Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Stasi Octopus

Before you read what is below, it is important to read this article about Homeland Security:

I am posting the following excerpt from Stasi: The Untold Story of the East German Secret Police: because this is EXACTLY what is happening to me. EVEN THE PROFESSIONS are the same. It literally encompasses all levels of society and involves numerous and diverse professions. What is the big difference now?

1. It is much more organized and covert. It is done with radar, satellites, cell phone towers and space-based weaponry. (See here and here for more information)

2. They have spies who participate in actively parroting your thoughts and/or what you are doing back to you over the internet. For example, many are following your I.P. and know where you are going on the internet. (When you visit their websites, blogs, Facebook and Twitter accounts etc.) Most of these people are Jews or Zionist Gentiles. See here for more about Homeland Security. They watch you and try to drive you crazy with gaslighting and anchoring and parroting techniques. The policy is active denial and is a part of what is called "no-touch torture." Imagine being surrounded by a bunch of psychos who have access to your brain and trying to drive you crazy. They also work with foot soldier community-based organized stalkers who pretty much do the same thing. (See here and here for more information.) 


Like a giant octopus, the Stasi's tentacles probed every aspect of life. Full-time officers were posted to all major industrial plants. Without exception, one tenant in every apartment building was designated as a watchdog reporting to an area representative of the Volkspolizei(Vopo), the People's Police. In turn, the police officer was the Stasi's man. If a relative or a friend came to stay overnight, it was reported. Schools, universities, and hospitals were infiltrated from top to bottom. German  academia was shocked to learn Heinrich Fink, professor of theology and vice chancellor at East Berlin's Humbolt University, had been a Stasi informer since 1968. After Fink's Stasi connections came to light, he was summarily fired. Doctors, lawyers, journalists, writers, actors and sports figures were co-opted by Stasi officers, as were waiters and hotel personnel. Tapping about 100, 000 telephone lines in West Germany and West Berlin around the clock was the job of 2000 officers.

Stasi officers knew no limits and had no shame when it came ot protecting the party and the state. Churchmen, including high officials of both the Catholic and Protestant denominations, were recruited en masse as secret informers. Their offices and confessionals were infested with eavesdropping devices. Even the director of Leipzig's famous Thomas Church choir, Hans-Joachim Rotch, was forced to resign when he was unmasked as a Spitzel, the people's pejorative for a Stasi informant.

Absolutely nothing was sacred to the secret police. Tiny holes were bored in apartment and hotel room walls through which Stasi agents filmed their "suspects" with special video cameras. Even the bathrooms were penetrated by the communist voyeurs. Like the Nazi Gestapo, the Stasi was the sinister side of Deutsche Grundlichkeit (German thoroughness.)