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Collection Of Posts About The "Jews"

Before you read the articles and watch the videos in the enumerated posts below, please read my introduction to see why Judaism is a fraud. 


“He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners,
 and to release the oppressed.”
—Jesus of Nazareth


One might begin to wonder why I have a problem with what is known as "Jewish" identity. The reason is Judaism is ethnocentric and in many cases... outright racist. See here for more about the psychopathology of Judaism and here for more about how Israel is a psychopathic ethnostate.  

Judaism is not merely a religion, it is a blood-based ethnocracy. Many Jews are overt atheists or agnostics, and they do not consider themselves less Jewish because of that. Jews are also the only group in which they have individuals that hold a "crypto" identity, or, in other words, hide or "secretly practice" their beliefs. Is this not strange? One must ask- what exactly is the reason to secretly practice these beliefs? Are they worried that we would be concerned about people who do not want to eat pork or who honor the Sabbath? Seriously, what are these beliefs? Most people do not know much about the Talmud and the opposition that it has stirred up throughout history. (See the collection of posts located here to learn more about the Talmud. Be sure to scroll down and go through them all. Also, see here for a good introductory video from an honest Israeli.) 

The funny thing is, many Jews think of themselves as a race. All while supporting a racist, ethnocentric, apartheid state...  to top it off, they have the nerve to go around calling other people bigots and racists for criticizing their complete insanity!   Do you want to know something funny? Did you know that it is literally illegal for a Jew to marry a Gentile in the state of Israel? This is something they were trying to get rid of with the New Testament

The idea of a "Jew" is based on the Halakhah laws from the Talmud and can be found here. Here is what it specifically says under the heading: "Who is a Jew?"

"A Jew is any person whose mother was a Jew or any person who has gone through the formal process of conversion to Judaism. It is important to note that being a Jew has nothing to do with what you believe or what you do. A person born to non-Jewish parents who has not undergone the formal process of conversion but who believes everything that Orthodox Jews believe and observes every law and custom of Judaism is still a non-Jew, even in the eyes of the most liberal movements of Judaism, and a person born to a Jewish mother who is an atheist and never practices the Jewish religion is still a Jew, even in the eyes of the ultra-Orthodox. In this sense, Judaism is more like a nationality than like other religions, and being Jewish is like a citizenship."

Talmudic "Jewish" identity has absolutely nothing to do with the Bible. In fact, there is nothing in the New Testament nor the Old Testament (Tanakh) about creating a "Talmudic Jewish state of Israel." Talmudic Jewish identity is a fraud, and this is mentioned in the New Testament here and here.  (See the collection of posts located here to learn more about the Talmud and why they cover this up from you.) 

It gets even crazier than this. Most people have no idea that the laws the Jews are defending in Israel of what makes a Jew a Jew are the Nuremberg laws from the Nazi party! (Also see here from the Jewish Virtual Library.) It's true, and they call me or others who are fighting this a "racist." This is how crazy this really is, but very few people know the truth.

It doesn't matter if you believe in the bible or God, the question is, where do they get off claiming to be some sort of chosen people of the bible? See a perfect and reasonable example of the fraud at the 1 hour and 12-minute mark in the video here. An atheist and an agnostic cannot argue with this. Their "Jewish" identity is based on nothing but lies. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what they were trying to do with the New Testament. They were trying to get rid of this ethnocentric, racist insanity and universalize human rights. YOU ARE ALL MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD, AND YOUR BODY IS THE TEMPLE. This is why Jesus says the body is the temple (see here and here,) and why the first and second temples were both destroyed. (Jesus warns about the destruction of the second temple.) The Jews don't understand this. It is also why Jesus says he is the Alpha and the Omega, this means the beginning and the end, just like the creation stories (beginning) and the end in the Gospel of John and the Book of Revelation. Remember, we are made in the image of God in the very beginning of the Bible. 

It is important to let people know that Jesus was not a Jew like the Jews you see today. In fact, he was literally against them and that is why they crucified him. (See here.) Why? One of the main reasons is because Judaism is a cult that is run by overbearing, controlling, lying psychopaths. This is why Jesus calls them hypocrites and liars and in the gospel of John, charges the Jewish leadership with following the Devil(Unfortunately, this is pretty much the case in Christianity too as most of the churches are a complete joke that will not tell you the truth.) 

Many Zionists like to say Jesus was "a Jew just like them" to get gullible Christians, agnostics or whoever to support their insanity. "Jesus was a Jew like us..." or "you should support the state of Israel if you like human rights." or "the only democracy in the middle east" or "the bastion of western civilization in the middle east." All while this, this and this is happening. Just complete madness and lies. The truth is, Israel is an ethnocracy and it does not even have a constitution! Plus, they acknowledge and impose Sharia law

Judaism has historically been associated with usury and slavery. While human rights can be traced back in Christian thought to at least 13th century. It was Christians who brought in natural law and human rights.  Before Christianity, the whole idea of loving your enemy or about everyone being made in the image of God didn't exist. Helping the poor and the sick for disinterested motives. Where do you think this comes from? 

Even with Spinoza, the beloved "Jewish" philosopher... it must be reminded that the "so-called Jews" told him to take a hike. He found more favor among philosophers --- many whom were Christians because Christianity had a history of integrating and adopting philosophy into it.  (See here for more about this.)

The other scheme the state of Israel has is to try to appear like something they aren't. Israel is a hodge-podge that has been set up to try to get everyone and their dog to support it, no matter what the state of Israel does or no matter how full of crap they are. Even when the whole world is against them for their human rights abuses and genocidal actions. They try to get everyone from conservatives to gays and lesbians to support it. Even though the state of Israel supports Sharia law! The truth is, historically, Judaism was always closer to Islam than Christianity. What reform Jews and Zionists are doing is taking ideas from Christianity and adopting them into Judaism, all while refraining to get rid of the tribalistic "chosenness" of Judaism from the Talmud

They try to equate "anti-Semitism" with something that is completely irrational when it is far from being so. Once you understand and know the truth about Judaism you will see why they have had problems with others in the past. They hide it from you! Some of them don't even know the truth themselves. Just like some Christians don't know the truth of Christianity. Some of the "so-called Jews" try to gull the ignorant public into thinking they are the victims. They are not telling you the truth. There is a reason why this group of people has been booted out of so many nations. 

I would like you to ask yourself a question. Why is it that so many of the supposed "Liberals" in your country support the state of Israel? I mention Liberals because at one time a Liberal was not a bad word. These were the people who stood up to the overreaching powers of the monarchs, these were the people who demanded their natural rights as human beings.  A Liberal originally meant a person who believed in human rights, property rights, freedom of speech, and freedom of conscience with the rule of law. They demanded checks and balances on power. How can you have ethics and morality if you are not free to choose? This is the exact opposite of what is happening in North America and in Israel today. (See here for the connections between Homeland Security, Zionism, and Israel.) 

So, why is it that so few of your politicians are willing to stand up and speak out against what Israel actually is or what is happening over there?  Even when you have a Prime Minister of the state of Israel making insane comments like this. It's because they are afraid of the power of the Jewish lobby. Simple as that.  

Imagine the Pope designating what makes every Christian a Christian... is that you only need to be born from a Christian mother. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU DO, NOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE! Even better, imagine the Pope saying that you can be a Christian, even though you don't believe or even "struggle with God," (that's what Israel actually means.) You only have to have some Christian relatives. Preferably, your mother. Not only that, he's going to set up a whole state designated for people just like you. But it gets even better... you'll have more rights in that state than people that have lived there their whole lives. If you're lucky,  you might even be able to have one of their homes. 

Another thought experiment... imagine if the Jews turned New York city into a Jewish state. Made it illegal to marry non-Jews, and put big walls around New York city with checkpoints. Imagine they began to uproot the New Yorkers, put them behind the big walls, controlled their water supply and called them terrorists.

Like I said, Israel is a blood-based ethnocracy. Today in Israel, (or anywhere else for that matter,) what makes a Talmudic Jew a Jew, when it comes right down to it... has absolutely nothing to do with what they believe. It is based on the Talmudic interpretation of who a Jew is. It is a man-made blood law. If it is not racist, it is based on blood and ethnocentrism. In this sense, it is not much different to what was happening in Nazi Germany. Think about that! It is not much different than what the Nazi's were doing! Now look through the links below and see what some Jews and the state of Israel hide from you:

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