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A Letter Sent To The Maple Ridge News About Something That is Happening in the Town I Live In

Important must read letter below
my introduction - the letter is from
a local newspaper in my town that
was sent in f
rom a resident in
 Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada

Introduction: Below my introduction is a letter that was sent to the local paper in my town. It describes the exact behavior I have seen from some people in Maple Ridge, British Columbia.

An interesting bit of information for you to know is the paper that this letter was written to knows that this is happening to me. My situation is different than the one described in the letter below, but similar and much more important because as I have said here, Edward Snowden is a phony and I am releasing information that everyone needs to know. (I contacted the newspaper on many occasions and received no reply even though the information I'm exposing is crucial. Absolutely no one will talk about it.) They won't say anything because of who they collect their paychecks from and who runs the papers and the media in Canada. The truth is, my situation is not "bullying" like is described in the letter below, it is 100% torture by any standards.

The individuals that are doing this to me are extremely aware of what they are doing and the importance of discrediting me. They have to do this because the information they are covering up is so horrible it would astound people. Honestly, it would literally affect the foundation of our country. All I can say is these people are demonic human beings that are hell bent on enforcing their ideology. The tactics they are using is similar to the Stasi in East Germany and comes from the Bolsheviks in Russia

Essentially, they are involved in political assassinations and counter-intelligence just like Noam Chomsky is talking abut here. (Also, see here and here for more about COINTELPRO.) This is what counter- intelligence really is and what intelligence agencies and the counter-intelligence departments inside the FBI and the RCMP really do and have been doing since at least the 60's. See here for the technology and here for the techniques they use to destroy a target's life. Be sure to check out the links on the techniques that refer to Zersetzung. See here for more about slander and here on how they discredit a targeted person with hi-technology.

Many of the people that are doing this to me are Jews, others are Christians and all of them care about Israel, (there is a reason why intelligence agencies have religious signs on them.) Besides Jews and Christians, the other people that are involved with this are community watch, vigilante groups connected to Zionism, intelligence agents or informants involved with drugs. Legal and non-legal. Intelligence agencies have always worked with individuals that are involved with drugs, some of these individuals that are involved with drugs get contracts from intelligence agencies, (for example, the intelligence agencies find people that are involved in drugs that they can use for spying, then they hook them up with deals that are involved with medical marijuana markets in the United States.) This way they can hit two birds with one stone, they can make money with drugs and be some sort of pseudo-spy for intelligence agencies.

This gives them maximum security clearance and makes them above the law.  All of this technology is financed by and used against the hapless taxpayers. They are literally subsidizing or socializing their costs and privatizing their profits. They allow YOU the taxpayer to pay for the research and development of the technology. The reality is if they want to make money with drugs and they are doing it in a legal way, that is one thing, but, for them to be using the United States or the Canadian government and taxpayer money to help themselves to accomplish this, that is another thing altogether. Especially when the technology that they have access to is extremely dangerous and massively invasive. 

As I said previously, many of the methodologies and tactics that these intelligence agencies are implementing on the population of their respective countries are right out of the playbooks of the former Stasi in East Germany, see here for more about the Stasi and how they were connected to the Cheka in Russia and how they were started by the Bolsheviks. The Stasi used to called themselves proud "Chekists." It is also important for people to know that many of the Bolsheviks were Jews, and this information comes from extremely reliable sources. This is relevant because of the connections between these tactics and the origins of the Homeland Security laws. (Public Safety Canada are the Homeland Security of Canada.) 

See here for what Zbigniew Brzezinski said about a future run an "elite" unrestrained by "traditional values" enforcing their ideology on our countries with dangerous and invasive hi-technology, see here for more about former U.S. Representative from Ohio Dennis Kucinich's attempted ban on
space- based weaponry.

The truth of the matter is, there might as well be no laws in Canada anymore. This country is pretty much gone. Your rights have been taken away and there is a very, very good chance that you will never get them back. Most Canadians don't know they can actually be waterboarded under the Bill
C-51 laws
. Though there's a slim chance they would do this because they don't need to waterboard you anymore. They will use the technology I'm exposing. They can read your mind and hurt you from a remote location outside of your house.  They can turn your house into a torture dungeon.

But, just as the RCMP officer said to me who came to my house to inform me that I had to take down information about someone working with intelligence  ---- "this is above our heads." 

Many police are afraid to even get involved with this because they will either lose their jobs or become targets themselves. If this keeps up, this is going to erupt into something very ugly in North America.


Original letter found can be found here.


Letters: ‘Bullying continues online’

Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows posted Oct 12, 2016 at 12:00 PM

Editor, The News:

Recently it has come to my attention that a fair number of Maple Ridge residents are engaging in cyber bullying – creating social media pages to intimidate, manipulate, put down, falsely discredit
or humiliate people with the intent to hurt or embarrass those who have a difference of opinion.

Their main targets are the homeless and people suffering mental health or substance use disorders.

Those who at their lowest point in life, with an already unstable mental state, do not need to be
ridiculed, picked on, followed around with cameras and harassed. But the bullying doesn’t stop
there. They’ll target anyone who dares to disagree with their way of thinking.

Posting photos of people and comments in online groups and public pages, then verbally attacking the person, mocking their intelligence. You would think this sort of behaviour would be on the decline given the histories of cyber bullying and it’s outcomes.

These people are grown adults, who consider themselves hard-working, tax-paying citizens of
Maple Ridge. What kind of example are they setting for the younger generation? That it’s OK to make fun of people who don’t share your opinion?

It’s one thing to have a cause that you believe in and promote and stand up for that cause. It’s
another to post things on social media solely for the purpose of ridiculing, telling people they are wrong, unintelligent, and are just a bleeding heart with their head in the sand because they have compassion. Maple Ridge is facing an epidemic, as are many other cities.

Hate and bullying are doing nothing to help the situation. They only makes things worse.

J. Curtis

Maple Ridge

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