Monday, May 8, 2017

Elon Musk Launches Company To Hook People Up To Computers

These pieces of crap in Silicon Valley are already experimenting on people. (See here.) 

I am one of the people they are experimenting on. Of course, the intelligence agencies already have access to this technology and they work with law enforcement. There are tons of crazed Zionist sociopaths running around with this technology. (See here for a list of classified technology. See here for more about former U.S. Representative from Ohio and candidate for the President of the United States Dennis Kucinich's attempted ban of space-based weapons.) These people are pure evil. They are shooting people with microwaves and using synthetic telepathy on the population. If you have nanotechnology or a brain-computer interface inside you, these whack jobs have access to your brain and are experimenting on you without you knowing. See here for wires in the brain, nanotechnology and RFID chips fuse with the human brain.  

See here for more about Zuckerberg talking about synthetic telepathy. See here for a Cisco ad that refers to synthetic telepathy. See here for more about the DARPA's Artificial Intelligence Control Grid. 

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