Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Three Pieces of Crap Who Actively Try to Suppress the Truth in a Community Facebook Group

Yes, the Canadian Stasi is in full force, just like these CSIS videos show. The CSIS videos literally show them being like Stasi stalking agents. See herehereherehere and here for more about the connections between the CSECSIS, the RCMP, and Zionism. It is also intriguing to look at this past post I made here about a letter to the Editor of the local Newspaper in Maple Ridge. Also, read this post about Zionist vigilante justice.

As I have stated previously on my Twitter account, absolutely every single Human Rights Organization should be looked at with a critical eye, (see here, here, here and here for posts about some human rights groups,) the same goes for Community Watch Groups, especially their moderators. Canada has 100% become like East Germany, and the Canadian population is full of informants and stalking psychopaths that know their country has become a complete joke.

Three of the people in the group called "Concerned Citizens of Maple Ridge (Standing Up For a Better Community:") are actively trying to suppress information that I post. One of these individuals is a moderator of the group.

Every time I posted something into the group, I would have issues with the same three people. Even though I was never rude to anyone and the information that I was providing was important and relevant for people in the community of Maple Ridge to know.

Another important point that must be made... I was absolutely amazed to find out how many "Community Groups" are in the town of little Maple Ridge. Why would a town like Maple Ridge with a population around 76 000 people have tons of Community Groups on Facebook?

This is not normal. Do the research for yourself. If you go through other towns and cities you won't find this. Even places like Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey and Vancouver. I believe it is because there are tons of people that are following me in the town  --- many who are Zionists and Jews. Others who are informants or intelligence agents.

Be wary of some of these Facebook groups. Of course, that's not to say that they are all bad. I just know from my experience with intelligence that they start groups to follow the people who join them. When your country is becoming overrun by organized crime and corruption they want to know who the people that care about justice and making a difference in their community are. They don't want to change anything. They are there to find you and spy on you.

Do you not find it slightly strange that when I started posting relevant information into this group about classified technology they got their backs up? Why would they care? The reality is, the information that I'm talking about is absolutely crucial for everyone to know. The other comment I made in the group that got these three people angry was on someone else's comment about why the Police are not doing anything about drug dealers. I said many of them are working as informants. I believe that Maple Ridge is a town that is being completely overrun by drugs, same goes for Mission. This is a sign of levels of corruption in British Columbia and Canada. You should read the posts herehere and here about the connections between intelligence agencies, drugs, and drug dealers. It is interesting to note, that Mission, a town with a way smaller population than Maple Ridge, has a community Facebook group of almost 7000 people. Once again, this is very odd. Just like Maple Ridge, no other major cities in British Columbia have this.

The other groups I found highly suspicious on Facebook are "Targeted Individual Groups." You can tell right when you signup and get into these groups that most of these people are not truly "Targeted Individuals." Anyone who has been targeted by intelligence agencies can see this right away, they are a complete joke. Once again, I think all of the moderators of these groups are suspicious and should be investigated.   

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