Monday, February 29, 2016

The Five Worst CIA Operations Ever: the Precursor to Homeland Security is MKUltra and the Phoenix Program

In the video located below, you will see some of what I am describing in this article. Much of the alternative media on the internet is set up to be like flypaper to attract the people they are looking for in the new Phoenix Program. See also this article here. The internet is about a wider agenda in itself. The internet (at least the publicly available internet, including VPN's,) right from its very inception, has always been connected to DARPAIntelligencemilitary intelligence etc. Don't let them fool you.  Understand that among other things, one of the goals of the internet is to find people that criticize those with political and economic power. (See this document and this video to see for yourself what official government documents are saying, that we will see an increase between the "haves" and the "have-nots,"and that that the "haves" are going to start seeing the "have-nots" as a potential problem.) Also, see here, here and here for what they do when they identify you as a threat.

It is part of a bigger plan. One of creating a global surveillance brain. It's a eugenics and Transhumanist project. (See here, herehereherehere, here and here for more about this.)

Now, as for the video below ---- the first major problem with it is that it understates how evil MKUltra really was and is, (for example, they only talk about mind control with drugs.)

Even the Wikipedia write-up acknowledges the use of electronics. (Update: it used to, someone went into Wikipedia and edited the MKULTRA article, I wonder why? I have now put up the old link that refers to it that they took down.) 

The reality is, they quickly learned that using brain chips, nanotechnology, electromagnetic stimulation, and electromagnetic weapons are the most effective way to influence, discredit, and destroy targets. They can now perform no-touch torture, this way it is done in a plausibly deniable way. See here and here for information about this. Add along with this active slander campaigns, organized stalking, and other Stasi techniques.

The next major problem with the video is it says that MKUltra and the Phoenix Program ended... they didn't. Both of them are precursors to Homeland Security and the Stasi system that has been put into place since September 11, 2001. You have to understand that people who criticize Zionist power, the policies of NATO, Israel or those who sympathize with the supposed enemy, (i.e. the Palestinians,) are the new Viet Cong that have to be discredited or neutralized before their "memes" can influence others.

But not just these issues. This is a political agenda run by fascist psychopathic control freaks that hate your freedom. They are rolling out the list of people they are keeping tabs on. See here and here for more. Once you understand this, you begin to see the very sinister nature behind some of the classified technology that I have been talking about on this blog. See here, here and here.

Now, watch the video:

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