you can send it. Just like writing an email with your mind. Zuckerberg is saying it here, he's just not telling you the whole story. Also see here for another article with Mark Zuckerberg referring to synthetic telepathy. See here for a video from Facebook about typing with your thoughts. See here for a Cisco ad that talks about this technology. See here for more about synthetic biology, programming and computation.  See here for more about DARPA guinea pigs and brain-computer interfaces. See here for more about wires in the brain. 

See herehere and here for more about using contact lenses and glasses along with nanotechnology. 

(See here, where the physicist Dr. John Morgan says 2 minutes and 10 seconds into the video, that all natural things emit radio waves. Watch this video with Michael Persinger where he talks about how light and photons can be measured. Also, take notice in this video when the physicist mentions that the brain "radiates" radio.)

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Larry David On Harvey Weinstein, Jews & Hollywood Rape Culture

By the way... Larry David is Jewish. If you don't know who Larry David is, see here.  For more about rape and its potential connection to parts of Judaism, see herehere, herehere and here.  Also, see here, here and here for more about pedophilia and the Talmud. It is up to you to decide if these are related, my guess is they probably are. The other obvious problem you have here is just people in positions of power, influence, and authority abusing others, this is exactly what I am saying here and here.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Learn More About Psychopaths- Must See

Your world is being run by people like this. See here for past posts about psychopaths. (Be sure to scroll down and go through all of the articles.) See these videos about Jewish psychopathology that were created by a Jewish lady. See here for more about organized stalking techniques, see here for more about classified technology.

Monday, January 1, 2018