Thursday, April 28, 2016

Phony Cointelpro Front Websites and the Liars That are Behind Them

Before you look through any of the sites below, it is important to learn more about what COINTELPRO and the Phoenix Program are. Please see this post here about the alternative media and its role in looking for political dissidents. Here is a video for more information on the Phoenix Program. It is all connected to Zionism and Homeland Security and the intelligence agencies

Now, I am not saying that you will not find decent information on some of the websites that I have listed below, you will. But, they will frequently lie by omission. They will not tell you how bad it really is. 
The time has come when everyone should start looking at the vast proportion of Zionist individuals that are in the mainstream and alternative media. Don't you think they have an agenda? 

By Zionist, I don't just mean Jews. I mean anyone who believes that the so-called Jews should have a Homeland or anyone that supports or works towards sustaining the apartheid state of Israel and potentially enlarging it. Even if they are critics of the state of Israel, that doesn't make them against Zionism. Noam ChomskyNorman Finkelstein, and Max Blumenthal are all Zionist Jews ---- and all of them are strong critics of Israel. It is crucial to see the new Phoenix Program and the Homeland Security laws in the context of the state of Israel. Please see here for more information, this is very important. 

The intelligence industry has incredibly advanced technology. There is a concerted agenda that runs across all mainstream and alternative media to hide this from you.THEY ARE WATCHING YOU!  If you become politically aware, they will know who you are and you will become a target. Once this happens, they will use these techniques on you, with this technology
Generally speaking, if the media source is semi-popular, it is controlled. Be suspicious of anyone or any website or news source that talks about Israel or foreign policy issues and does not talk about high-technology, remote neural monitoring, electronic weaponry, nanotechnology, Echelon, and Stasi slander and stalking techniques.

Ask Yourself Who is Capable of Doing This and Who Has a
 Vested Interest in Keeping Everyone in a Constant State
 of Confusion and at War with Each Other!

This concerted agenda even crosses borders and countries. It doesn't matter if they are allies or our supposed enemies. 
For instance, some countries might have more accurate news than the United States and Canada, but, they are silent about how bad the world really is from a technological standpoint and spying perspective. 

Most of them know the United States intelligence community has the technology to look into anyone's house in Iran, or to look into Putin's bedroom (or yours,) and watch him have sex, to find and identify objects in buildings and "underground bunkers", that provide real-time video at much higher resolutions than the still images produced by programs such as Google Earth, to find and rape the earth of oil and mineral deposits underground with up to 99% accuracy. 

They know who the largest group of human traffickers are, who the largest weapons traffickers are, and who the largest drug traffickers are. They know who the largest child pornographers are and the largest child traffickers are. They know who starts most of the wars in the world that ruin and destroy countless innocent lives every year.

They know the truth about most assassinations, especially the popular ones that get coverage, they know the truth about downed "mysterious" planes that suddenly go missing, or most importantly, horrible TERRORIST ATTACKS LIKE like the unforgettable one that took place on September 11, 2001, or the recent ones that have happened in France and Belgium. 

They know almost everything! There is a concerted agenda across borders and countries to keep you ignorant. Most of the websites listed below are coming from the Five Eyes Countries.
 This is related to Echelon and Signals Intelligence.  

7. and other mainstream media sources. 

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