Saturday, May 20, 2017

The CIA and Media Manipulation

See this last post about media control, also see this post about media control in Canada. Now, see below about Operation Mockingbird which involved CIA manipulation of the media. This is what I am trying to describe to people herehere, here and here IT NEVER WENT AWAY! They are still full of crap. The reality is, this is much larger than people think--- it extends into the alternative media. They want to control it all, that is not an overstatement.

Remember, the CIA has always had ties to organized crime and drugs, especially Jewish organized crime. Essentially, your countries are being run by organized crime and the alternative media is a part of the new Phoenix program to find people that could cause potential problems for them. (See here for this former CIA agent talk about the old CIA Phoenix Program that originated in Viet Nam.) This is a part of Homeland Security. See here for an example diagram of how a targeted individual is rolled into this Stasi take down and torture program.

Operation Mockingbird: 
The CIA and the Media

Church Committee: CIA & the
Media (Operation Mockingbird)

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