Tuesday, November 10, 2015

An Interesting Video About Smearing Political Enemies

First off, go here to read the Wikipedia entry on COINTELPRO. In addition to watching the video below, you absolutely MUST see the following articles:

1. Torture, Discrediting With Slander and Organized Stalking
2. Zersetzung: The Origins of Modern Day Homeland Security and the Police State
3. Zersetzung: The Origins of Modern Day Homeland Security and the Police State Part 2
4. Zersetzung Part 3 - The New Homeland Security
5. Homeland Security - Organized Stalking and Militant Zionism
6. How to Discredit Someone With  Hi-Technology
7. How Covert Agents Infiltrate To Manipulate, Deceive, And Destroy Reputations
8. Front Groups and Intelligence Agents
9. Learning About the Origins of "Homeland Security"
10. Download STASI book
11. Noam Chomsky on COINTELPRO
12. A Perfect Example of a Cointelpro Website
13. Phony Cointelpro Front Websites and the Liars That are Behind Them
14. COINTELPRO and the Phoenix Program
16. Gaslighting: What Intelligence and Informant Stalkers Participate In
17. Video Example of Stasi "Anchoring" Techniques
18. How Easy is it to Get People to Engage in Organized Stalking? A Perfect Example of The Naivete of the Public and Putting Too Much Trust in Authority Figures
19. 'Couple Harassed with Organized Stalking Noise Harassment Campaign'

Doug Christie exposes the attacks on freedom
 in Canada from Ritual Defamation 

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