Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Civil War That Is Coming To North America Against Zionist Psychopaths

See here for the problems with Judaism.

1. Doing What Some Jews Do Best- Bullying People and Ganging Up on Them:

2. Doing What Some Jews Do Best- Terrorizing People and Ganging Up on Them Part 2 (This Time With Children):

Israel- a Shining Light? I Don't Think So... Israel Without Her Mascara:

4. Toast to this: More Jewish Bullying and Terrorist Activity: … …

5. ABSOLUTE MUST WATCH VIDEO FOR CANADIANS AND AMERICANS- Pathetic Jewish losers ganging up on gentiles:

6. (Non-Jews)Talmudic Terror and Torture:  

7. Bloodthirsty Sick People:

8. Rabbi Says it's Okay to Kill Goyim:

9. More MUST SEE VIDEOS: Jewish Bullies In Israel Attacking Children, Women And Senior Citizens:

10. Psychopathic Jew Shooting Palestinian Children:

11. Unfortunately, These Children Weren't Chosen. By Talmudic Law - They Were NOT "Jewish." :

12. Jewish Talmud Pedophilia: The Jewish Religion Allows Sex with 3-Year-Old Baby Girls and Little Boys Under Nine:

13. On The Jews And Mental Illness (Also Lying):

14. This is absolutely happening now in Canada and the United States: Zionist Takeover- War on Population:

15. Video Example of Stasi "Anchoring" Techniques That Zionist Losers Use:

16. List of Classified Technology Zionist Scum Use:

17. Homeland Security - Organized Stalking and Militant Zionism:

18. Homeland Security - a Collection of Must See Links:

19.  Diagram of a Zionist Stasi Takedown: Organized Stalking and Torture:

20. US Army Intelligence Officer, Julianne McKinney, on Targeted Individuals, & Organized Stalking Crimes Says it is Predominantly One Group involved in Perpetrating These Stalking and Harassing Crimes:

21. Stalin's Jews - We Must Not Forget That Some Of The Greatest Murderers Of Modern Times Were Jewish:

22. Top Rabbi of Israeli Army: It's OK to Rape Non-Jewish Women:

23. Dealing With Zionist Lunatics:

24. Kill Amalek: The Jewish "Hate" Campaign Against Perceived Threats:

25. Absolute must watch! Jewish Defense League is a Terrorist Group Authorized by Canadian & French Governments:

26. History’s Forgotten Braveheart - Jesus Against the So-Called Jews:

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