Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Lowlife Entitled Scum of the Earth --- Meet James Altucher- Intelligence Psychopath Who Poses As a "Self Help Author"

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Something to keep in mind, James Altucher is a computer scientist, he knows about this technology. So, why doesn't he enlighten the world by educating us all? He claims to be a "self-help" author, well wouldn't he be helping others by revealing this information? This proves I am telling the truth, do you honestly believe that he doesn't know about this sort of technology? Every competent computer scientist and computer engineer knows this technology is real. So, why does James Altucher shut his mouth?

3. James Altucher and Recent Interview With Phony Jewish Human Rights Activist Garry Kasparov

4. See here for James Altucher- Entitled Psychopathic Lying Zionist Scum 

5. Classified Technology:  Learn Intelligence Tactics:  Discredit Someone with Hi-Technology: 

6. See here for vigilante Zionist justice

7. Zionist Vigilantes With James Altucher and Curtis Sliwa 

8. See here for connections between Zionism and Homeland Security 

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