Sunday, September 3, 2017

More About Transhumanism & Hooking Your Brain Up To a Computer

Watch The Video Below!

The technology that is described in the video below is already in use by intelligence agencies. The video mentions Elon Musk, see here for more about him. See here for more about psychopaths in Silicon Valley that are connected to the intelligence agencies. The video below also mentions the ability to hook a brain up to a computer by an injection into the skull. The reality is, they do not even need to do an injection into the skull. Yes, they can do it with an injection (even into the leg or arm, see this video starting around 4 minutes and 25 seconds,) but they don't even need that. They can do it with a virus or a bacteria that you "catch" and passes the blood-brain barrier. This is true bio-warfare that is being unleashed on the population. See here and here for more about this. See here for more about Israel and "ethnic" biological weapons. See here for the "Holy Grail" and the quest for genetic weapons and how these technologies are being used for political control, Stasi stalking and eugenics. See here for Stasi takeover, eugenics and the politics of control. 

ee here for wires in the brain and here for more about nanotechnology. See here and here for more about smart dust. See here for more about smart dust and genetic engineering. See here for more about being infected with a virus. See here for more about molecular biology and nanotechnology or how to combine man with machine. See here for more about classified technology. See here to learn more about the DARPA artificial control they have set up. NASA has also discussed the weaponization of microwaves and nanotechnology, see here for more about this.  They already had the ability to shoot people with microwaves from hundreds of miles away in the 70's. Now they have technology inside your brain so they can read your thoughts and influence or change your behavior. They also have a readout of the vital signs of your body all while they hurt, maim or kill you. It is like snuff TV. Look at this old clip of how they could see out of a cat's eyes, also see here for visual image reconstruction from the human brain. What they have now is much more advanced.  

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