Saturday, October 1, 2016

Homeland Security, Torture, Political Prisoners, Classified Technology and Drug Dealers

1. A collection of tweets about Homeland Security and its Connections to Zionism:

2. Here is what they do - they find you with sites like this: and this and this: and then they contact others around you

3. Intelligence is behind these websites: and and they work with drug dealers:

4. First, they have to get the nanotechnology or a brain-computer interface inside of you so they can read your mind and hook you up to a computer. To learn more, see these very important posts here, here, here, here and here.

5. Once this is done, to simplify, you are assigned a unique BIOMETRIC-API similar to a cell phone number in which they can send/receive signals and messages into/from you, and see out of your eyes and hear out of your ears. (See this clip of seeing out a cat's eyes.) See also this paper about acquiring your EEG remotely

6. Your unique bio-identifier or BioAPI essentially makes you like human network node, you are a node on the GRID:

7. This creates a unique Human Terrain:  for every human node on the GeoINT network:, to learn more about being a "living" node on a network, see this:

8. You are exactly like this says, your mind has no firewall: you are surrounded by wireless communication and that immerses you in the background or the "shadow" of communications systems. So, besides all of us being embedded in the earth's magnetic field, (something that is EXTREMELY important because of the Schumann Resonance and its relation to the brain and the mind and specifically, the Hippocampus which is the gateway to consciousness, memory and information storage. If you access the Hippocampus you can garner all of the information that is being consolidated in an individuals experience.) We are all embedded in a homogeneous secondary field called the communications system, and, much of it is pulsed in the range of the brain. We are quite literally, living in the shadow of a massive electromagnetic field that is generated by our communications systems. 

10. Documented torture of a political prisoner: you don't hear too much about this

11. They don't need to put you into a camp anymore, sure they can, but they can turn your house into a prison with classified hi-technology.

12. They torture you and destroy your life without you knowing, that's the real secret. You won't know until you know how they do it. (See here for a diagram of a covert Stasi take down of a targeted individual.)

13. I am showing you what no one else does, the real intelligence. THIS IS THE REAL INTELLIGENCE AND WHAT THEY DO.

14. See Stasi take down of our countries: and they are working with criminals, informants - everything

15. Electromagnetic aspect of Mind Control: A scientific analysis:

19. It is amazing that you don't hear more about Michael Persinger, who has worked with the CIA:

20. Satellite and Electromagnetic Terrorism:

22.  Microwave terror, microwaves and radar the spectrum:

23. Check this out, they were doing this in the 70's: Documented Radio Frequency Testing, Torture:

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