Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thank God We Still Have Courageous People Like Ned Flanders

Below is a little parody that I wrote about a man who was harassing me. He and and his crazed friends post at this site.


It was something I had encountered my whole life.

Though I could never find the proper words to express the depths of my dismay.  Everything would be going great until someone found out my big secret.

From then on... it was down hill.

Yes..I fully admit, it wasn't very hard for others to figure out my secret.

In truth, I loved to show it off.

I liked to act cool by showing off my beloved "special" body part. I was even known to wear a sock over it --- this was my way of "acting" like I was covering it.

When I think about it now, I was just a cane prancing fool --- a racquet swinging tool.

It was really just a covert way to invade my opponents mind... a subversive way to rule.

Though some would say that's not the worst of my behavior.

On another occasion, I tried to join a writing club where 85-90% of the people didn't possess my "special" attribute. I then went about flashing my unique, (in the past it was called sinister or evil,) body part at them. I would then crumple up their meager papers and throw them into the garbage.

"You people do not even belong in the same room as my ........ " I would yell.

I would then journey home. When I would arrive and retire to my quarters, I would then go about smothering "it" with the finest sweet smelling non-sticky ointments, wrap "it" in silk garments --- and proceed to call on "ladies of the night" to pleasure and satisfy "it."

Now, some would say... "With that sort of behavior... the freak shall get what he deserves."

I say, shall I?

Why Ned Flanders Changed My Life

My behavior went on like this for month and months.

Flashing and showing off my "special" body part. Crumpling up the papers of the lowly and the meager. Yelling at the sub-humans. Smothering my "special" body part with sweet smelling no-stick ointments. Covering "it" with silk garments. Having "its" respects paid by ladies of the night. (Men too.)

I lived a life of nothing but pleasure seeking and instant gratification.

I wanted nothing but beautiful words spoken to me about my "unique" body part. I wanted nothing more than the constant surrounding of mirrors that would reflect my OWN image back at me. I detested the thought of  an image of something higher than me. I couldn't bare the thought of going one day without the comforting warm breath and hands of the hired pressing up against my "it" --- my "special" body part.

I had no goals.... I didn't believe in anything anymore.

And Then it Happened

I saw this video. And I realized I was NOT the problem... everyone else was.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with me. I was being discriminated against. I was dealing with anti-leftetic attitudes. I was going through what my fellow comrades-in-hands had begun to label "typical right-handed bias." I had to fight this typical anti-left-handed prejudiced monster to the death.

I had found my goal in life. The time had come.

I would begin to push for more left-handed scissors equality in the schools.  I would set up think tanks to fight against the discrimination of the "left-handed path."

I would chisel my words on sacred tablets and carry them to the ends of the earth.

The sacred tablets would say:

Thy right handed brother and sisters --- know this, thou shall not hurt nor discriminate against thy fellow left handed ones! They are just like thee! They are made of thy same flesh and bleed thy same blood as ye when cut.

Come forth and hither, and rather pray for thy left handed brothers. 

As thy sacred social science shows... these poor left-handed people are more likely to be schizophrenic, alcoholic, delinquent, dyslexic, and have Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, as well as mental disabilities. They're also more likely to die young and get into accidents.

Pray for thy left handed ... my right handed brothers and sisters! Let us all live as one!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Everything Is Funny All the Time = Nihilism

When I say nihilism, I think I can sum it up in a few sentences without any academic jargon.

It's a culture that no longer takes ideas seriously, or ... one that is slowly devolving into an environment where such might become more of the norm.

It might be one of increased comedy --- for a lack of not wanting to look at the dark. It might be one of  increased sex, increased drugs and alcohol consumption, or increased focus on games to keep the populace busy. It might also be one where ....

 Both Nietzsche and Ayn Rand knew the power of laughter.

Nietzsche thought it could help us. Laughter can push away the spirit of gravity that forces everything to the ground. He thought laughter keeps us light of weight... like soup bubbles or dancing fairies. It has the power to act as a buoyant, or a force field, which helps chase away the demons that drag us into the ditches of life.

Nietzsche was also depressed quite often. Strangely, this may have lead to his insights regarding the nature of laughter.

Ayn Rand thought a little differently about laughter. She thought it was beneficial, but, it also had the potential to kill the serious, or that which one holds dear. It has the potential to transform preferable and unpreferable states into something they aren't. In other words, it can be a powerful weapon for the powers-that-be during a culture in relativistic decline. This can be done by making the weaker look the stronger. It can also be used as a covert force to hide anger, jealousy and rage.

It's especially important to think about this right now. Why? Because the current cultural climate is very unique --- and yet, quite similar to past times.

"Everything is Funny All of the Time," might have been something you would've heard before the rise of the Nazi's in Germany.

The reality is, the atmosphere of Wiemar was stained deeply with relativism and decadence. (See here for a very interesting book about Wiemar before the rise of the Nazi's.) That being said, I don't think decadence and cultural decline are wholly bad; in fact, both can produce tremendous creativity.

In such times, all the the new information that's thrown at a "self," has the potential to create a misfit or an innovator. During such times, the chaos the spirit faces creates a gyration of intuitive hunches that challenge tradition. This in turn, grows a garden of new values that kick around the good and bad of tradition. One just has to remember that such times breed an "air" of walking fine lines.

This leads me to speculate about personalities that stretch what is deemed as normal. Their behavior is the result of different forms of organization when thinking. With this being so, these same individuals may be able to critique our own time in a way that we never previously thought about. In this way, they may act as sign posts for our future.

As I have said throughout this blog, the fascism that you'll see in the future will not be like that which was witnessed in Germany. It will be much more stealth and covert... much more hidden.

But that doesn't mean it will be humane by any stretch of the imagination.   Ask yourself what humans will act like with technology that makes them into gods on earth and no one does anything about it.

It could be a nightmare of epic proportions.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Brian Hutchinson: The RCMP and Pickton

Interesting article regarding the RCMP.

It makes one wonder.

When you combine what is written in this article and this article, with the information that I have written about, you begin to wonder something.

Namely,  are there some RCMP officers that knew what Pickton was doing?

Greater still, did they let him do it?

Well, from my personal experience, there are some RCMP officers who know of the technology I'm talking about. This means they could have easily captured Pickton.

Does this mean the RCMP allowed a serial killer to continue killing people?

Click the link below to read the articles:

Brian Hutchinson: Mountie fetishist sparks new Code of Conduct review

RCMP officer investigated over bondage photos