Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Mass Scale Debauchery in the United States Government - Right Up to the Highest Levels - Including the NSA and CIA

Forward Note: As I said before, this is why you cannot trust government spy institutions and the police who work with them. See herehere, here, here and here for more connections to mind control, pedophilia, drug trafficking, human and child trafficking with spy institutions.  Most people do not know that one of the ways for intelligence officers or anyone else, (a hacker,) to download child porn is to use someone else's computer. They can also use BitTorrents and other Peer-to-Peer File Sharing programs. Many people often download and use these programs for other reasons, but, they can be dangerous because hackers can piggyback on them and download other material onto your computer.


The Pizzagate meme that you hear going around right now is certainly nothing new. The first thing to keep in mind is this stuff is real and it happens. It goes back hundreds if not thousands of years. From cases like Giles de Rais to the Countess Elizabeth Báthory

There Really is People That Are This Crazy

Don't forget the Ian Watkins baby incidents with Peaches Geldof. Peaches tweeted out the Mom's names involved in this. Then there is Jimmy Savile and especially the case of Marc Dutroux who literally had children in torture chambers. The Marc Dutroux case also involved elites in high places. These connections run through the royal families, the Anglo-American empire, the Catholic Church and the Anglican Church which is connected to the Church of England and the Royal Family, the Jewish elite, the state of Israel and Arab allies in the middle east, like Saudi Arabia.  

But, it is also happening in Canada and the United States. Just look at this interview with Corey Feldman about the Hollywood elite and pedophilia and this video with Elijah Wood about the child sex abuse problem in Hollywood. You can also watch this documentary called Hollywood Pedophiles Exposed. Then, of course, there is Jeffery Epstein, the billionaire pedophile with his sex slaves and orgy island. Someone who the Clintons, Donald Trump, and many others knew. Most people have never heard of this case with the father of Nicole Kidman either, where it was alleged that he was involved in an elite pedophile ring.

Another case to consider is Russell Williams in Canada. Russell Williams was the roommate of Paul Bernardo. Williams was flying around Stephen Harper and the Royal family! These are not coincidences. Just like the connections between drugs, organized crime, law enforcement and the intelligence industry.

It's also thought provoking to contemplate the cases below in the context of the classified technology I'm talking aboutThe intelligence industry and elite politically connected individuals are hoarding classified technology and some of us are under a perverted level of surveillance. (They can do it to anyone.) These people have access to technology that allows them to turn someone's life into a reality TV show

They can look out any child, woman or man's eyes. This is the never talked about link between the intelligence agencies and pedophilia. They are, by default, all voyeurs and pedophiles.  The people in control of the United States government right now are absolute lying psychopaths. You are truly living in times comparable to the French Revolution. Their levels of corruption, greed, and depravity are beyond most people's imaginations. This is nothing new. It was going on at the time of the Franklin Coverup, also see here for more about the FBI and Child Sex Trafficking. 

The intelligence agencies are run by complete lying sadistic perverted psychopaths. Do you think it is a coincidence that John Podesta is friends with former speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert

Do you think it's a coincidence that Andrew Breitbart tweeted out those tweets before he died? Another interesting video is this one here, with Andrew Breitbart with Greg Gutfeld on Fox making remarks about "Ping Pong." Hmm, you don't think they knew something?  (See here for more about Comet Ping Pong.)

Below is a whole list of United States abuses that are worth looking at. What is most compelling about them, is many are a part of the government, the most interesting being the intelligence agencies and the Pentagon. This is already something that I pointed out here and here

Ex-House Speaker, 'serial child molester' Dennis Hastert goes to prison

CIA able to keep its secrets on budgets, bad apples

Pentagon lagged on pursuing porn cases

5,200 Pentagon Employees Bought Child Pornography – Investigation halted after 8 Months:

Pentagon computers used for child pornography:

Did We Finish Looking Into Those 1,700 Pentagon Child Porn Cases?'

Child Porn, Coke Smuggling: Hundreds of DHS Employees Arrested Last Year

‘Cannibal Cop’ partner Michael Van Hise wanted to keep children as sex slaves: prosecutors

'Cannibal Cop's' partner 'wanted to make stepdaughter, three, a sex slave and offered two nieces to be raped'

Hill aide arrested on child porn charges

Ryan Loskarn Child Pornography

Lamar Alexander's former aide, charged with child porn, kills himself

Crimes Of DHS Employees – Child Porn, Coke Smuggling, Forgery, Bribery, And Robbery

DHS Press Secretary Arrested on Child Seduction Charges

Jared Fogle, ex-Subway pitchman, paid kids for sex on New York trips, prosecutor says

San Francisco: Homeland Security agent found guilty of possession of child pornography

Customs and Border Protection Supervisor Pleads Guilty to Possession of Child Pornography

State Department official arrested on suspicion of seeking sex with minor: CNN

UPDATE: Aldie man charged with sexually soliciting middle school girls

State Department employee arrested on child porn charge in Broward

N.J. state employee used work computer to download child porn, AG says

State Department employee Carl Carey arrested on child porn charges

Conn. Mayor Arrested on Child Sex Charges

Cop Arrested for Child Sex Charges AGAIN — After Dept Failed to Prosecute the First Time

Real Life #Pizzagate Authorities Arrest 51 In Child Sex Ring, Lawmakers Included

South Florida ICE official arrested on child porn charges

Former Navy official pleads to pornography charge

Former Navy chaplain to be sentenced for child pornography

Former Navy MP pleads guilty to federal child porn charge

Former Navy sailor pleads guilty to child porn charge

Undersecretary of the Navy, Special Assistant to Reagan, Pentagon Spokesman - CHILD PORN

Former Navy Physician’s Assistant Pleads Guilty to Child Porn Charges

Ex-Blue Angels photographer pleads guilty to child porn charge

Ex-Army Colonel Weeps as He Is Sentenced to Prison on Child Pornography Charges

Canadian soldier in England pleads guilty to making and possessing child pornography

Former Ontario education deputy minister pleads guilty to three child porn charges

Military officer pleads guilty to possessing graphic child porn

Ex-Clinton adviser pleads to child-porn charge

Ex-Edmonton soldier pleads guilty to child porn charges

Former Subway pitchman seeks to plead guilty to child pornography, sex charges

Former drug agent pleads guilty to federal child pornography charge

More high-ranking officers being charged with sex crimes against subordinates

Retired Navy officer gets one year prison in child-porn case

Portland Man Sentenced to 30 Months in Prison for Possessing One Image of Child Sexual Abuse- employee of the DOI's Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)

Former Department of Agriculture Worker Sentenced for Child Porn

Former House staffer sentenced for child porn

Former federal worker gets 50 years in rape, child porn case

Army colonel sentenced to 12 years in child pornography case

Former Greene County Deputy Sentenced for Child Porn

Former Coulee Dam school administrator pleads guilty to federal child porn charge

Richmond Resident Convicted of Possession of Child Pornography 

Former BPD detective sentenced in child porn case

Former top FBI agent charged with child porn distribution

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