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Podesta: The Maple Ridge News Is a Joke! I Wonder Why I Can't Post Any Comments To The Maple Ridge News Facebook Wall?

Update: Facebook is now completely blocking my account! See here and here for more about this.
Update Part 2: I opened another Facebook account. (See here for the new account.) I have already been blocked numerous times. See here and here for two more updated posts about Lisa Podesta.
Update Part 3: My new Facebook was once again closed down. To see my Twitter account, go here:

See the screenshots below of the Facebook walls for the Maple Ridge News, the Tri-City News, the Vancouver Sun, the Province, and the Globe and Mail.

Could it be possible that it has something to do with the person who is running the paper? Someone who doesn't like what I am saying that knows some of the people that are following me in the United States, Vancouver, the Lower Mainland, and in Maple Ridge? As everyone can see in the screenshots below--- they allow me to comment on papers like the Vancouver Sun, the Vancouver Province, and the Globe & Mail. As far as local papers go... the Tri-City News which serves the areas of Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, and Port Moody allows my comments. All those towns are right beside Maple Ridge.

But no..... not the Maple Ridge News. THEY DO NOT ALLOW MY COMMENTS. The lady that is heading the newspaper is concerned that I might say something on their Facebook wall that will make others think or call her credibility into question.

She has an interesting last name too, though she doesn't advertise it herehere and here. See here and here for the Podesta surname used on other social media. A surname that is the same as those involved in this scandal. See here for more about the powerful Washington lobbyist and here for more about the Pizzagate scandal involving John Podesta. You might also want to do some searches on Google and YouTube for "Podesta Scandal" to learn more. I also know that some of the people watching me in New York with classified technology have business relationships with people that just so happen to have the same last name. It's not a very common last name either. No, I am not saying she is involved in this, but, some of these people in Maple Ridge are working with these people in the United States, and they are all intelligence. That's a 100% certainty.

Some of the Podesta Group and their "Think Tank's" clients include: British Petroleum, The Pacific Gas and Electric Company, General Electric, General Motors, Duke Energy, Sunoco, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, General Dynamics, AMGEN, Genentech, Synthetic Genomics, Covidien, Merck, Novartis and Comcast, Golden West Financial, Citibank, Wells Fargo,

Now, notice how many of these clients are banks, financial institutions, military contractors, energy companies and companies working with synthetic biology. Let's start with Raytheon which I have talked about here, AMGEN, Genentech and Synthetic Genomics are dealing with synthetic biology, which is something I talk about here, here and here. Also, the energy companies who have access to technology like this. You can also see there is a whole host of military contractors that have access to technology like this, this and this

Makes you think. I have said absolutely nothing offensive on the Maple Ridge newspaper Facebook wall.

See herehere and here for previous posts on the topic of Maple Ridge. Incidentally, many of the people who are following me in Maple Ridge and the Lower Mainland also know the lady who runs the Maple Ridge News. I'm sure it's all just a coincidence... considering the insanely crazy situation I'm involved in that is literally like a 007 script for a Hollywood movie.  Spies, organized crime, classified technology, torture, human experimentation, drugs, human trafficking, child trafficking--- anything else?  Why are all these connected? Because this is what intelligence agencies are involved in and they are psychopaths who truly believe they are God.

Ya, Maple Ridge isn't quite what it used to be. Don't buy their image, they are working with evil lying psychopaths that are hell-bent on covering up how big their lies and deception really are. As I have said before, and as he mentions in this video --- these people are often in commanding positions of power. Positions in government, military, intelligence and key areas in corporations or businesses like Managers or CEO's.

See How I CANNOT Comment Below!
The Maple Ridge News- Click to Enlarge

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See How I CAN Comment Below!
The Province - Click to Enlarge

See How I CAN Comment Below!
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