Tuesday, September 25, 2018

CSIS & RCMP Are a Joke

The videos below are extremely interesting because of their connection to counterintelligence. See this post for more about the RCMP.  See herehere and here for how the RCMP and the FBI work with the ADL, an organization that was literally funded by Jewish organized crime

See here and here for how the police train in Israel. See here for the Canada-Israel “Public Security” agreement ---- Ottawa & Tel Aviv collaborate in counter-terrorism & Homeland security. See here for the connections between Zionism and Homeland Security.

See here for how the RCMP targets Muslim extremists but gives Zionist terrorists a free pass. See here and here for the RCMP and some of their supposed "terror" cases. See herehere and here for more about CSIS. 
He mentions the "Freemen on the Land" in the top video below. To learn more about them and how the ADL is concerned about them, see here

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