Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Human Waste James Altucher and His Recent Interview With Phony Jewish Human Rights Activist Garry Kasparov

He's at it again.... he's trying to act like he's a decent human being. James Altucher is an extremely strong supporter of Israel, he's a spy, and he is involved with this. He is interviewing the "concerned" Garry Kasparov who heads a "Human Rights" organization. See here for Garry's Wikipedia write-up.

Why the hell would he or his guest care the slightest bit about human rights when James is complicit in supporting policies like this and knows about and uses classified technology on the population? (See here for more about Israel and Judaism and here for more about the Talmud.) This is a perfect example of how full of crap some of these Zionist whack-jobs are. It is absolutely disgraceful. See this past post about the complete psychopath James Altucher.

Being a phony self-help author isn't enough for this guy, he has to interview phony Human Rights advocates ---all while James knows people like me are being tortured for their political views in the way that I am describing on this blog.

All I am doing is exercising my right of free speech, shouldn't that concern anyone who is a true advocate of human rights? Of course it should! I have committed no violence, nor have I hurt anyone. This is how corrupt Canada and the United States really are, they are completely run by Jewish organized crime. (Go through all the articles at that Jewish organized crime link, you will see articles about Jewish organized crime, the CIA, and drugs.)

These Jewish psychos literally hook people up to computers and blast them with microwaves and just laugh about itWE PAY OUR TAXES FOR THIS!

THEY DON'T CARE THE SLIGHTEST ABOUT YOU OR ABOUT HUMAN RIGHTS. The Human Rights organization that Garry Kasparov is a chairman of is a joke --- just like so many of these human rights organizations. Garry yaps endlessly about Russia and Iran, and of course.... never once mentions anything bad about the United States, Israel or Saudi Arabia --- all who are allies.

This is the current state of affairs in the world you live in.... it is bordering on absolute insanity. How much longer will people put up with such liars?

It is like a giant modern art project that exhibits nothing but nihilism. This is what they are.... one giant Jackson Pollock painting that masquerades as art.

James next book can be called:

FOOL THE SUCKERS! How to Go From a Torturing Scumbag to a Lying Self-Help Author And Pretend Like You Actually Care About People

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