Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Collection Of Posts About The RCMP, CSIS, The CSE And The FBI

1. About RCMP: … … and … … and … … and … …

2. FBI publicly knows of and admits bio-warfare, but, RCMP doesn't unless you call their Bio-Terrorism office like I did. But why is no one talking about it? It is extremely serious as the FBI says:

3. CSIS Canada denies knowing about Brain-Computer-Interfaces- call them up, ask them like I did. Yet, the Royal Society knows about it:

4. They are actually using a form of biowarfare on the population, and the RCMP and CSIS ARE DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. The media is completely silent. Who is the major influence in the media?

5. A Collection of Tweets About Brain Chips - Electromagnetic Weapons and Mind Control:

6. Echelon- Learn about the CSE in Canada and the NSA in the USA:

7. Homeland Security - a Collection of Must See Links:

8. Microwave Warfare & Directed Energy Weapons - a List of Must See Links and a Video: … … … …

9. Canadian Intelligence Agencies: evil full of crap liars: &

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