Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Learn More About Jews & Slavery

Watch The Video Below!

See here and here for more about the Holocaust and Six Million.  Ask yourself why a liar like Elie Weisel was such a prominent figure with the Holocaust museum. See here for his importance in the establishment of the Holocaust museum. See here, here and here for more about the "most famous Holocaust survivor" named Elie Wiesel. Isn't that pathetic given his lack of credibility? 

But wait... is Hollywood any better? Is Marlon Brando right about what he says here? You can be the judge of that. But, one perfect example of this is Steven Spielberg. See here for more about Steven Spielberg trying to cover-up the Jewish role in slavery and here for more about his pathetic Holocaust documentary.

Do you know that Germany just finished paying off the reparations from World War 1 and the Treaty of Versaille? Do you know that Germany is still paying "Holocaust" reparations to the state of Israel? Can you believe this? 

Who do you think owns most of the companies that pull the resources out of the ground all over the world but especially in the African continent?   (Who do you really think is behind the mainstream and alternative media? The same people that are behind the banks, the intelligence agencies and the fraudulent human rights organizations. The financiers and the companies that sell the resources that are being pulled out of the ground.) This is why Africa is being held down. This is what AFRICOM is truly about. These people have access to technology that can find oil and mineral deposits underground with up to 99% accuracy. (See this ad from Shell as an example. Also, see here for an example of synthetic aperture radar satellites.) That includes diamonds! They can rape the planet and hoard all its resources. 

Look under the Jewish slavery category of this blog to learn more about the Jewish slave trade in blacks and whites. (Be sure to scroll down and go through all the articles there.) The video below is interesting and must be watched. See here for the little-known connections between the Talmud, Judaism, and racism against Blacks. Also, be sure to watch this short excellent video from an honest Israeli talking about Judaism and Israel.  

See here for Jews selling Blacks. The historical fact is less than 4% of non-Jewish whites in the South of the United States owned slaves. Less than 2% of the whites in all of pre-civil war America, while 40% of Jewish households owned slaves.  Notice how guilt is only ascribed to "white people" - while Jews were 2000% more likely to own slaves than Gentile whites. Why are black and white Americans not allowed to know who the primary slave traders were? 

It is also worth noting that Judaism has a history of slavery but also, usury--- which is essentially another way of enslaving people. Besides this, Transhumanism (see here and here,) which is arguably a covert form of slavery and certainly has connections with eugenics, is also heavily oriented with Jews, for more about the connections to Judaism, see here and here. See here also for the connections between Judaism and eugenics. (Make sure you click on all the links there.) 

See here for many more informative videos and articles. 

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