Sunday, April 2, 2017

Jews & Narcissism

Watch the video below. Then read this article here. After this, read the Wikipedia article about Narcissistic Personality Disorder

For past articles on this topic see herehere, and here. See here for more about the psychopathic character. These are some of the personality traits they look for in intelligence agencies and spies. Just as Monica Lewinsky is saying here"I grew up lying, in my family, we always lie" this applies to the children of spy families. See here for an Ex-Mossad agent talking about how intelligence agencies think they are God. See here for more about narcissistic Jewish bullies and the Bolshevik mentality. See here for more about the Jewish Talmud. (Be sure to scroll down and go through all of the articles.) A good example of this Talmudic mentality is displayed in this video of Gene Simmons (a Jew,) from the band KISS.

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