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Judaism and Transhumanism Part 2

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We Are the Borg: Resistance is Anti-Semitic

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Human beings, for the most part, have always had some sense of the Divine. From ancient Greece to Eygpt, to the ancient pagan Celts, from all the continents of the world. many Jews have no sense of the divine, spirit, soul, etc. Their tradition’s “materialist apocalyptic”, which they seek to escape through some AI machine (“an entity greater than any god ever imagined”), is competing against the divine/nature. They are corrupting and distorting natural laws, natural existence, perception, and expression. Our world is of spirit, consciousness and high order, while theirs is chaotic, simply materialistic, based on a resource for them to possess, without spirit or meaning, ruled by artificial intelligence.

Arthur Schopenhauer recognized these differences in perception also, stating:
The world is not a piece of machinery and animals are not articles manufactured for our use. Such views should be left to synagogues and philosophical lecture-rooms, which in essence are not so very different.

That being does not have to be a religious individual to derive their sense of ethics in this world. Generally speaking though --- if people lack religion and they lack philosophy... they become legal positivists, (they adopt a sense of legal pragmatism,) or they gain their sense of right and wrong from their current epoch or culture. This is group thought or social metaphysics which makes society ripe for collectivism. 

Social Metaphysics is when people begin to holds the consciousnesses of other people, not objective reality, as their ultimate psycho-epistemological frame-of-reference. One of the major problems with Transhumanism besides it being a form of technological totalitarianism is that it resembles past forms of Utopian thought. See here for more about this. Another book to look at would be Eric Voegelin's Science, Politics, and Gnosticism which is about Gnosticism that is "lost in the world" and why it leads to utopianism. Eric Voegelin believes that utopian thought comes from a form of Gnosticism that is trying to find "salvation" in this world, and in doing so... creates Hell on earth. In other words... they ignore the Golden ratio or the warning of moderation from ancient Delphi.  

“Judaism without God?”

Atheism is entrenched in American Judaism. In researching their book American Grace, authors Robert Putnam and David Campbell found that half of all American Jews doubt God’s existence. In other groups, that number is between 10 and 15 percent.  source

One wonders why they still call themselves something that is related to the bible at all. Honestly, the question is... why do they even bother? Why do we get in so much trouble for calling this group of people out for what they are....frauds, just like it says in the book of Revelation, (see here and here.) 

(See here for more about the so-called Jews.) They know this just as well as I do... and they are afraid of the truth. 

If you an an atheist. Why are you a "JEWISH ATHEIST?" And why in the name of GOD do you have any right to some "Holy Land" in the middle east and why are you persecuting people for your insane beliefs? 

The reality is... even some of these "Jewish atheists" (not all,) adopt some of the crazy beliefs from the Jewish Talmud. When you learn some of what is in Talmud, you will see where this supremacist mentality is coming from. 

Through Marxism, Communism and Capitalist indoctrination most people now share this Judaic attitude and behavior,  opposing, subverting, and mindlessly destroying (without spirit/consciousness) nature, animals, spirit, and integrity.

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