Sunday, June 23, 2013

Edward Snowden... I Tell You This --- Go Here Man!

Edward Snowden... now that you are in Russia, it's time for you to go here.

After leaping from the pages of Catch 22 --- and the TV world of Network, (he was literally in these --- in other words, they are laughing in your face while they are lying to you!) your next mission, if you choose to accept it...  is to go back to meet the avatar of your maker.

You must go deep into the forest of Siberia.. where you will find the chosen ones that will take care of you.

There you will find the spotters of the triangles in the sky with pulsing colored lights that appear at each corner of the triangle--- there you will find the awakened ones who await the inevitable chaos of man.

There you will find a cult like the ones I have seen, except the one in Siberia also teaches the masculine professions of handling kettle balls ---- using power tools, and of course... gas operated equipment.

Go now my son. Quickly shuffle thy feet across mother Russia.

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