Sunday, June 11, 2017

Ethiopian Jews Face Racism in Israel

Starting at the 4 minute and 10-second mark in the video below, you will see an excellent description of Israeli society from Gilad Atzmon. (See here for a past video from Gilad Atzmon about political correctness and Jewish power.) See this list for past videos about racism in Israel and the problems of Judaism. See here for some more videos about Israel's crimes against Ethiopians.

Believe it or not, this is the way countries like Canada are going. Right now, non-Jews (Gentiles,) are second class citizens in Canada. You might not believe this, but it is true. The more you find out the truth, the more it will anger you because you are paying your taxes to a government that is full of crap and corrupt. The intelligence agencies in Canada protect the banking class and the 1%. That is their real job, and they are so damn cheap they get you to pay for it.

The reality is, this plays right into the idea of what Judaism has historically been associated with..... slavery and usury.

See here for some comments from Jews when asked if Gentiles should be their slaves. See here and here for Transhumanism and its connections to Judaism. See here for the connections between Transhumanism and Eugenics, slavery and political control. See this must watch video for all Americans and Canadians about the true nature of psychopathic Zionists and what they are doing to people who pose a political threat to them.

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