Thursday, November 29, 2018

Must See Video: The Problems of Technology That Are Here Right Now

See here for more about classified technology. See here for more about Facebook and typing with your thoughts. See here for more about brain computer interface technology. See here for more about microwave weaponry.  See here for geo-slavery, slavery by satellite. See here for a video from a medical doctor who openly spoke out about satellite terrorism and organized stalking. (See here for organized stalking tactics.) To learn more about Transhumanism, see here.( Be sure to scroll down and go through all of the articles and videos there.)

See here for more about organized stalking and its connection to Zionist interests. This is perpetuated by a collaboration between intelligence agencies, law enforcement and organized crime. 

Jewish Donors Granted Unfettered Access to NYPD Headquarters

No surprise here, some Jews have massive influence and connections with law enforcement. See herehere and here for more about the history of the Anti-Defamation LeagueSee here and here for past posts about how they train the police.  See here and here for how law enforcement travel to Israel to learn police tactics. See here for more about Homeland Security and its connections to Zionism. See here for more about organized stalking and its connection to Zionist interests. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Two Stalking Phony Psychopathic Lowlifes From Hell- James Altucher & Joe Rogan

Look at the pictures below! They even
 have the same "POWER" pose! 

These two are classic cases of arrogant douchebaggery. Like so many Hollywood losers or scumbags on Wall street, (see here and here,) they are the most arrogant lowlife pieces of crap the world has ever produced. This is also a part of the organized stalking that is happening all over North America and potentially more countries. These stalking techniques are what they used to use in the East German Stasi. These people are working with intelligence and also have access to classified technology. Just like in the East German Stasi, they had spies and informants in all levels and areas of society. It was a horrible octopus where they had all kinds of people working with them, including public figures like actors. It is also important to note, just as this lady hints at here.... most of these people are Jews. See here for militant Zionism. See here for how Zionism is a part of Homeland Security.

As I have pointed out here and here about Joe Rogan and here and here about James Altucher, these people are complete psychopaths that work with intelligence and use their businesses and their "day jobs" as a front. They are both Jews and they both hate critics of Israel, they are scum bag losers that are compulsive liars. Look at this post ---- these pieces of human waste know this technology exists, they love to threaten people with it. See here for more about classified technology and microwave weapons. See here for electronic warfare and here for Dennis Kucinich trying to ban this technology. See here for a collection of links about microwaves. Joe is at the absolute least, definitely involved with medical marijuana, as for James --- God only knows what. It is so laughable that James is a "self-help author." James is also connected to Jewish organized crime, Joe probably is too, he does the commentary for the UFC, Jewish organized crime runs the UFC. All of this is extremely relevant because of the connections between Jewish organized crime and intelligence, this goes back decades if not centuries.

Right now, the marijuana boom is big, this is also big in Silicon Valley,  Just like Transhumanism. There are many wealthy Silicon Valley individuals involved with drugs and working with intelligence agencies. This is why I am having stalking drug-dealing losers follow me in my town.

Peter Thiel is a PERFECT example of a Silicon Valley individual that is also connected to the CIA, but there are many of them. This is a good list to start with. Even people like George Soros are involved. Now, he is not a Silicon Valley individual, but, a Wall Street Billionaire. Wall Street is also big-time invested in drugs. See how Peter connects to Facebook and the CIA, see here for the connections between Silicon Valley and the CIA. See here for the history of the CIA and drugs. It must be remembered, these people are using classified technology that the taxpayers finance. They are using it on the population. See this list of lying psychopathic Silicon Valley scumbags that know about classified technology. Also see this post about the Jewish hand behind the Internet: Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo! and eBay.

What is happening in Canada and the United States is exactly what was going on in East Germany with the Stasi. EVEN THE PROFESSIONS are the same. It literally encompasses all levels of society. What is the big difference now? 

1. It is much more organized and covert. It is done with radar, satellites, cell phones towers, and space-based weaponry. (See here and here for more information.)

2. They have spies who participate in actively parroting your thoughts or what you are doing back to you over the internet. (When you visit their websites, blogs, Facebook and Twitter accounts etc.) Most of these people are Jews or Zionist Gentiles. See here for more about Homeland Security. They watch you and try to drive you crazy with gaslighting and anchoring and parroting techniques. The policy is active denial and is a part of what is called "no-touch torture." Imagine being surrounded by a bunch of psychos who have access to your brain and trying to drive you crazy. They also work with foot soldier community-based organized stalkers who pretty much do the same thing. (See here and here for more information.) 

Here is an excerpt from Stasi: The Untold Story of the East German Secret Police: 

Like a giant octopus, the Stasi's tentacles probed every aspect of life. Full-time officers were posted to all major industrial plants. Without exception, one tenant in every apartment building was designated as a watchdog reporting to an area representative of the Volkspolizei(Vopo), the People's Police. In turn, the police officer was the Stasi's man. If a relative or a friend came to stay overnight, it was reported. Schools, universities, and hospitals were infiltrated from top to bottom. German academia was shocked to learn Heinrich Fink, professor of theology and vice chancellor at East Berlin's Humbolt University, had been a Stasi informer since 1968. After Fink's Stasi connections came to light, he was summarily fired. Doctors, lawyers, journalists, writers, actors and sports figures were co-opted by Stasi officers, as were waiters and hotel personnel. Tapping about 100, 000 telephone lines in West Germany and West Berlin around the clock was the job of 2000 officers.

Stasi officers knew no limits and had no shame when it came ot protecting the party and the state. Churchmen, including high officials of both the Catholic and Protestant denominations, were recruited en masse as secret informers. Their offices and confessionals were infested with eavesdropping devices. Even the director of Leipzig's famous Thomas Church choir, Hans-Joachim Rotch, was forced to resign when he was unmasked as a Spitzel, the people's pejorative for a Stasi informant. Absolutely nothing was sacred to the secret police. Tiny holes were bored in apartment and hotel room walls through which Stasi agents filmed their "suspects" with special video cameras. Even the bathrooms were penetrated by the communist voyeurs. Like the Nazi Gestapo, the Stasi was the sinister side of Deutsche Grundlichkeit (German thoroughness.)

The Anti-Defamation League Is Using Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence To Deal With "Hate"

Yes, you heard that correctly. An organization that was literally funded by Jewish organized crime is concerned about "hate." See herehere and here for more about the history of the Anti-Defamation LeagueSee here and here for past posts about how they train the police.  See here and here for how law enforcement travel to Israel to learn police tactics. See here for more about artificial intelligence. 

Mandatory Holocaust Training For the Police

You will notice at the end of the video below that they say this sort of training has been mandatory for the FBI and other federal law enforcement for about a decade. Do you really think it is any different in Canada? To learn more about the Holocaust, see here. (Be sure to scroll down and go through all of the articles.) You will also notice that one of the people in the video is a spokesperson from the ADL. See herehere and here for more about the history of the Anti-Defamation League

Friday, November 2, 2018

Interesting Video With Conan O'Brien On a Visit To Palestine

And You Thought The Liberal Party Was Bad In Canada & The USA --- Check Out Israel!

And you thought the Liberal party was bad in Canada and the United States, check out the Israeli Liberals. The Likud party is the current party in power in Israel. It grew out of the Irgun, a terrorist organization, see here and here for more. Vladimir Jabotinsky, the controversial right-wing Zionist leader founded Israel's Likud party. Vladimir Jabotinsky was the father of Jewish Terrorism. See here for more. Learn more about Jewish terrorism hereherehereherehere, and here. See here for how the RCMP targets Muslim terrorists and gives Zionist terrorists a free pass. See here for more about the Canadian government killing freedom of speech and criticism of Israel. 

So, you think Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East? They don't even have a constitution!

Ex-Mossad Officer Reveals How Intelligence Agents Think They Are God

What he mentions in the video below is pretty much my experience. As you can see from blog posts like this and this, these privileged scumbags do whatever they want.  See here for more about classified technology, see here for more about microwave technology and here for more about the techniques they use to discredit people.

I would like to be clear here.... it is not just the Israeli Mossad who think they are God --- it is the Canadian CSIS, CSE, the American NSA, CIA and the British GCHQ and Secret Intelligence Services. These people are among the most terrible pieces of trash on the earth. They are completely entitled psychopaths that forget where their funding comes from.... the TAX PAYERS! 

These pieces of filth need to be put in their place in a way that they never forget. I can promise you, a civil war is coming to the United States, and the intelligence agencies are going to be on the chopping block. These agencies are full of vile lowlifes that torture people, compulsively lie, and that are involved with everything from murder, drug trafficking to human and child trafficking. THIS IS THE HONEST TO GOD TRUTH. People need to wake the hell up and take responsibility for what it happening in their own countries and in their name in other countries. It is your money and your country!