Wednesday, January 18, 2017

So-Called Jews Stealing Land and Treating Other People That Are Not Jewish Like Crap

How many Jews are anti-Semitic against the Palestinians? The Palestinians are Semitic people themselves

Below you will find a documentary about the Jewish state and the conflict in the occupied territories. Besides the documentary below, go here to learn more about the ethnocentric ideology called Judaism. Their treatment of the "other" is far from being tolerant, which makes their ridiculous propaganda campaign to "COEXIST" completely absurd. See here for how much they like coexistence. 

Coexistence to some Jews is living under their boot and not complaining about it. This actually plays right into the traditional role of Judaism and its little known or talked about connection to slavery and human trafficking. Why is is that very few Jews will come out and tell you what Israel really is? Why do all of these people continue to remain quiet about the true nature of Israel? That it is essentially nothing more than a segregationist ethnocracy. One where a Jew like Mark Zuckerberg could not even marry his Asian wife. See here, here and here. Why will he not say anything about this? 

Probably because many of these same people remain quiet about the true nature of the United States and how a pack of Zionist wolves have taken away American's constitutional rights, (also see here and here,) under the Patriot Act and turned the country into something resembling a Banana Republic. (See here, here, here, here and here.) 

It is interesting that the documentary starts with this quote from Stephen Hawking: "The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance... it is the illusion of knowledge. Check out what a bunch of psycho Jews were saying about Stephen Hawking after he decided to boycott Israel. Also, see here for perfect examples of absolute ignorance and crazed supremacism. This is what these nutjobs are doing to critics of Israel. 

Welcome to Canada and the United States, this is exactly what our countries have become. With influential forces like this driving our foreign policy and allowing crazy wackos like this to do as they please to Palestinians but also, Canadians and Americans. Our countries have turned into covert Palestine's with Zionist's persecuting people who criticize their political views. They are going after individuals who know too much and who refuse to keep their mouths shut about the true nature of Judaism and the state of Israel. It is worth letting everyone know, that there is a historical connection between the Stasi, the Cheka, Bolshevism, and Jews. Homeland Security is actually modeled after some of these ideas. The reality is, if we really are concerned about terrorists, why are Zionists getting a free pass? You might find it interesting to know that Jews have always been some of the biggest terrorists. Also, see here for which group of people are most likely to be terrorists.


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