Friday, May 10, 2013

Stasi Influence on Canada & United States - The Informant Society

Here is an interesting book.

When you read through it, you'll discover that many of the techniques described are similar to what the Stasi was doing.

The increased sophistication of the modern day Stasi was learned from the past failures of totalitarian states. What caused their inevitable breakdown? A significant part was that past totalitarian regimes looked excessively threatening or oppressive.

Today's modern day technological dictatorships have become very good at giving people the appearance of freedom. We hear endless talk about freedom of speech in modern day "democracies." Freedom of speech is important and political correctness is a massive problem.


What if we actually live in a country of "political thought correctness," and to top that off --- what if technology exists that can literally influence human thought and behavior? To see further evidence of this technology, please see here, here, here and here.

Add to this that the majority of people are completely ignorant of the existence of such technology.

Below is a video talk given by a lady who wrote a book called Stasiland.

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