Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Examples Of Counter Intelligence Phonies Who Know About Stasi Organized Stalking & Classified Technology And Keep Quiet About It

See here for more about Judas goats. Yes, some of the people below actually claim to be "Libertarians" or strong defenders of the Bill of Rights of the United States of America! Others are "Anarchists." Just as funny, some of them pose as "strong critics of Israel" or even "supremacists" or separatists of some sort, be it white or black. The system has been set up to find people that actually care about freedom and are true critics of Israel and Zionism. See here for a complete list of sites that should be looked at with suspicion.

This is the lengths these chameleon-like intelligence agents will go to. Besides intelligence agents, the other agents you find are undercover Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center agents. (See here and here for more about the ADL.)

Who would know that these people are intelligence officers and are involved in counter-intelligence? Once they know where you are and who you are, they can pass the information onto the police, community watch and vigilante groups headed by Zionist thugs. This is the modern day COINTELPRO or counter intelligence. All of the people that are pictured below know about classified surveillance technology and electromagnetic weapons and using Stasi-style techniques to destroy and discredit people. This is what they are involved in doing.

Now, before you look at the pictures below, please see herehere and here for more about the Phoenix Program --- see herehere and here for more about the phony COINTELPRO system --- see here for the connections between Zionism and the origins of Homeland Security.  See here for the technology they use once they find you.

The people below are counter-intelligence agents-
they are Judas goats. For a full list, go here.

1. Adam Kokesh - website - twitter 

2. Angela Keaton - website - twitter

3. Ryan Dawson - website - website 2 - twitter

4. Scott Horton - website - twitter

5. Ray McGovern - website - twitter

5. Justin Raimondo - website - twitter

6. Philip Giraldi - website - website 2 

7. James Corbett - website - twitter 

8.  Lew Rockwell website - twitter

9. Jacob Hornberger website - twitter

10. Alex Jones - website - twitter

11. Paul Joseph Watson website - twitter

12. Sibel Edmonds website - twitter 

13. Richard Spencer website - twitter 

14. Mark Glenn website 

15. Michael Rivero website - twitter 

16. Stefan Molyneuxwebsite - twitter 

17. Augustus Sol Invictuswebsite - twitter 

18. Jeff Rensewebsite 

19. Jim Fetzerwebsite 

20. Texe Marrs- website twitter 

21. Aaron Franz- website 

21. Brian Ruhe- website twitter - YouTube

22. David Duke- website twitter 

23. Henry Makow- website twitter 

24. Adam Green- website twitter 
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