Monday, March 18, 2013

I've Told Smith a Thousand Times... (Sell Your Soul to Win)

Okay... maybe not that many.

But a lot.

That damn Smith just doesn't listen to me. I tell him over and over:

"Get on the inside... the inside Smith... that's where ALL the action is --- only then can you be the GO-TO-GUY."

But he still doesn't listen. 

I tell him: "Nature needs an inside and an outside... didn't I teach you anything? You're on the outside.... how are you going to be successful out there?"

Yet, he still doesn't listen to me.

But now, I've made myself a promise... next time I'll grab him by the scruff of his collar and holler into his ear.

I'll break his ear into a million pieces if I have to. "Just imagine what you could do on the inside Smith. With eyes that could see... and ears that could hear.... everywhere!" 

"Right now your weakness is your very own self. You've halted your journey half-way up the steps--- and now you just rest there all heavy like an old bag of dirty, smelly laundry. You don't want to climb no more. That's fine. But just know that to climb really high, the kind that receives a glowing adulation from not only the sky, but every eye --- the inside is where you have to be."

"Yes, of course, there's sacrifice. Maybe even a price to pay. Why would you think otherwise? You always talked about how you wanted to throw that dead rotting self on the ground anyway."

"I say do it, and stomp on it like it's on fire. Burning, melting...because it just might be. Everything dies Smith."

"You do every day, so just speed it up. It's kind of like trading in a car. I mean, giving up your soul for all those worshiping and adoring eyes --- yes, yes... in the end I guess it is for the recognition of others. Think of it that way, no more, no less. So why not just do it anyway? Are you willing to pay that price?"

You see, Smith just doesn't get it.

"But rest be sure... I did leave him a little book with a pyramid on the cover. I'm counting on him opening it at the hour his eyes become slightly heavy. Why you ask? Well, I have often found this to be the exact moment one retires into the comfort of the bed.

And guess what? 

I've often found this to be an amazing time for a book to work its magic. It's almost like there is a bit more forgiveness for the unforgivable at that time.

Do I think it's something about the night?

Most certainly. 

There's something seductive about the way the moon shines. It's so much different than the sun. The sun blinds you when you look at it, while the moon puts you in a trance. Didn't you know? This is why women are always associated with the moon, they both have a way of bringing about a lack of judgment." 

Ahhh, Smith. Maybe after you read my book you'll see what I mean. Why do you want to make your life so hard? Why be an outsider?"

Foolish, foolish Smith.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Another Secret of the Trading Industry...

Aaaaaa.... the free market. Nothing quite like it. As some like to say, it's full of the Franklinian spirit.

Now, before you become hypnotically induced by the usual propaganda that's presented to you, there's something you should know.

Here one secret. It's a special handbook that should be bundled with the three books listed below.

It's another way to help yourself Trade Like a Hedge Fund Manager.... or to help with your Practical Speculations. It's a way to get yourself more than One Good Trade.... better yet, it will give you access to a few good brains.

Just to add to this, one of the blogs had a post referring to the sudden death of Andrew Breitbart. A hinted threat directed at me? I'm sure I'm just crazy. I'm just a crazy conspiracy theorist.... don't listen to me.

Once again, another sign of the bullshit world we live in. This is not limited to the financial industry.

What does all this mean? There is no free market.... and anyone who talks about it in the media or anywhere else is lying to you.

All the T.V. pundits, magazine writers, newspaper journalists and radio talk show hosts are in complete silence about the ideas I'm writing about on this blog. I wonder why.

What does this tell you about your government? The one that sends all the soldiers to "fight for your freedom" in other countries. Who runs your country? Who runs your government? Do you really have free elections? Who knows. But it's worth asking.

Imagine if you could see and listen inside someone's house, look inside their body, know what they are thinking...know if they have a fever!

But wait, there's more! (As they say in the infomercials--- where there's more truth than the news media.) 

It gets even worse! But we'll cover that in another post. For now, here are two links to get you started:

1. Mind Control and Mind Reading Technology - Is Edward Snowden a Fake?
2. Mind Control and Augmented Cognition: Hooked Up to a Supercomputer with Artificial Intelligence at the NSA and CIA

This knowledge is essential to anyone wanting to understand the new technologies and capabilities emerging.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Zionism Like Racism --- Has To Go...

Watch The Video Below!

The headline I used for this article is a line from the video below.

It's all about fear --- make people scared. Fear is the new secular god of the state. And this is what they do to the Israeli people.

One great line from the video below:  "People in Israel are basically scared. I mean what do people know, people know what they read, what they hear in the paper..."

And another:

"They want to bring back this tension of 1967 where people are actually afraid. Israeli's in 1967 were scared to death. People were actually afraid there would be another holocaust."

Just like they do to the Americans. How else can you continue to justify the ridiculous spending on the military industrial complex? Don't think it isn't being used to enslave you.  All that money, where is it going?

Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one ---  Benjamin Franklin

Watch the terrific video below of a man with true courage, unlike the majority of people who throw around a bunch of words devoid of any meaning. And just remember who is talking in the video... he has a bit of credibility. Anyone watch the other videos I posted?

You know, there are really three kinds of people on this issue...

1. Those who speak the truth
2. Those who use ad hominem attacks or throw around words that lack meaning
3. Those who don't have the balls to say anything

Which one are you? Are you the righteous religious man or the humanitarian secularist who shuts his mouth? Either way you're a joke. I wonder where Hollywood is for this one? Oh, it wouldn't matter anyway... seeing that no one received anything in Haiti. Good work boys, at least you looked good while "caring" on TV.

You make good money.... that's all that matters. You're a star.

I guess that's when acting can come in handy.... when "caring." It's a good thing that Canada and the United States support this too. Canada, the multicultural country that supports ethnocentric psychopathology in another country.  Harper said not long ago, that "Canada will always stand by Israel."

Below the video you'll some great lines from the talk... READ THEM.

Here are some great lines from this video:

  • Zionism like Racism...has to go

  • And then you have the Israeli army which I like to refer to... as one of the most, best trained, best equipped, best fed,  terrorist organizations in the world. And yes... they have generals and nice uniforms... but their entire purpose is terrorism

  • And just as one example...I'll give you one example... almost exactly four years ago, as Israel began its attack on Gaza, Sept. 27, 2008 at 11:25 in the morning. What I refer to as the most shameful day in the Jewish history. The most shameful day in the history of the Jewish people

  • Israel began carpet bombing Gaza. And on the first day... what was to be a 21 day attack, they dropped 100 tons of bombs. Okay, a 1 ton bomb will destroy 1 city block. Gaza is one of the most densely populated places in the world, 800 000 children live in Gaza. 11:25 in the morning is exactly when the morning school shift and the afternoon school shift change --- so all the kids are on the streets... all the children are on the streets. That was the moment by the decision makers in Israel to begin the attack. This was the 1st day, of a 21 day slaughter, that had absolutely no justification.... if that's not terrorism, I don't know what is. And this is how the state of Israel manages to control the different populations. And somehow still keep up this very sweet liberal kind of face to everything

  • The whole Iran issue... in my opinion anyway, is a smoke screen. It was designed very cleverly, and it's used very cleverly by Netanyahu and his government to shift everybody's attention from Palestine to some other fictional threat. And it's been very successful, I mean at the United Nation general assembly nobody talks about Palestine. Everything was about Iran. Iran...Iran.  The threat of Iran. Attack Iran, bomb Iran, don't bomb Iran

  •  This anti-semetic thing... you can say this, because you are you, but when we say it they call us anti-semetic. And my reply to that is... fine. I mean they call me a self-hating Jew. I just got something that said I was a self-hating Jew or that I hate Jews or something. Fine I'll take that. Now, let's talk about something else, can you explain to me why Palestinian children get no water? Can you explain to me how you justify dropping 100 tons of bombs on children? Can you explain to me throwing people out of their homes and making them homeless? Can you explain to me, yanking kids out of their beds at 2 o'clock in the morning, throwing them in prison and torturing them? Can you explain all of this to me? Perhaps I'm anti-semetic. Now you explain all of this to me. What does that make you? AND THIS HAS TO BE THE CONVERSATION. Calling people anti-semetic is a very weak weapon, it's a very weak tool. IT'S ALL THEY GOT.  But when you actually look at it... IT'S COMPLETELY MEANINGLESS... because they do not have an answer for all those other questions, and that has to be the issue. They're the ones to have to explain. Not you. Not us. You have nothing to explain, these are legitimate questions. You supported, you danced, when Israel was dropping hundreds of tons of bombs on 800 000 children that were locked up in Gaza and had no where to go. YOU SUPPORTED THIS. I'm anti-semetic, what does that make you? You support a country that deliberately prevents children from access to water. Not to mention food, medicine and education... and a home and freedom. You support that, what does that make you? How can you support this? This has to be the conversation.


Saturday, March 9, 2013

"He's Just a Crazy Conspiracy Theorist... Don't Listen to Him!"

That's the usual thing you will hear. The famous Ad Hominem. "He's just some sort of crazy conspiracy theorist. Don't listen to him."

Let me tell you something.... the real conspiracy is that you have freedom. You do not have freedom in the sense that you have been taught to believe. That means you are a slave, it is just completely covered up from you. The whole system is set against you. The game is rigged... and it all begins with the financial industry and the banking system.

That doesn't mean you cannot "get ahead" in the world. You can. But just know you have to jump through a bunch of hoops... and if you are starting at the low end of the totem pole, be prepared to work 100% harder and or smarter than everyone else.

The sad thing is, the hard work that is required to climb up the totem pole in life often ends up blinding people. To "succeed" in life, in what the world likes to tell you success is...MONEY AND FAME... you have to work like a dog. This hard work requires specialization and a narrow sense of focus that will almost automatically make you blind. Along with having relationships and a family, you probably won't have time to see the things I am talking about, and they know this.

It's created in an ingenious way. Most of what you read, watch or hear will not give you the truth. But they do leave hints for people to see. Most of these hints are in Hollywood movies but they're also in books.

As for the mainstream media, the big question is... can it be trusted as a reliable news source? Most of the time the answer is no. That doesn't mean that everything they report is a lie, you just have to ask yourself... "Why are they reporting what they are? How are they featuring it? What angle or spin are they giving it?" Just remember, the appearance of truth is more dangerous to you than lies.

Below is a good video about Operation Mockingbird

The James Bond movies themselves are propaganda. They are just more ridiculous stuff to not only recruit people into how "cool" it is to be a "special agent," but also, to keep you from knowing the truth. Most of intelligence is propaganda, pr, media, news, journalism, movies and very high-tech surveillance.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Just Remember the Ad Hominem Video...

I put that in the title of this article because I want readers of this blog to remember... the stuff you are going to read on this blog, you will not find anywhere else.

Most of the media that you get is controlled. When you see some of the stuff that I begin talking about you will soon see how it is different than most of the information you read. I would honestly say that as much as 90% of alternative media is controlled, and 100% of the mainstream. If it is popular, it is completely controlled. I can almost guarantee it.

Just remember that in George Orwell's 1984, Oceania had a massive amount of media. It was done to pretty much cause media overload...and it was all controlled. This is the world you live in. It is almost all fake. They will give you most of the truth in the alternative media, but... they will leave out the 10% that makes a huge difference. It's the part that makes you see the big picture better.

Now, if you've seen or read anything about me already... think or believe whatever you want. However,  I would appreciate if you withhold your judgment until you read everything I say on this blog. Remember the ad hominem video I posted earlier.  In the end it is the message that counts... not the messenger.

I want to point a couple things out to you...

1. There may be a reason why someone is trying to discredit or shut me up

2. Your governments, the military and the intelligence agencies specifically, have technology that can influence human behavior in ways most people wouldn't even imagine until someone points it out to them

As for me... I have been threatened on at least three occasions I can remember, I have had someone threaten to kill my mom's dog when I was staying at her house, (incidentally the dog ended up dying of a brain tumor.) I have had people stalking me all over North America... even on planes. My family has also been stalked. I have had my car bugged and vandalized. My mother and stepfather's business was vandalized and sabotaged.

I am sure there has been a dossier collected on me and passed out to all the people who used to be in my life. I'm quite sure the same thing has happened to people in my immediate family. Basically my whole families life was infiltrated. I think some people who used to be close to me have also been bribed or threatened to monitor and follow me. I am quite positive that I've been under an insane level of surveillance for at least 7 years. I am also fairly sure that my family and even my extended family have been under surveillance, but not at the same level as me.

And last but not least....I'm having MY THOUGHTS READ and I don't know how long this has been going on.

I am fairly sure that the program was initially started out to discredit me, but then they wanted me to join some sort of intelligence organization. They basically try to blackmail, bribe or financially break someone to go into this. I have been involved in some sort of MKULTRA CIA, (the MKULTRA program might have changed names, but it is still going on,) COINTELPRO  or Counter Intelligence program with mind control and electromagnetic weapons.

I've had muscle spasms, headaches, sleep deprivation, anxiety, phobias, mood swings and crazy thoughts for at least 7 years. Along with this, I've been phobic about going outdoors or being around other people which lead to massive amounts of isolation. (For the last few months I have been doing much better, though I still get muscle spasms and mood swings.)

Now you might say this is mental illness. Remember ad hominem. Let me just say that I know the technology exists to do all of what I posted above and I will be focusing on that in future posts. Just look at this old CNN video from the 80's for a quick example. Not many people even know of this technology, and they would like to keep it this way.

As for mental illness and the business of psychiatry... it would be advisable to take it with a grain of salt when you understand its history. At one time the head of the Canadian, American and World Psychiatric Associations, the American Psychopathological Association and the Society of Biological Psychiatry was doing mind control experiments for the CIA in Canada at McGill University. The CIA's KUBARK interrogation and torture manual refers to "studies from McGill University." It was also the American Psychiatric Association that created the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) manual. 

Now this is really important. There is a reason behind this manual.

1. ) To benefit the pharmaceutical industries, and...

2.) To diagnose illnesses for people having experimentation done on them. Much of the technology they are using for mind control mimics these symptoms

In essence, psychiatry is essentially a pseudo-science with a bell curve of supposed social norms and any deviation outside of these norms is deemed to be abnormal and in need of medication.

Here is a video to watch on the DSM manual:

Who are intelligence agencies using mind control and testing energy weapons on?

I would say two groups specifically:

1.  Abnormal people that fall outside of the bell curve of what is deemed as supposed social norms. Incidentally, these same people might also be perfect people that they would want to recruit because they are not normal in the DSM sense of the term. These may be people who society would deem as having mental illnesses or abnormal abilities of some sort.

2. Political dissidents and whistle blowers.  It's a nice feedback loop. This way they can do their testing and at the same time discredit those that are saying things they don't like. Once they discredit these people, they cannot speak out about it.  They want to get dissidents to act out or do something stupid to discredit themselves. (Ad Hominem.) These people are saying things about those in power... and those in power do not like it. It works out beautifully for them. They want to discredit and shut dissidents up. Once they do that, they get their icing on their cake because they can continue to torture and test weapons out on them and often a dissident can't speak out because they have been compromised.

Now, one might ask.... why would they want you to join some sort of intelligence program? That's a good question. The answer is probably quite simple... to help me out and to shut me up. To make their job easier and my life easier. In other words... a bribe.

Most people think of intelligence agencies and they think of James Bond movies. But that's ridiculous. That isn't what they do.

Almost all of what they do now is propaganda, journalism, writing, media and very high-tech surveillance. Once you understand how high-tech the surveillance will begin to question if there is even such a thing as the war on terror--- because if  is real --- they could have found Bin Laden in no time flat. They also should have been able to stop 9/11.

At the absolute least, they knew where Bin Laden was for a very long time. That means all of the media you are getting is completely false. Think about that. When I begin to show you the level of technology they have you will understand that most of your news is complete bullshit.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Is This Still Happening In Canada? Dr. Ewen Cameron Lives On --- the Nazis Didn't Lose the War, They Just Had to Move...

 Before you watch the video I posted below, read my post fully.

First, start by going to this wikipedia link for Dr. Cameron. Read the top and then go to the part on Project MKULTRA. Here is the most important point:

Cameron is best known for his MKULTRA-related and other behavior modification research for the CIA. Cameron was President of the American Psychiatric Association in 1952–1953. He lived and worked in Albany, New York, and was involved in experiments in Canada for Project MKULTRA, a CIA-directed mind control program which eventually led to the publication of the KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation manual. Cameron had been hoping to correct schizophrenia by erasing existing memories and reprogramming the psyche. He commuted from Albany to Montreal every week to work at McGill's Allan Memorial Institute and was paid $69,000 from 1957 to 1964 to carry out MKULTRA experiments there. The American Psychiatric Association created the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) manual. The very organization that Ewen Cameron was the President of!

Now, remember, these tests were done in CANADA by the CIA! Yes, the United States government was conducting mind control research on Canadians! This should lead you to ask yourself... does Canada run its own country?

Who knows. Two things are for sure though:

1.) Canada bends over backward for the United States. If the United States says to Canada to jump, we do...

2.) Canada is still allowing mind control and weapons testing on its citizens today!

I know because I'm living proof.  This is currently happening to me. I'm positive it has been happening to me since 2005... probably longer.

Canada is a complete sham democracy. I would suggest if you do go out and vote in the next election to vote against the Conservative party, though it probably won't make any difference. Canadians and Americans have no more rights in the traditional sense of the term. The bullshit news you get from the mainstream OR the alternative media sources are all downplaying how bad your countries are.

Don't be a person who says something "politically incorrect"... or even worse, don't "think," yes THINK something that bothers someone in a position of power. This is political correctness taken to a level of pure insanity.

We now live in George Orwell's 1984. LITERALLY.  You just can't see it because they cover it up from you.

I can just hear them talking: "Bunch of stupid animals.... ha, ha... they think they have rights.... they think they have freedom of thought.... they think their votes mean anything. Those dumb bunch of fools."

This isn't just the government, the intelligence agencies or the military we are talking about here. It's also some large corporations, the media, people that have access to the technology through universities in neuroscience departments, organized crime, and the revolving door of the outsourced intelligence community.

As far as intelligence in the United States--- most of it is now being handled by private contractors. (I do not know about Canada.) You think you live in a country with a "free market" economy?  Good luck. You live in a country run by a bunch of people that will steal ideas right out of your brain. We already know that the NSA has the power to data mine emails for keywords. Now, just imagine if they had the power to data mine human brains for thoughts? Sounds crazy... doesn't it?

After you see some of the information I put on this site it will not seem crazy anymore. There is a whole group of psycho assholes playing God on the majority of the population.

This is the current "free market" at work! I have come to see the free market in our day and age like a giraffe riding around in a horse and buggy. I have heard stories but I've never actually seen one in our day and age. Or come to think of it... maybe in any. The truth is we live in a mixed economy, and it's becoming more and more mixed up with it teetering towards those in positions of power.

Let's say someone doesn't like you very much and they have access to this technology, just think what they can do. It can become your worst nightmare --- because --- unless someone lets you know that it exists, you won't even know what is being done to you or your family.

Okay... now, watch the video below!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fallacy: Ad Hominem


Watch The Videos at The Bottom!

There's a blog I visit on a regular basis where the author seems to pride himself on his "honesty." In fact, that's exactly what he has on his StockTwits account.  He's all about honesty.

That's quite a bold claim.

It took me a while to realize, (either because I'm too slow or because I all too often see the good in people --- probably the former....) that much of the honesty he talks about is the "politically correct" form of honesty that is acceptable.

That's when he's at his best.

At his worst, it seemed like his brand of honesty was spilling everyone's shit out all over his blog. The lives and secrets of others became stories for his blog. Names were often left out--- sometimes hinted at, though it didn't take much to figure out who he was referring to in some of them.

None of this bothered me much. Do as you please, live and let live.

As long as you aren't physically or emotionally hurting someone else and you don't claim to be trying to live a life of "do no harm," I don't care.

The problem was, in at least one of his posts... he was either being completely dishonest or he was ignorant. I will give him the benefit of the doubt and go with him being ignorant.

In one of his posts he made the rather blatant statement, I am paraphrasing here... that there is this blind irrational hatred of Jews in the middle east and that no one will ever be able to fix the problems over there. According to him, this is how it's always been.  Everyone just wakes up and hates Jews.

Now, I’m not denying that these kinds of people exist. There are some people that do have blind irrational hatred. Just like those who blindly hate Blacks, Asians or any other race, ethnicity or group. These people exist. Though, I would say they are rare in our day and age.

But is this really the case in the Middle East? It could be. Though in order for us to make a proper judgement we really need to way the facts and decide for ourselves.

Before we go any further, I think it's important to bring up some points that could be relevant to our discussion.

The author of the blog that I'm referring to is Jewish. I assume that he's a dual citizen of the United States and Israel. This probably, but not with absolute certainty.... means there is a good chance he's a supporter of the United States and Israel.

From my experience with watching and reading the mainstream media, the statement that I was paraphrasing from him is really quite similar to the talking points I see on Fox News and most of the mainstream North American media. I'm a Canadian citizen and I think there's a bit more diversity of opinion in Canada, but not much.

Certainly since 9/11, and even more since the Harper Conservatives have been in power, Canada has been going the same way as the United States in its foreign policy. The fact is, the United States and Canada are both large supporters of Israel in our current time.

Just to make it clear, I do not see a problem with being a supporter of another country. There are some who like to argue that no citizen's taxes should be supporting any country except the one they live in. We can leave that argument for another day. Let's just realize for now that many people support other countries. If a country displays values that they themselves uphold, it may be irrational for them to not support it, at least intellectually and emotionally.

Israel has many good things going for it from a western point of view. It is generally more liberal and excepting of people and their lifestyle choices. So I would say this is the understandable and reasonable side to the support from the so-called western democracies.

That being said, we have to realize that we should also be skeptical and question everything we read and hear. Many people question mainstream media on other stories and topics because they might not be getting the complete picture. We might be wise to do the same here also.

Below are some videos of people who have much more credibility than me, so I will leave them to say their thing. This at least should get some to question everything. It may also help those who are ignorant become more informed, and those who are not being completely truthful, become more so.

The first is the General's son: from Miko Peled, you can get his book here:

Here is the video:

The next is video from Democracy Now about the new documentary titled the Gatekeepers:

The next is a debate with Norman Finkelstein and Sholom Ben Ami:

Monday, March 4, 2013

Most People Don't Know the Complete Story About the Unabomber...

That he was involved with studies conducted by the CIA, nor the complete details of why he became a hermit. This tells more about the story.

A question to ask before you watch this: What if technology is far more advanced than what the vast majority of the public is being led to believe?

A few things to remember from the video....

The link between computers, the military, the intelligence community, the universities, and the aerospace industry.

We have been led to believe that technology will liberate us and give us more freedom, but is this true? It is a question worth asking... and it is one that is not being asked very often today. Many of us have grown up in a technological bubble. We see the amazing advantages that technology gives us everyday. This makes it easy to be an optimist.

But... we sometimes have to ask if our naive sense of optimism could be used for those in positions of power. We are often taught throughout life that everything has its good and bad.  What about our blind ambition for never-ending technological advancement and "progress?" At what point does technology begin to turn in upon us as human-beings? At what point does it become like entwined branches that have to be pruned?

We have been taught about the horrors of fascist dictatorships from the 20th century. But there is still one that hasn't really been talked about often enough.... the technological dictatorship of the 21st century.