Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Nixon On The Jews

Say what you want about Richard Nixon --- he was certainly wrong about many things. But, he was definitely correct about some of the Jews. One interesting point about the Watergate Scandal. Daniel Ellsberg is a Jew, he was a spy and a liar by omission and he still is. He still appears on many of the alternative media websites and shows that I point out here. This is very important because he was the one who released the so-called Pentagon Papers. He now supports Edward Snowden who is nothing but a two-bit actor supported by a bunch of lying Zionist psychopaths to make you think they are revealing the truth to you. THEY AREN'T. They are the largest group of spies on the planet, no group of people has more spies than Jews because the spy industry is connected to banking. Jews have always been historically connected to banking and usury. 

It would absolutely astonish you to find out how much Jews run our countries. How do they obtain this level of power? Through the banking industry and finance, but also, they control the drug trade. We are their slaves, which unfortunately, is consistent with Judaism. Even Gene Simmons of KISS knows this. This is one of the issues Jesus was dealing with.  Jesus came to free the oppressed

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