Monday, February 8, 2016

Which Group of People Are Most Likely To Be Terrorists? The Answer May Surprise You…

Zionist mega donor Sheldon Adelson once said, “Not all Islamists [Muslims] are terrorists, but all terrorists are Islamists [Muslim].” Not only are 94% of all terrorist attacks on US soil committed by non-Muslims, but Jews like Sheldon Adelson, are actually responsible for more terrorist attacks than Muslims. That’s right, according to the FBI, Jews were responsible for 7% of terrorist attacks on American soil while Muslims were only responsible for 6%. FBITerrorismIn addition, these official statistics are negatively biased against Muslims. For example, while Muslims were unilaterally blamed for the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack, the only ones arrested on that day were Israeli Mossad agents. These Jewish agents were caught filming the attacks on the twin towers and celebrating afterwards. The agents were apprehended in a van that had explosive residue, and later failed lie detector tests about their role in the attacks. See here for the full article. And yet, look what the RCMP does in Canada
When confronted with these statistics, racists such as Sheldon Adelson will most likely claim that worldwide terrorism statistics are much different; and in that realm Muslims commit far more terrorist attacks than other races. This thesis would also be untrue. While almost no Muslim government in the world today officially condones terrorism, the only Jewish government in the world not only condones terrorism, but officially commissions many terrorist attacks. Israel has admitted to state sponsored terrorist attacks such as the Lavon Affair bombings in Egypt, in which Americans were among the targets. In 1967, there was another example of Jewish terrorism that many people have never heard of, the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty. If this was done to a United States ship by any other other country in the world, the Americans would have declared war on them. And in more recent years, Israel commissioned terrorist attacks against civilians in TunisiaIran, Egypt, UAE, and many other countries around the world. In addition, Israel is one of the largest supporters of the MEK, which is a terrorist group that has killed Americans.
In 2010, Israel massacred a group of peace activists trying to bring food and supplies to oppressed Palestinians in what would later be called the 2010 Gaza Flotilla Raid. These terrorist attacks, in addition to Israel’s hostile and reckless behaviour, has led Israeli allies, such as Turkey, to now claim that Israel is a “terrorist state.” Another long time ally, Bolivia, has cut all diplomatic relations and is seeking to bring genocide charges against Israel.
The foundation of Israel was built on terrorism, (see here also,) and this culture has been ingrained in its citizens. In fact, one can say there is a link between terrorism and the founders of the Likud, which is the current party in power in Israel. In 1946, Zionists hoping to achieve a state for Jewish people murdered and maimed more than one hundred civilians in the King David Hotel bombing. In 1948, Jewish terrorists massacred more than 100 innocent Arab villagers at Deir Yassin. The terrorist attack was universally condemned, and the Jewish Agency For Israel later apologized. A list of Jewish/Israeli terrorist attacks can be found here. In addition to organized Jewish terrorism, individual Jews have also murdered scores of innocent Arabs. In one such case in 1994, Baruch Goldstein shot hundreds of peaceful muslims as they worshipped. Afterwards, Israeli Jews actually erected a shrine in the terrorists’ honor and visited it regularly.
Jews only comprise .2% of the world population, or 14 million people, while Muslims comprise 23% percent of the world population, or 1.62 billion people. Therefore, Jews are infinitely more likely to be terrorists than Muslims. In addition, much of the “Muslim terrorism” is in response to Israeli apartheid, displacement, and war crimes. One has to remember that Zionist terrorism against Arabs preceded Muslim terrorism against Israelis.
Hopefully this article has dispelled many of the myths set forth by Zionists such as Sheldon Adelson and their racist cohorts in the American media. This article is by no means meant to demonize the Jewish population, but rather to recognize the ridiculousness of the racist myths that 1) all terrorists are Muslim and 2) Muslims are more likely to be terrorists than other racial groups. The American media, which is has a large percentage of Jewish ownership and management, has pushed these myths on the American people, and should be taken to account for their racial incitement.

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