Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Israel You Don't Hear About in the Media - MUST SEE VIDEOS

I have two interesting videos to watch below. They show more of the Israel your government doesn't want you to see. This is the state that Stephen Harper will stand behind no matter what.

But First... Let's Deal With a Few Others Issues

In the United States and Canada, we hear endless talk about Islamic fundamentalism and the problems of terrorists from the Islamic faith. Now, I'm not saying there isn't problems with Islamic terrorism.

But, everything seems to get thrown into the same category of "Islamic terrorism" from a desperate Palestinian who straps a bomb to himself because he just lost his whole family ---- to ----- ISIS.

ISIS specifically, are mostly from the radical Sunni Wahabi brand of Islam. What is usually left out in the media is that the United States and Israel are allies with many of the states that produce these radical terrorists. Especially Saudi Arabia. The United States and Israel have no problem yapping all day long about Iran, but they are allies with truly fundamentalist states. I have even heard the former Ambassador of Israel to the United States say, that "given the current circumstances, we are better off to be allies with the Sunnis in the middle east." These are the same "freedom fighters" that are helping the western powers fight against Syria. The United States and Israel can use these people in the same way that the United States used the Mujahideen to fight against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

Now, I'm not saying that every person in the United States or the Israeli military believes in this strategy, but, this seems to be what they are currently doing. I think he let the cat out of the bag. He basically said what I thought they were doing the whole time.

Now, why would the former Ambassador say that? Well, according to him, these crazy nut jobs don't have any nuclear weapons or any aspirations to build such a thing. Unlike what Iran is supposedly doing. Even though Iran has submitted to nuclear inspections from the IAEA, unlike the state of Israel. BUT, this didn't stop the United States from putting crippling sanctions against the Iranian people.

In the end you have to ask yourself, who are the terrorists? Where do they come from? Why is the United States and Israel allies with states that sponsor Islamic terrorism?

Now, please watch these videos below:

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