Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Canada --- Pathetic like the United States

Note: Before reading the article below, please see here and here for more information about the technology.

We have all heard the talk about the NSA in the United States... but, it's interesting that Canadians don't know much about their own NSA. The Communications Security Establishment Canada.

Imagine paying tax dollars to a country that likes to say that it's defending or fighting for freedom in other countries and is looking into the brains of its own citizens. Imagine paying your tax dollars to a group of people that use super computers and artificial intelligence to spy on you 24 hours a day. When you go to the washroom, when you have sex, when you sleep, when you eat, when you work. All the time.

No. It is not just emails or the internet that they are tracking. It's not just your cell phone calls. They can look into your brain and influence your behavior. They can put thoughts in your head and evoke emotions. They can beam you with electromagnetic weapons.

I have been on the receiving end of this technology. I am pretty sure it is being directed by either the NSA, (which would be why some in the United States have access to my brain,) or the CSEC in Canada. Hell, maybe both.

As for the organized stalking, this is done by citizens with various backgrounds. Some are neighborhood watch, some might be CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service,) but it's also done by people I recognize and have a background with drugs. Some are probably told and shown things about me, others are probably paid or bribed, and others are probably blackmailed. Also participating in the stalking are RCMP officers,  the Fire Department, ambulances drivers, military or former military, and cab drivers.

 It might sound funny to mention cab drivers, and they know this. But, this sort of activity has always happened in countries that are run by organized crime.That's why they do it, because it sounds so crazy it's hard for anyone to believe. Cab drivers can make some extra money by being the eyes and ears of the powerful.

Here is What They Would Do to Me...

They seemed to have calmed down, but, they would frequently drive past my brothers house, (where I am staying now,) park in front of his house, leave when I came out the door, follow or drive past me at work. (I work outside landscaping.) They literally followed me everywhere.

But Wait... It Gets Even Crazier.  
Do You Think This is Strange?

One of the people that was working at my mother and step-father's former shop was a fireman. He rented out a part of their shop to do metal work. Strangely, he had the same last name as someone who worked with me at a financial website I used to run. Coincidence?

What About This?

When I got on the plane to fly to Las Vegas I was sitting beside a young lady who had the same last name as someone I was previously working with .... at that same site!

Neither of these last names are common.

But that's not all, she frequently mention information that made me realize she knew me. She would mention something I was talking about on the phone or a conversation I had in the house. It was also important for her to mention that she hated racism, and that she was a gypsy.... and of course, that the Nazis persecuted the gypsies.

Now, ask yourself who has the power to get someone sitting beside another person on a plane like that?

I would say it's either intelligence or organized crime. Or both, because the intelligence community has always been hooked up with organized crime, at least in the United States.

 Welcome to Canada. Canada is a Stasi police state that is ruled by the elite who run many of the corporations, most of the drugs and of course... the banks. 

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