Monday, May 8, 2017

Malcolm X On The Jews

It is interesting to listen to the words of Malcolm X in the video below. Obviously, these are not the words you heard in the movie Malcolm X. Kind of sounds like the movie JFK that I pointed here. See here and here for previous posts with Malcolm X. See here for more about the Kennedy assassination. 

He talks about Jewish Nazi's in the video below. Sounds like here and here. See here for more of these counter-intelligence psychopaths.  Also, see hereherehere, and here for more about Jews collaborating with Nazis. Julius Streicher actually admitted that the Nuremberg laws were a reaction from the Talmud's Jewish Halakha laws. In other words, they are influenced by the Jewish Talmud's racist and ethnocentric ideology of "Jewishness." 

It is worth noting that the New Testament is trying to end this ideology and it is one of the reasons why Jesus is against the Pharisees. In the Gospel of John, Jesus is ending the "blood" belief system of Judaism. People are to be worshiping in "truth," "honesty," "love" and "spirit." This is the golden rule. Truthfulness (a true Israelite has no guile or lacks deceit,) and spirit which is our reasoning power. Reasoning power is what everyone has and makes them unique in the animal kingdom. It is what God blows into Adam and we are all made in the image of God --- not just the so-called Jews. This is why Jesus came to free the slaves

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