Sunday, April 14, 2013

Control Rat's Brain Over Internet

Does this mean "THEY" can put thoughts in your head?

Yes! Just like the other posts I made.... this is all real. Unfortunately, this article does not go deep into what "they" really have. Think about this for a second... this technology is literally species changing.

How come the majority of the media isn't covering this more?

Do you think this could be the reason why the government in your country is becoming screwed up? You have to ask yourself... how many people in your government are being blackmailed? How many people in the media, the entertainment industry and business world are being blackmailed?

By the way, anywhere I say "THEY" you can also substitute the word NAZI PIG. A NAZI is not a person who tells the truth. It's a person or group of people who try to suppress the truth. It's a person or group of people who want to control other people.

From the article:

"Government mind control may not be as farfetched as it sounds: after 15 years of research, scientists have found a way to transmit information from one brain to another, thereby controlling the thoughts of its test subject.

Scientists have successfully captured the thoughts of a rat in Brazil and electronically transmitted them through the Internet to the brain of a rat in the US."

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