Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Must See: Jews And The Other

The video below is interesting and must be watched. See here for the little-known connections between the Talmud, Judaism, and racism against Blacks. Also, be sure to watch this short excellent video from an honest Israeli talking about Judaism and Israel.  

See here for Jews selling Blacks. The historical fact is less than 4% of non-Jewish whites in the South of the United States owned slaves. Less than 2% of the whites in all of pre-civil war America, while 40% of Jewish households owned slaves.  Notice how guilt is only ascribed to "white people" - while Jews were 2000% more likely to own slaves than Gentile whites. Why are black and white Americans not allowed to know who the primary slave traders were? 

It is also worth noting, just as the video below mentions... that Judaism has a history of slavery but also, usury--- which is essentially another way of enslaving people.
Besides this, Transhumanism is arguably a covert form of slavery and certainly has connections with eugenics. 

(Be sure to scroll down and see all the articles in the Transhumanism section of the blog.) For more about the connections between Judaism and Transhumanism, see here and here. See here also for the connections between Judaism and eugenics. (Make sure you click on all the links there.) See here for many more informative videos and articles. 

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